andrea + pete (and lana, too!)

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This little family is just about as cute as they come.  We had the opportunity to shoot a family portrait session for them while we were in Utica for Kristen and Brian’s “rock the dress” session, which was awesome, since we normally don’t have time to breath while in Utica.  I’m sure most people know by now that I grew up in Utica, so whenever we go there (for any reason), I have a zillion people I have to see regardless of what we’re actually there for; but, I’m so, so glad we were able to fit this in!  You see…that hot young mama in the following pictures, the one who looks way too good to have a child that’s already in fourth grade (fourth grade – OMG, where does the time go), is my beautiful sister.  We happened to be in town on her birthday, so these photos of her gorgeous family were our gift to her!  Happy Birthday, my darling!  :)

an adorable family portrait session on a farm in front of a red barn in Utica NY

a family of three poses for a portrait in front of their red barn

fun family portrait session in Utica NY Bridgewater NY
Most recent photo as a couple since 2005…yeah, I think it was about time.
a young couple poses for a family portrait in Utica NY
LOVE this one!!  I think it might be my favorite.
a young family of three walks hand in hand on their farm in Bridgewater NY for a family portrait
Although, this one’s pretty cool, too.  ;)
a cute young couple poses for a family photo in their fruit orchard in Bridgewater NY
Yes, they live on a real farm, with real animals, a red barn, and a real tractor.  (I’m totally jealous.)  We were like, “let’s try for an American Gothic shot…it’ll be AWESOME!!”  It’s pretty cool looking, but…
black and white creative family portrait photography in utica ny
I like the real them better.  :)
a new take on American Gothic utica ny family portrait photographers
family portraits in utica ny by ayres photography
I guess I never really knew this until they told me (or I just never wanted to think about it before), but even though I buy “free range” eggs from the grocery store, they’re not actually fresh.  In most cases, they’re out of the hen for a month or so before they make it to the store.  Truly “fresh” eggs, like the ones you see in the following photos, taste AMAZING!  Andrea and Pete sell the delicious eggs their hens produce, and they wanted a nice looking label to put on the cartons (which is partly why I photographed these lovely chickens); so, I threw one together for them!  It’s at the end of this post.  If I lived nearby their farm, I’d be a regular customer!  :)
close up shots of family pets taken during a family photo session in utica NY
Lana, with an adorable, friendly red hen!
utica ny child and family portrait photographers photo of a young girl holding a red chicken
So, here’s the label I came up with!  Pretty cute, right?  I think it’ll look great on the cartons!

Andrea, Pete, and Lana: We LOVE you guys so much, and we’ll see you again real soon!!! :)

  • chris SAYS...

    Good to finally meet Pete, and to see Andrea again. Lana is as lovely and perky as I remember her. Will she be paid a fortune for her modeling/advertising job, which, I’m quite sure, will sell many eggs?

  • regina SAYS...

    Lana with the chicken is the best – this can be used in advertising!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Katie! Their farm is awesome, and the eggs are super tasty! ;)

  • Katie SAYS...

    Love the label! Their farm looks awesome:) Great job with the photos