the adorno family + fabiola’s first communion

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Aaaaaaaand, we’re back!

We were so busy shooting and editing for a while there, that we fell drastically behind with our blogging!! Cra-zi-ness. I think we’re pretty well caught up now, though, so this is just the first of a whole stream of new-and-pretty-amazing posts that will be flooding the pages of our blog in the next several days, and I can’t wait. :)

The Adorno’s are a pretty special family, and it was completely our pleasure to have the opportunity to capture some family moments for them! Dr. Adorno is the Ayres’ family veterinarian, and he is the absolute best animal doctor in all of Western New York. He’s the only one I’ve ever found who really “gets it.” He understands that people’s pets are members of their families, and that is pretty close to impossible to find these days. At this point, I’m pretty sure that my love of animals is no secret. I won’t directly reveal how many pets we currently have, but let’s just say that it’s a “higher than average” number; so, needless to say, we have gotten to know Dr. Adorno fairly well. I have a wicked soft spot for the unwanted and neglected animals of the world, and if Ben didn’t keep me in check, that “higher than average” number would quickly multiply to something that would definitely raise an eyebrow or two. It’s probably a good thing that he reminds me to have some common sense once in a while, but I still get really mad (and have tantrums) when he won’t let me bring home a stray something-or-another whenever I want to.

Anyway, during one of our routine visits to the Adoring Pets Veterinary Health Center, Dr. Adorno mentioned that his daughter was having her first communion this Spring, and that he and his wife would like some portraits of her and of the whole fam; so, we set it up, and this post contains a sampling of the results. We were so thrilled to be able to spend some time with them for a portrait session!  They are such a great family!

family dressed in white posing for portrait
This is Fabiola, looking absolutely adorable in her First Communion dress…
little girl in first communion dress with folded hands

artistic black and white first communion photography

little girl in first communion dress and veil posing on stairs

a little firl's first communion photos posing with hands folded

little girl in communion dress and veil smiles and poses for photos

little girl smiles for first communion portraits
Some family group shots over at Ellicott Creek Park…
a family holds hands and poses for portraits at Ellicot Creek Park

adorable little boy poses for photo on the bridge at Ellicott Creek Park

a big sister and her two little brothers pose for portraits in matching green and blue outfits

fisheye lens portrait of family at Ellicott Creek Park in Tonawanda
I loved this one of the three kids…Esteban looks like one cool dude with his little jacket blowing in the breeze!!!  They are all too cute.   :)
wide angle black and white sibling portrait

Adorno fam – thank-you sooooo much for spending some photo-session time with us! You guys were a ton of fun! Congrats to Fabiola for her upcoming First Communion…it will surely be a beautiful occasion!

Check out more of Jenn and Ben’s awesome family portrait work here!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Hey Steve! Thanks for commenting. :) It was Ellicott Creek Park in Tonawanda…we did a shoot there last summer, too. It’s one of my favorites, and sadly, it’s on the list of parks to be closed…wish I could do something to help change that!

  • Steve Po-Chedley SAYS...

    What park is this?