theresa + jay (anniversary shoot!)

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Last July, we shot Jay and Theresa’s epic wedding. It’s incredibly hard to believe that a whole year (and a few months) has gone by since then, but holy crap, it has. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. To commemorate their first anniversary, this awesome couple wanted some updated photos for their collection!

Originally, we were just going to do a regular shoot, but at the last second, Theresa decided to pull the ‘ol wedding gown out of storage, and make it a “rock the dress” shoot. I was, of course, more than happy with this turn of events. :)

We started out over by the Erie County Fair, where there are some fantastic red barn-ish buildings that I love.

husband and wife holding hands silhouette shot

couple kissing on a hill with big blue sky in the background
Probably my fave…LOVE it!
couple standing against a red barn across the street from the Erie County Fair

wide angle shot of a couple hugging in front of a barn in Hamburg NY

using a hay wagon as a cool prop during a couples photo shoot
Then, T + J switched over to their bride and groom attire, and they looked just as lovely as they did last year.  :)
bride on metal bridge with her wedding gown spread out around her

bride pulls grooms tie on metal bridge in Eden NY

gorgeous shot of bride and groom under an evening sky

bride and groom kissing under a gorgeous evening sky

wide angle shot of bride and groom at dusk in Hamburg NY
One of our favorite scary underground tunnels to shoot in…
bride and groom in the underground tunnel at Cloverbank

bride and groom in the underground tunnel at Cloverbank with an orange colored back light

shadows of bride and groom on the ceiling of the Cloverbank tunnel

bride and groom holding hands in the Cloverbank tunnel with serious faces and yellow backlight

bride and groom pose for wedding photos at night in hamburg ny with a blue back light
The shores of Lake Erie at night are pure magic.  :)
night shot of bride and groom on the beach with veil blowing in the wind

bride and groom wrapped in the brides veil on the shores of Lake Erie at night

dramatic black and white shot of bride and groom laying on grass at night

Theresa and Jason – thanks so much for being such an amazing couple! CONGRATS on celebrating your first anniversary – we wish you many, many, many more happy years together! Love you guys! :)