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It’s been kind of a running joke for us throughout our entire wedding photography career so far, that no one gets married in March.  March is usually the month that we have very little going on, and can just sort of re-group and prepare for the upcoming season.  This year, however, we had not one, but TWO weddings in March – it was unprecedented!!!  Alexis and Andrew were one of our lovely March wedding couples, and we SO enjoyed being a part of their day.  It was our first experience photographing a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony, and we loved it – it was absolutely stunning!  Alexis and Andrew were kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories with us, so that we can share them with all of you!  Look for those throughout the post.  :)

Alexis:  “That morning while I was getting ready, I was a lot more relaxed than I thought I would be and was really excited to marry my best friend!  While I was putting my dress on, with my bridesmaids helping me and my mother putting my earrings on, I felt like Cinderella.”

Alexis:  “Before walking down the aisle I took a deep breath, looked at my dad and said, “I am ready, Dad. I love you. Let’s go!”

Andrew:  “Seeing Alexis in her wedding dress for the first time is something I’ll never, ever forget. Words cannot describe that feeling.”

Alexis:  “While our service was going on, I looked around at our bridal party and knew we had our best friends around us (and what a great looking bridal party we had! LOL!!)”

Andrew:  “Experiencing the Greek ceremony firsthand (I’m a Roman Catholic) was really special because it made me feel even closer to Alexis and the symbolism of the ceremony was something everybody kept talking about.”

Andrew:  “Walking around the altar 3 times was both fun and challenging. One of my groomsmen unfortunately fainted a few minutes before that, so I was trying really hard not to fall or walk too fast for Alexis!”

Andrew:  “Our wedding party was huge, but it made for an even more amazing time. The guys looked great in the gray, and combined with the ladies in black with the accent colors, it really turned out well.”

Alexis:  “Seeing everything come together—the centerpieces, the candy table, the colors — every detail was well worth it.”

Andrew:  “Alexis found our cake topper online. It was absolutely perfect.  I didn’t expect the candy table to be such a hit! Our guests were going crazy over it!”

Alexis:  “When we were introduced, I asked Andrew if we should do something walking out. He said no, but when we walked out, Andrew shouted and threw his hands up in the air! Seeing Andrew get caught up in the moment made me laugh!”

Andrew:  “Walking out to the reception after being announced as Mr. & Mrs. Syracuse for the first time really made my night. Man, was I pumped! Let the party begin!”

Alexis:  “At the end of the night when the last song was going on, I knew that when I woke up in the morning I would be starting a new chapter with my husband.”

And, we’ll wrap things up with some words of wisdom from our lovely couple:

“For couples planning a wedding we would say to make sure both of you have input on what goes into it, and make sure it has elements that reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple. It adds a nice personal touch on a day where you may not get a chance to intimately talk with family and friends because it’s so crazy! Crazy, but fun!  We wanted to use Jenn and Ben for our wedding day because we found their albums and blogs to be very personal and they capture not only photos, but also capture the whole story. It was also nice to know we had both of them working simultaneously to capture the events as they unfolded. It was great to have two different perspectives on such a big day. They were extremely professional, and they helped provide order and structure to an otherwise crazy day.”

Alexis and Andrew – your love story is one of the sweetest we’ve ever heard! It was a pleasure to be a part of such a special day! We look forward to seeing you two again very soon!!! J + B :)