zack’s bar mitzvah

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This past November, we had the honor of shooting our first ever Bar Mitzvah service and celebration!!  We learned a lot, and met some truly wonderful people in the process; it was an amazing experience!  :)

The stained glass windows are just unbelievably beautiful!
I love these portraits of Zack’s grandparents.  They both look so happy, and full of laughter (I know, the one on the right is a little silly, but I just LOVE their expressions)!  Such wonderful memories of a very special day!
Immediately following the service, there was a reception, or Oneg, in honor of Shabbat (and Zack’s birthday!!).  I absolutely LOVE the last shot that Ben took of Zack’s grandfather looking at him as he was whizzing by; you can see the pride in his expression.  What a great capture!
The next evening, we headed over to the Westwood Country Club for Zack’s Bar Mitzvah celebration!  
Zack gets announced in…
Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without dancing the Hora!!
There was all sorts of dancing going on!  There was even a hula hoop contest, which I would have totally participated in if I hadn’t been working at the time.  :)
Toward the end of the party, Ben came running up to me, and was like, “DID YOU SEE THE SUSHI???”  I had no idea what he was talking about at the time, but I followed him anyway, and my jaw hit the floor as I watched trays and trays of what looked exactly like sushi being set up on a table.  It was the dessert table.  No one had ever seen anything as cool as this before…it was so unique!  Cake, candy, and confections that looked exactly like sushi!! Leave it to the Dessert Deli to create something as awesome as this, and leave it to Bonnie Gersh (event planner extraordinaire) to dream it up.  Can you believe this stuff??  That fish cake just blows my mind; it was a total work of art.
Nope, you’re eyes are not deceiving you – everything you see on this table is sweet, sugary goodness.  In keeping with the theme of Zack’s celebration, it was pure magic!

The Ayres Photo Booth was there in full effect, and good times were had by all.  :)

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The flying cards are courtesy of amazingly talented local magician, Garrett Thomas.
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We’ll leave you with our favorite late-night dance floor shots.  Zack’s grandma stole the show!  :)

To Zack, Hayley, Julie, and Mike – thank you so, so much for choosing us to document this very special weekend! We feel honored to have been a part of it! You did a wonderful job, Zack; it was obvious that you worked very hard to prepare, and your hard work definitely paid off! Congrats and MAZEL TOV!!

  • Wendy SAYS...

    Beautiful pictures. You really captured his pride, and the fun of the party!

  • julie weinberg SAYS...

    just saw the pictures from the bar mitzvah! they are spectacular! you outdid yourselves! I can’t wait to show mike and the kids! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!