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We met up with Brian, Margarita, and little cutey-pie Kaleb on a chilly winter day, at Glen Falls Park to capture some adorable family moments! It was super cold out, but little Kaleb was totally smitten with the snow, and didn’t even seem to notice the cold. Kids are so cool. :)

We love this awesome paint-peely red mill at Glen Falls!

Brian very bravely took his coat off for a few shots…brrrrrrrrr!!  
I just LOVE Kaleb’s hat…seriously, how cute is he?
Kaleb’s daddy tries to keep him warm!  ;)
Then, he hung out with his mommy for a few shots…such a happy boy!!
Margarita is teaching Kaleb words in both English and Spanish, which is super cool.  He’ll be bi-lingual before he even gets to kindergarten!  “Beso, Mami!!”  So cute!
Look out, guys!  It appears that you have a little athlete on your hands!
The park did eventually get a little too cold for comfort, so we headed over to Brian and Margarita’s home for a few more shots.  They had a gorgeous Christmas tree, so we had some fun with that!  Once Kaleb was all comfy in his own house, he was not so into having us take more pictures of him, soooooo…..Spongebob to the rescue!  He was totally enthralled in Spongebob in this last shot, but I adore it.  A photo of a family just hanging out on their own couch, doing what they do, is the best kind of family photo.  :)

Brian, Margarita, and little Kaleb – Thanks so much for hanging out with us for some family photo time! It was so wonderful to meet all of you! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    You’re so welcome, Margarita! It was our pleasure. We’re so glad you love them!! You guys are such a cute little family! :)

  • Margarita SAYS...

    I absolutely love the pics!!! Cant wait to share them with my family and friends! Thanks for everything guys! :)