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People don’t always view the engagement session as important or necessary, but it totally is for so many reasons. Yes, you will have your wedding photos, and those will also be a treasured keepsake; but, how many fun photos do you really have of the two of you as a couple, just hanging out and being yourselves? They are photos of you laughing together, being silly together, having fun, and being in love. These are photos that you will hang up in your house, show all of your friends and family, and cherish for your entire life together. They actually are quite an important set of pictures, so it only makes sense that whatever location(s) you choose should, in some way or another, represent you as a couple. I always think it’s kinda cool when a couple wants to keep their engagement session close to home, as in, using their own backyard and their home as the location for their shoot. What better way to represent who you are? This worked out especially well for Stephanie and Chris, who have an AMAZING piece of land in the country, complete with a horse and adorable white barn-like outbuildings. It was the perfect location for them!

posing for a photo during an engagement photography session in Byron NY

including your pets in your engagement photos

engaged couple posing for a photo next to their barn in Byron NY

bride and groom to be posed for a set of engagement photos in front of their barn
The hammock was so great!  They looked so comfy and cuddly together in that thing…makes me want one, too!
engaged couple snuggles in a hammock during their photo session in Byron NY

a hammock makes an excellent prop for engagement photography
Unfortunately, it started pouring in the middle of our session…BOO, rain!!  Luckily, Stephanie and Chris have this fabulous pool table, so we hung around in their “pool room” until the rain stopped.  :)
engagement photos with a billiards theme
As soon as it stopped raining and cleared up, the sky was this amazingly vibrant shade of blue, and we decided to hang out in the pasture with Katie the horse for a few shots!
a soon to be married couple poses in a field with their horse during an engagement photo session

wide angle engagement photography of a couple standing in a field of dasies
Another added bonus of the brief rain storm was this incredibly vivid rainbow – yes, it’s absolutely real!!  Having a rainbow show up during an engagement session was definitely a first for us!
a genuine rainbow in the background of an engagement photo in Byron
If you look closely at this next one, you can see that it was a DOUBLE rainbow!!  Unbelievable LUCK!!
engaged couple kissing by a white fence with a rainbow in the background
We also lucked out with a gorgeous sunset.  :)
a couple kisses in a lush green field at sunset with their horse in the background
I love this one…it’s so cute and natural, and so “them.”
black and white photo of engaged couple posing next to a white barn with a weathervane

low angle shot of an engaged couple posing for a photo by their barn in Byron NY
LOVE this one, too…so fun!!
fun and unique engagement photography by Jenn and Ben Ayres
These two shots of Ben’s are just fantastic!  What a gorgeous sunset, and such an adorable couple!
perfect photo of a soon to be bride and groom with a red and orange sunset as a background

Stephanie and Chris – Thanks so much for inviting us out to your home! We had a great time with you guys (and Katie)!! We’ll see you in August! :)

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    Great pics!

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    the last two are the best – you are right, the sunset is great