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We met up with this ‘lil cutie pie and her mama a couple of weeks ago at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens for a mini portrait session! It was one of those sort-of-rare-weather days in Buffalo, where the sky was a bright vivid blue, and all of the surrounding colors of nature were equally vibrant, which worked perfectly with her adorable little outfits. :)

a shot of the landscape of the Buffalo Botanical Gardens and a flowering tree from the grounds

black and white image of a Pakistani toddler wearing a head scarf

portrait of a young Muslim girl holding a dandelion

close up of a little Muslim girl wearing a hot pink head scarf
Miss Ayana loves to pick flowers…
a little girl picks dandelions on the front lawn of the buffalo botanical gardens

child photography at the buffalo and erie county botanical gardens in Buffalo NY

portrait of a little girl dressed all in pink sitting on a park bench in open shade

a gorgeous little girl watches her steps while wearing an adorable brightly colored floral dress

a little girl picks a flower in a field of flowers at the botanical gardens in buffalo

a little girl in a pink floral dress claps her hands on the grounds of the Buffalo Botanical Gardens
My favorite from the session!  :)
beautiful green eyes looking up at the camera

a little girl playing outside happily with a very excited expression
Another favorite…she almost looks like she’s trying to “catch” her shadow – so cute!!
black and white portrait of a little girl chasing her shadow in buffalo NY

Jamie and Ayana – thanks so much for letting us capture these moments!! It was so much fun! See you soon! ;)

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  • Stephen Po-Chedley SAYS...

    Ayana is a cutie. Definitely. Look forward to seeing her this summer…

  • Jamie SAYS...

    I love them sooooo much. You captured exactly what I was looking for, a few moments of cuteness forever frozen in time. I will treasure these photos and the memories of the session and I hope the people I share them with enjoy them. No rush, but I can’t wait to place my order. :)