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There are so many good reasons to have a “rock the dress” session.  It doesn’t have to be scheduled immediately after the wedding, either!  Some of our couples want to book a session for their first anniversary, which is really such a wonderful way to re-connect and remember the day together!  Whenever you decide to do it, here are some great reasons why you should:

1.  The weather on your wedding day wasn’t as cooperative as you’d hoped it would be. Of course, there absolutely nothing wrong with a little rain on a wedding day, but if you want a few sunny photos to add to your wedding album, I say, why not!!

2.  Your wedding day schedule didn’t allow for as much photo time as you had hoped. This happens to even the most organized couples out there, and it’s no ones fault.  Wedding days can be crazy!!  Sometimes things take longer than you had anticipated, or something unexpected happens.  If you didn’t get as much time as you wanted, then that’s a great reason to book a “rock the dress” session!

3.  You really, really wanted some photos with your beloved 4-legged family members on your wedding day, but it just didn’t work out logistically. Most of the time, there is so much commotion on the actual wedding day, that it’s difficult for our pets to handle.  They’re not used to you having 30 people in their house at a time, so they will either hide out, or go to doggie day camp where they can just relax away from the craziness!  Setting up a time after the wedding for photos with your dogs (or cats) will give you the time it takes to get great, relaxed photos with them.  We didn’t have Lily yet when we got married, but I can tell you for absolutely sure that she will be a part of every photo session we have from now on.  She is our baby!!

4.  It’s okay to get a little bit dirty. We don’t believe in “trashing” wedding dresses, but if you get it a little bit dirty after the wedding day is over, then that’s not a huge deal.  You can always have it cleaned, right?!  On your actual wedding day, there are limitations to where you can go in your dress, because, let’s face it, you are somewhat obligated to show up at the reception looking reasonably clean.  Booking a session for sometime after the wedding would allow you to get those great shots that you really wanted in an awesomely dirty location, like The Central Terminal, for example!!  (Any takers??)


I just blogged Michele and Daryl’s gorgeous wedding yesterday, so I figured that following it up with their beautiful “rock the dress” session would be perfect.  :)  If you took a peek at yesterday’s post, then you know that the weather was less than perfect on Michele and Daryl’s wedding day.  We did manage to grab a few outdoor shots, but not nearly as many as we would have liked to due to the yucky rain and cold.  Michele had her heart set on wedding photos with gorgeous Fall foliage in them, so she decided to set up a “rock the dress” session shortly after the wedding!  They also wanted to have a few shots with their beautiful Golden Retriever, Ruby!!  We (obviously) love working with these two amazing people, so we were beyond excited, and the weather was extremely cooperative that day, so we were able to get some really stunning shots!  Now, they have some gorgeous, warm, sun-filled portraits (and Ruby!!) to add to their wedding album!

  • Melissa SAYS...

    Gah. So gorgeous. I want to put my dress back on and frolic in a forest! The ones with their dog are AWESOME!

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    These photos are dreamy….

  • Chris SAYS...

    Beautiful photography

  • Patti Brindisi SAYS...

    These photos are beautiful! You are awesome!

  • Irina SAYS...

    STUNNING work!!! My faves: 5 and 11. I love the wide angle tree shots. You guys totally rock them.