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One of the things we love most about our job is getting to unleash the creative genius within! When one of our clients wants a custom-designed card or invitation, we pull out all the stops to make sure it’s unlike anything else their guests will have ever seen before! Check out this totally fun “Save the Date” that we custom designed for our fabulous clients, Courtney and Joe! We shot a 14-frame sequence during their engagement shoot, with a project like this in mind. Then, we put it all together, and this is the end result!

This is just the digital version – you kind of have to use your imagination to envision how much cooler this project is in print form. The print version is a 2×3 little soft cover book, that “flips” to animate the sequence. Just imagine getting one of these little booklets in the mail from one of your friends…I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you be impressed? I know I would, and I would wish I had thought of it first. These are SO cool!! I think they would make AMAZING invitations, too, for a couple who is looking for something completely unique and different to represent themselves.

*Press the play button is the middle of the flip book to watch the sequence! We set the slides to transition quickly to give it a “flip book” feel, but they can be viewed individually at the end if you’d like to take a closer look at something.

If you’re interested in having us design something totally unique and different for your wedding or event, let us know! We’d love to get crackin’ on your project! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Hahahaha!! Thanks, Courtney! You’re the best!

  • Courtney LeMar SAYS...

    It is pretty amazing and unique. Although I may have a slight bias. :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Steve, you made my day! ;)

  • Steve SAYS...

    That’s pretty badass.