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When Tony Staub (owner/founder of Staub Machine Co.) contacted us about photographing his company’s 35th anniversary party, we were all about it. Although it was definitely different than what we usually shoot, it sounded like a ton of fun! Tony wanted us to set the the Ayres Photo Booth in his machine shop, so all of his guests could get a fun photo as a party favor. Being the super-fun guy that he is, he also wanted to provide his guests with a wide selection of crazy hats, costumes, and props to make the photo booth even more fun than it already is. It was the perfect place to unveil the Photo Booth that we’ve been working to perfect for quite some time. We’ve been collecting hats, props, and costumes for a while now, to make our photo booth the best (and the most fun) one of its kind! We are so pleased with the results, and are super excited to finally offer the Ayres Photo Booth to all of our clients!

So, what was really cool about the Staub Machine Co. party, was that the whole thing took place right in the machine shop! There were all kinds of vendors and booths set up in the shop, offering tons of different things – it must have been quite an experience to be a guest at this party!

In addition to it being the 35th anniversary of Tony’s company, Staub Machine Co., it was also Tony’s 60th birthday; so, naturally, there was a cake for each event!

Tony Staub's birthday cake at the Staub Machine Company 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.

The writing is on the cake, Tony Staub turns 60, this photograph is from the Staub Machine Company 35th Anniversary.
Again, not to sound repetitive, but one of the coolest things about this party was the fact that it was taking place in a functioning machine shop.  The machines were running the whole time, cranking out parts and pieces all night long.  The awesome staff at Staub Machine were giving people tours, and explaining what the machines do and how they work.  Ben took some great “machine shots” – they really give you an idea of what a huge, clean, and organized-looking shop this is!
Mori Seiki Linear Pallet Pools (LPP) with nine horizontal machining centers.

A workers station at Staub Machine Company's 35th Anniversary Party and Open House in Hamburg Ny.

On the parts belt and watching the crowd at Staub Machine Co. in Hamburg Ny.

Metal used to make parts at Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party and Open House.

Six Mori Seiki lathes with bar feeders, live tools, and "Y" axes.
All of the food at the party was spectacular!  The fresh cut fries were a particular favorite of mine.  There were a bunch of things set up outside the machine shop, as well, so people had the option of eating inside or outside.  The weather was heavenly that day!
Jim Staub's Fresh Fries, see him and his delicious fries at a party near you!

Jim and his son taking a quick break from making those delicious fries.
I’m a vegetarian so I didn’t try any, but according to Ben and our assistant, Hector, Wendel’s BBQ Chicken was TO DIE FOR!
Wendel's BBQ chicken stand on the road at the Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party and Open House.

Classic truck used to haul Jim's Fry Stand at the Staub Anniversary Party and Open House.
Tony and his staff put out all sorts of goodies for the party guests to take as favors!
The "Freebies" table at the Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party and Open House.

There were so many amazing vendors and entertainers that made this party unforgettable for those in attendance.  All of the vendors featured in this post are available for weddings and mitzvahs, too!  We’ll try to include links for all of them if we can!   This guy for example, Saxman Slim, was belting out fabulous saxophone music all night long.  He was just a one man show, but he was absolutely fantastic!  (I would know, of course, because he was right next to our photo booth, which was so busy that I couldn’t leave it once the whole night!)

SAX MAN doing his jive at the Staub Machine Company 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.
This guy was pretty unique as far as entertainers go – The Town Crier.  He was a very interesting act, for sure!
The Town Crier makes his announcements during the Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny this June, 2010.
Ten Thousand Vines made a special “Anniversary Red” blend and personalized label for the party.  This would be such a cute idea for a wedding, too!  Love it!
Some of the fine wines at Staub Machine Co. brought to us by Ten Thousand Vines.
A birds-eye view of the celebration…I think this was right after the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to Tony.
The party is hopping at Staub Machine Co. as we sing Happy Birthday to Tony.
This guy was unbelievable!!  His name is Nels, and I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing he can’t do.  He can juggle fire, for one example…
The Juggler at Staub Machine Company's 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.
…and, he can get major air with a cool yo-yo thingy!
The Juggler at Staub Machine Co. doing the jump rope juggle, we believe he learned these skills while doing hard time in Hong Kong.
He seriously held everyone’s attention as soon as he started a trick or routine or whatever you want to call it – he was great!
Hanging out at the Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.
This is Gayle, owner of the Village Sweet Shop in Hamburg.  Check out her page, too…she has AMAZING things to offer as favors or anything else you could possibly imagine!  I plan on hitting her up soon for some custom “Ayres Photography” chocolates.  ;)
Hamburg Village Sweets took the edge off of my sweet tooth at the Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.
How about ice cream made on-site while you wait (and watch)!?  The folks that own and run Nitro Magic Ice Cream are fantastic.  Check out the link to their page to learn more about who they are and what they have to offer.  We were seriously blown away by their display!  None of us had ever seen anything so cool in our lives!  TRUST US – you totally want to hire them for your wedding reception or party.  They are the bomb!
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream makers at Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party.

Mixing the Ice Cream at Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Pary.

Adding the flavors to your mix and match to perfection ice cream at Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.
Ben and Hector rounded up Tony and all of the Staub Machine Co. employees for a nice group photo!
The whole gang, all of the Staub Machine Company employees we could find together at the 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.
That brings us to (drum roll please………….) THE AYRES PHOTO BOOTH!!!  This was the first time we got to bust it out in all its glory, and it was a TREMENDOUS success!  Basically, it’s the same idea as one of those old-fashioned booths with the curtain you pull shut, but WAY, way better.  Why is it so much better?  Well, first of all, it’s not just a cheesy booth, it’s a mobile studio.  We set up a studio background, portable studio lights, a professional quality printer that spits out 4×6 prints in under 10 seconds, and a crap-load of amazing props and costumes!  Tony wanted as many hats and props as we could come up with, but you can have as many or as few as you want.  For this party, we set up a “tunnel” of hats and props, so guests would walk through, choose their props, hop in the booth to have their photo taken, drop off their props in a drop box, and then wait for their photo to print out!  With over 400 guests at this party, the booth was rockin’ non-stop!
People mulling about at the Staub Machine Co. Open House.
A closer look at our “tunnel” of hats and props…tons o’ fun!
People trying on hats at the Ayres Photography photo booth during the Staub Machine Co. 35th Anniversary Party in Hamburg Ny.
An aerial view of the photo booth…that’s my brother, Bob, behind the camera.  He was amazing to work the booth with!  Oh, and that’s me (in case you were wondering) working on cranking out people’s prints as fast as humanly possible.
Jennifer Brindisi Ayres and her brother Bob Brindisi working the Ayres Photography photo booth at Tony Staub's Birthday/ Anniversary Party.
Kids gettin’ wild inside the “prop tunnel!”
Come join the Ayres photography hat party, coming soon to a party near you!
We’ll end this post with a sampling of photo booth results.  You honestly can’t look at these without smiling!  Tony’s guests had a blast, and got to walk away with a gorgeous, high-quality print to remember it by – what more could you ask for?  These are definitely the ultimate party favor.  Contact us about booking The Ayres Photography Photo Booth for your wedding or event!

P.S. – Can you spot Ben somewhere in this collage?  He got in on the photo booth action, too.  ;)

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    It was definitely fun to finally get to use all of our props and costumes, and run the photo booth! We had a blast! Can’t wait to do a wedding photo booth! :)

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    i love the costumes!! sooooo fun! they make such great pictures!