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Last weekend we had the opportunity to do a product shoot for one of the most talented cookie artisans in upstate New York, Valarie Diviccaro, owner of Milk and Cookies. She started cranking out her amazing cookies for various holidays, birthday parties, baby showers, and craft fairs; but, now that the wedding industry in her hometown (which is also my hometown, by the way…) has gotten wind of what she has to offer, her personalized wedding favor services are in high demand! She is going to be launching a new website just to showcase her wedding themed cookies. We knew her cookies were adorable, but until we saw them in person, we couldn’t fully appreciate just how talented she really is. My favorites were the wedding dress cookies, complete with bows and iridescent glitter, and my second favorites would probably be the monogrammed cookies, because the possibilities for personalization are endless! In addition to being super-talented, she is also extremely accommodating to her clients, and will work with them to create anything they can dream up! The best reasons of all to consider these beautifully decorated cookies as possible wedding favors? They are very reasonably priced, taste delicious (she uses a secret recipe that she absolutely will not reveal), and they’re so not your run-of-the-mill, boring old wedding favors! Can you tell yet that I’m in love with the idea of cookies as wedding favors? Contact Milk and Cookies at, or give Valarie a call directly at 315-525-9856.

Check out how fabulous these are!