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lauren + darrin

Lauren and Darrin got married on Friday the 13th.  When you’re as much in love as these two are, there is no superstition in the world that can prevent you from having the best day ever.  From start to finish and everything in between, their wedding represented their personalities perfectly.  The whole day had this wonderful, laid back vibe that was an absolute pleasure to be a part of.  Even their couples’ session was a total dream…we just floated around Delaware Park, laughed hysterically, and grabbed some great shots of them being them!  Such good times!  :)

*Also, this blog post would in no way be complete unless I mentioned the fact that Lauren and Darrin gave us the most amazing gift imaginable: a subscription to BarkBox!!!  There is nothing more exciting for animal loving freaks like us than receiving a box full of dog treats and toys on a monthly basis.  I was OVER THE MOON about this gift (as were our dogs)!  So incredibly thoughtful!!  Thanks again, guys!

Be sure to check out the wedding day memories and planning advice that L and D were kind enough to share!  Look for those throughout the post!

Lauren:  “Getting married on a day like Friday the 13th adds a little more lightheartedness to what can be such a stressful event. I spent most of the morning watching the “Friday the 13th” movie marathon while getting ready; it definitely helped keep me at ease!”Darrin:  “The bus trip all over the west side was a lot of fun; everybody was smiling and joking.  Also, dodging the other wedding groups in the Japanese Garden was a good time.”Lauren:  “I was SO in love with my wedding dress. I had seen it online and had to drive almost 2 hours to find it, but it was so worth the trip!  It was amazing to be able to move and dance and not have to worry about a train or anything. It was a perfect fit for a brewery wedding! (Not to mention it’s amazing to have every guest say ‘Oh my gosh, that dress is so you!’)”
Lauren:  “Because we wanted a pretty low key wedding, a Friday night seemed like a perfect fit. Because of schedule constraints on a Friday, we opted to see each other before the wedding. It was a blast to hang out with my soon to be husband and our families before the hectic evening ahead!”Lauren:  “Even though we had seen each other before the ceremony, I still cried like a baby. It was amazing to finally be married after almost 6 years together!”

Darrin:  “The actual ceremony was wonderful.  It was very special to me to have my oldest son next to me, and my other two great looking kids precede the best looking woman I’ve ever seen walk down the aisle!”

Lauren:  “Though everything was pretty adult-only, Darrin’s kids and my little cousin had a fantastic time breaking it down on the dance floor! (Especially D’s youngest, who eventually passed out on a table at the end of the night!)”

Darrin:  “The absolute best part of the night, was knowing that my wife and family were as happy as they could be, and were enjoying the evening and the moment, and creating memories that will last forever!”

And to wrap up the post, here’s some great advice from L + D:

“Don’t try to make everyone else happy; do what you know is right for you and your other half. With this being Darrin’s second wedding and me never being “the girl that dreams about her wedding day,” it was easy to pick a place like Pearl Street to have our wedding/reception. We did everything our way: a rehearsal dinner at Anchor Bar, a not-so-traditional dress, a Jason (from Friday the 13th) cake topper, and a Buffalo themed late night food station. Our wedding day screamed “us” from beginning to end.  At some point, something will not go the way you planned; like people taking cupcakes while other people are still eating dinner. When it happens, take a deep breath and push it out of your head.”
“If at the end of the day you’re married to the person you love, then everything went perfectly.”

andrea + peter

If you follow along with our crazy adventures, then you know that this past February was our first international destination wedding photography experience!  We had the amazing opportunity to photograph a very intimate beach wedding in Costa Rica.  Considering that this was an exceptionally long Buffalo winter, getting away to the jungles of paradise was a welcome reprieve!  The first week of our trip was completely wedding focused.  Whether we were running around scouting out locations, meeting with the wedding planner, or visiting the reception venue, we were super focused on being prepared for the wedding.  The second week of our trip was just for us!  We explored hidden beaches, hiked in the jungle, visited neighboring villages, and took copious amounts of wildlife photos.  It was so good to get away, and just be together!

Andrea and Peter’s plan was to bring along only a very small, hand selected group of VIP guests with whom they could just be themselves and fully enjoy the experience of getting married.  The bonfire ceremony they had was so intimate, and their reception, which was basically just a luxurious dinner, was perfect in every way.  We love these two so much, and are so grateful to have been a part of such a unique wedding celebration!

Our lovely bride, Andrea, was kind enough to share some of her thoughts/memories/reflections about the whole experience.  Look for those throughout the post!!
Andrea:  “At first Pete and I thought about a traditional wedding, but it just seemed like it was too complicated and not our style.  So, we started thinking about a destination wedding.  Escaping for a beautiful, tropical beach wedding?! Yes yes yes!!  It was a no brainer!  We decided on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, which is an absolutely amazing place with easy marriage requirements.  We couldn’t have made a better choice!”Andrea:  “My wedding dress was made just for me by Ali at Anatomy in Buffalo, NY.  I found a dress online that I fell in love with but it was made by a designer in Africa and it was like $10,000, so I knew that was out of the question!  But my awesome sister suggested I take that picture to Ali to see if she could make me a similar dress, and what she came up with was so perfect.  What an amazing process having a dress made just for you!  I absolutely love my dress, and wish I had a reason to have another dress made!  If you are considering having a dress made just for you, go for it!  It will be exactly what you want.  I highly recommend Ali at Anatomy – she’s amazing!”Andrea:  ”Our ceremony on the beach was so simple and beautiful!  It was very special to have my brother walk me down the aisle.  Our ring exchange was hilarious because I forgot the rings at home, so we had to borrow rings, and of course, they didn’t fit!  We couldn’t stop laughing about the ring only going half way onto Pete’s finger!  There were locals at the beach watching our ceremony and cheering us on.  It was awesome!”

Andrea:  “We stayed at Korrigan Lodge: four little bungalows nestled in the rainforest.  Our hosts Ingrid and Erwan were absolutely wonderful!  They have a great watch dog, Bassam, that we all fell in love with.  He walked us down to the beach every day, and kept an eye on our belongings while we would swim.  We’re so glad we found Korrigan Lodge, and would stay there again in a heartbeat!”Andrea:  “We had a bonfire on the beach after the ceremony, and our friend Phylis surprised us with what she said was a Native American fire ceremony.  Everyone had a stick, and they had to say something about the bride and groom, give their best wishes, and throw the stick into the fire.  It was really nice!  We enjoyed hearing everyone’s kind words.”Andrea:  ”We had our reception dinner at Jungle Love Cafe. The owners, Yamu and Poppy, were excellent hosts!  The food was AMAZING.  Poppy made our beautiful wedding cake (it was so delicious), and my sister got me the cake topper.  I’m obsessed with foxes!  I LOVE it!”

Andrea:  ”We had such an amazing time in Punta Uva!  Thank you, Jenn and Ben, for going on this adventure with us and capturing our wedding day so beautifully!  Thank you to Ali Eagen for making me such a gorgeous wedding dress, and a big thank you to Yeiling at Gecko Trail Adventures for taking care of all the arrangements that made our wedding day a success!   If you are considering a destination wedding, go for it!  You won’t regret it!  The best advice I can give is to hire a wedding planner to take care of all the details, and everything will be perfect!  Oh, and make sure you choose a destination/location that will allow you to bring in your own photographer.  Your wedding photographs are far too valuable to leave up to chance!”

shannon - I loved looking at these photos! What a gorgeous couple and such a divine location. Gorgeous photography as usual!

lindsey + jason

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to blog this wedding!  I’m so happy the day has finally come!  If Ben and I could go back and do our wedding over again, we would most definitely be borrowing ideas from Lindsey and Jason.  I loved everything about their wedding from the awesome DIY decor, to the beautiful outdoor ceremony, to the way they centered their wedding around family and friends.  Lindsey is a talented photographer, Jason is a talented musician, and they have the cutest little boy, Hunter.  It was awesome to see how all three of their personalities were woven into every little detail of this wedding.  It was one of those days that we were grateful to be a part of, and that we’ll never forget.

Some of you might recognize Lindsey’s face from our Client Guide!  We got to know her very well throughout the wedding planning process.  One thing led to another,  and before we knew it, we were asking her to join our team.  Now, she is an esteemed member of our little photography “family,” and we could not have found a more perfect match.  We’re looking forward to sharing the beautiful weddings Lindsey will photograph for Ayres Photography this season!

Lindsey was kind enough to share some of her personal thoughts and memories of their wedding day, so that we could share them with YOU, our readers! Look for Lindsey’s comments throughout the post.  :)

“Jason and I both got ready separately in The Red House. We had decided to have a first look before our ceremony. I am so glad that we did this. It was really nice to be able to share some time with Jason before our ceremony and I love the photographs that were captured during this time.”“Our ceremony was outside under beautiful tall trees, the sunlight fell softly through the leafs and onto our guests below. The weather was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have been any happier with how beautiful our ceremony site turned out. Hunter, our son walked me from The Red House, through the yard to where Jason and all of our guests were waiting at the alter. It meant so much to have him be a part of our ceremony. I’ll never forget the wonderful hug that Hunter gave Jason after walking me down the isle. We worked really hard to put together a ceremony that would reflect us. It turned out so perfectly and was so meaningful for us. Since we didn’t have a wedding party we decided to include our siblings in our ceremony. Our sisters each read a reading and Jason and his twin brother played a song while our friends and family sang along. My favorite part about our wedding was our ceremony. It was so comfortable for us. The photographs that Jenn and Ben captured of our ceremony completely show the connection between Jason and I. I am so glad to have these images.”“Planning our wedding was a labor of love. I put so much time and energy into planning every last detail. I designed all of the save the dates, invitations, rsvp cards, I-spy cards, table numbers etc. I did it all! We also really wanted to focus on supporting local vendors and small businesses as much as we could.  Our flowers came from a lady who grows them with her family in their backyard and sells them at the East Aurora farmers market. I gave her complete artistic control when it came to choosing the flowers and she did an amazing job! I bought my dress and jewelry from a locally owned bouqtiue called The Dress Shope, it’s not a typical wedding dress by any means but when I tried it I fell in love with it and it just felt like me. We decorated our tables using a roll of brown paper, book page table runners, heart shaped crayons, candles, mason jars full of wild flowers and decorated recycled jars full of fresh wheat grass. The tables were vibrant, laid back and unique just like Jason and I. After months of planning, list making and crafting the day had come! A great group of loving family and friends met us at The Red House first thing on the morning of our wedding. We all worked together to turn the barn into a beautiful reflection of Jason and I. We would not have been able to pull it all together without the help of our family and friends.”
“Our reception began with cocktails and appetizers in the downstairs of the barn. I loved this space and how it was so open to the yard so that our guests could also enjoy being outside on such a beautiful day. We served dinner in the upstairs of the barn. My goal was to have a wide variety of beautiful, plant based foods and really great beer. We wanted our guests to really enjoy themselves and to take advantage of the laid back format of our venue, and they did. Throughout the night our guests were able to enjoy the barn, the yard, as well as the Red House, itself. We didn’t want everyone stuck at their tables for hours and it worked out well!”“Following dinner, Jason and I had our first dance to the Bob Dylan song “Forever Young”. The lyrics in this song are so special to us. We ended the night around a bonfire in the backyard. It was the perfect way to end such a meaningful day. All the hard work and planning that went into making our wedding absolutely perfect was so worth it. We really loved every detail. It was a wonderful way to begin our life as a married couple and we are so thankful for the amazing photographs which we will cherish for the rest of our lives.”“We really wanted our wedding to be unique and a reflection of us and our personalities. When looking for a wedding venue I knew I wanted to get married in a more laid back setting and when Jenn recommended The Red House I knew right away that it was the perfect spot for our dream wedding. The Red House is a beautiful, unique, victorian style house with a great big barn and a beautiful yard. When Jason and I first went to see this venue we absolutely fell in love with the place.”

Miquel - absolutely gorgeous!!!