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nicole argo joins team ayres!

“I think that I have always been in love with photography…the art of capturing a moment that will never be lost. I am very sentimental and have been told that I am an ‘old soul’, so taking pictures allowed me to be able to hold onto those precious times and revisit them whenever I wanted. I started taking pictures when I was in junior high school, but really became passionate about photography when I lived in Peru for a summer before my freshman year of college. The different culture, beautiful textures, brilliant colors, and gorgeous people lit a fire in me. I was hooked. I photographed what I could, whenever I could.

I am so very blessed to share my life with my wonderful husband and our two beautiful children; our gifts from God. After becoming a mommy, my photography became even more meaningful. When you become a parent, the fact that time is so fleeting becomes even more apparent. It feels as though you are in a constant race against time, and taking pictures helps ease the ache of the constant change that is always happening!

Traveling to quaint, artistic places is one of my favorite things to do. I love to find different, local places to eat and I LOVE a good cup of strong coffee…I swear, the coffee helps my creative juices get flowing! I love all things yellow, I love to create beautiful, cozy spaces in my home. I love to read, cook, and above all, I adore spending time with great friends and family over a fantastic meal.

Seeing the creativity of others is always inspiring to me and makes me feel so crazy blessed that I am able to do something I love to do and feel passionate about.

To be able to photograph someone’s wedding is one of the greatest honors! I am constantly amazed that I am able to not only witness, but document, one of THE most important days in someone’s life…and the fact that I am a complete romantic, doesn’t hurt. As a photographer, I love to be able to not only take pictures, but to be there for the bride and groom…to make their day easier, to allow them to relax and just soak it all in. I want them to enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.”

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To see some of her beautiful wedding photography, contact us at info@ayresphoto.com.


kelly + john

Kelly and John’s wedding day was everything that we always hope a wedding day will be.  It was full of laughter and happy tears, it was focused on family, friends, and togetherness, and everyone who attended had an amazing time – including us!  The Ayres Photo Booth a.k.a. Boothtastic was in full effect, cranking out the good times.  Everyone had a blast!  It was one of those days that reminds us why we love this job as much as we do.  :)

Kelly and John were kind enough to share some personal details about their favorite parts of the day, so be sure to check those out!

John:  “Kelly bought cufflinks that said “May the Force be With You” on them. They were a surprise gift for me the day of the wedding. Unfortunately they got lost the night before the wedding. She called me in panic and told me she felt horrible that my gift was lost. She stayed up until 1 a.m. looking until her mom finally found them on her bed.”

Kelly:  ”I am so glad that we decided to do a “first look” and pictures before our ceremony. It was such a special moment for us and in such a beautiful location for the fall. Since we live in Colorado now, it was so incredible and meaningful to share our first wedding day moments with each other (and take a quick pause for ourselves) under the colorful leaves of a northeastern fall. Knox Farms was a perfect place for this.”Kelly:  ”Walking down the aisle with my dad was everything I imagined it would be and was a fantastic representation of our relationship. We had a slight umbrella malfunction once we were under cover and it was time to put the umbrella down. It would not stay shut. My dad cracked a joke and put a smile on everyone’s face. He completely eased my nerves and made me forget I was in front of 80+ people. I was able to focus on the most important person at the end of the aisle and the incredible ceremony that was about to happen.”

John:  “The ceremony was absolutely amazing. The string quartet played movie score music that I thought set a wonderful mood for the ceremony. Watching the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle was very moving. It was great knowing all of our closest friends were there to share in our celebration. I loved watching Kelly walk down the aisle holding her father’s arm while he held an umbrella over her head to keep her out of the rain.”Kelly:  ”Our wedding ceremony was so beautiful and full of love. We were able to be outside on a crisp fall day with changing leaves in the background and surrounded by people we love. I am so happy that we decided to write our own vows to each other. John cried happy tears the entire time through our vows (and for about 5 minutes after the ceremony), which completely surprised me, but was so sweet. When we shared our vows with each other, it felt like we were the only people in the world, but it was amazing to walk back down the aisle hand in hand to the cheers of all of our family and friends.”

John:  “I was very glad that we wrote our own vows. Kelly was very nervous she wouldn’t make it through them so we practiced beforehand. Kelly was able to say her vows like a champ; I on the other hand was very ‘teary eyed’.”

Kelly:  “Dancing was always a huge part of my life. John has a reputation for being a “good” (at least willing) dancer. Taking dance lessons was such a fun way to relieve stress and spend time together before our wedding. We danced to Ingrid Michaelson’s “You and I”, and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect, upbeat song. Everyone was so surprised by John’s moves and we had so much fun dancing together.”

John:  “It was fantastic having the photo booth right next to the dance floor. I think it really encouraged a lot more people to be on the dance floor. People would go to the photo booth, dress up in costumes, and then immediately jump on the dance floor dressed in the same outfit they wore for the photo booth.”

Kelly:  “Our reception entrance was a complete surprise to John (planned his brother, my sister, and me). When the two of us walked in, the music changed to the Star Wars theme and our wedding party raised light sabers for us to walk under. The look on John’s face was priceless, he was not expecting it at all since I am not (or was not) a huge fan. I was so happy to be able to add that moment to our wedding for John. Plus, our guests had a blast dancing with the light sabers all night!”

Kelly:  “When it comes to advice, I can’t say that I am a ‘model bride’. The one thing I am very happy we ended up doing was writing our own vows. Even though we were both incredibly busy, I am so glad that we made this a priority. I can’t even explain the love and happiness that I felt while we read our vows to each other. The weekend before our wedding (while still in Colorado), we went on a hike together and found a remote spot, all alone in the mountains, to practice reading our vows to each other. It was so perfect and we eased any nerves that we had about our words to each other.”

John:  “My advice to anyone planning a wedding would be to plan the day the way you want it to be. The people that come to your wedding are there for you, and should be supportive of anything you decide to do. I also think it is important to make sure to have something fun and lighthearted during the day. It helps balance the mood and leaves you with great memories.”

Kelly:  Working with Jenn and Ben was fantastic! They are just the right amounts of serious and fun to get the job done! We love our pictures; I have had so many compliments on them.”

Ayres Photography - Thanks so much, Stacy! We really appreciate you stopping by! :)

Stacy Squires Photography - you certainly do beautiful work :-)

carla + mike

We needed some video footage of us working with a bride and groom for a project that we were working on with our friend, Frank, of 17 Video Production. So, we enlisted the help of two other friends that we adore, who just happened to be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary!  Carla is a super talented floral designer.  She whipped up that gorgeous flower crown and bouquet in a hot minute!  I love the colors she chose!  Check her out at www.costamagnadesign.com.  :)

Thanks so much for being our beautiful models for this shoot, guys!  Much love to you both!