emily’s bat mitzvah

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September 10th, 2011 was that super special date this year that everyone wanted. 9/10/11 – how fun!! (Last year, it was 10/10/10. I guess people are really into numerology!) We had the honor and privilege of spending the 9/10/11 with Emily and her family to document her Bat Mitzvah, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better! It was a wonderful celebration, and we loved every minute of it! :)

We started out the day at Temple Beth Zion, and took some great family photos and some beautiful portraits of Emily before the service started.  (Of course, it’s extremely easy to take beautiful portraits of Emily, since she is an absolutely stunning young lady!)  Whenever we get the opportunity to shoot at TBZ, we’re always psyched about it.  It’s just so beautifully designed, and the light and colors in there are amazing.

After the service, we headed over to the Country Club of Buffalo for the party of the century!  The theme for Emily’s party was “The 13th Annual Emmy Awards.”  It was incredible!  Another triumph by local event planner, Bonnie Gersh.  I have raved and raved about her before in many other posts, so I apologize if I sound like a broken record, but once you feast your eyes on the details she put together for this party, you’ll totally understand!  The front entrance was decked out with a “red carpet,” and larger than life “paparazzi” cutouts flanked either side of it.  The place cards were chocolate roses, and giant photos of Emily from all different stages of her life lined the hallway leading to the cocktail area.  It was SO cute.
The dining room was unbelievable.  No words needed.
The mind-blowingly awesome cake is by none other than Zilly of Zillycakes, who has quickly become my favorite cake designer in Buffalo.  She’s ridiculously good at what she does.  At the end of the cocktail hour, the wait staff came around with little cones of popcorn and an announcement was made that a movie would be shown.  Everyone gathered around and watched a beautiful slideshow of Emily from age 0 – 13.  It was a big hit!
Then, the lovely Miss Emily made her grand entrance into the dining room!  Her father gave a lovely speech, and then she began the candle lighting ceremony.  She had 13 candles to light with various friends and family members, and she recited an adorable little poem that she wrote to go with each candle.  She did an awesome job!!  September 10th is also Emily’s birthday, so everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her, too!
After dinner, the dance floor opened up, and the partying was EPIC!!  I think it’s safe to say that good times were had by all…including us.  Is there anything in the world more fun than partying with 75 thirteen year olds hopped up on sugar?  I think not.  ;)

Chris, Randy, Emily, and Jake – thank you so very much for allowing us to document this incredible day! We had such a wonderful time! It has truly been an honor getting to know all of you over the last year and a half-ish, and we hope you’ll stay in touch!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Irina SAYS...

    I love your “one light” (?) photos – you create in every photoshoot. Such a trademark Jenn&Ben thing.. Love the images :)

  • Chris Strauss SAYS...

    Jenn and Ben-

    Can’t thank you enough for making our day even more special! The moments that you captured will be wonderful memories in the future!

    Thank you so much!