xmas 2009

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The holidays are always a whirlwind, and this year was no exception! Since we started Ayres Photography, we have spent more and more time with our cameras and computers, and less and less time with our families and other human beings; so, our time spent with family this year was more meaningful than ever before.

This past year was an amazing one for us and for our business! We have come so far from where we first started, and we are incredibly grateful to all of our friends, family, and clients for their loyal support. We would not be a successful business without all of you! We both feel so blessed to be able to do something we love to do; and, as we are flooded with phone calls and emails, we are constantly reminded of how truly fortunate we are.

Here are just a few of our holiday photos for your viewing pleasure!

Harold, the Christmas cat…

Christmas cat

Lily, the snow dog…
snow dog

Ben and Jenn on an early Christmas morning walk through the woods! It was so beautiful there, and we got some pretty sweet shots.
buffalo photographer Ben

buffalo photographer Jenn

The family farm and surroundings…
The family farm

the farm photo

icy flowers

buffalo winter

snow and cold

L-O-V-E this shot!!!
L-O-V-E this shot!!!

We got some flippin’ sweet new lighting accessories for Christmas from our families, so of course we had to immediately set up a light in my father’s living room and take some test shots! This one is my favorite from the test set. Can’t wait to use this gear at weddings!
my favorite

So, here’s to doing big things in 2010! Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Carol Lee Rubeck SAYS...

    I was looking at recommending Sandy Hustead (we went to Hamburg High together) to officiate a family wedding and saw her recommend your company. The photo’s look awesome. I would like to suggest your company to the bride. Wedding is next June/July. In the meantime…my Son is a Sr in High School 2010-2011. Do you ever do Senior Portrait shots? Would like a general idea on costs too. His passion is football and he is 6’2″.

    Thank you,

    Carol Lee Rubeck