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I had every good intention of posting this yesterday, but life got in the way as it often does. I swear, the intention was there, though. :)

So, Annette and Chris had the awesome idea to have their wedding ceremony at the Chestnut Ridge Park Casino, which is exactly what I’d do if Ben and I ever decided to have a wedding (which is highly unlikely). Chestnut Ridge is the most gorgeous park around here (in my opinion); I love how old and historic looking the stone buildings, structures, and pavilions are. The main building, the Casino, is by far the park’s “show stopper” – absolutely perfect for a wedding!

Ben started out the day with Chris and the guys to capture some “getting ready action!”

Groom getting ready in parents basement - or the man cave fully equipt with a large screen TV, keyboards, bass, and several fender guitars, what fun!

Black and white of best man figuring out the suspender positions for the day with a groomsman in the background, what great wedding photography!
The finished product!
Groom, Groomsmen and ring bearer in front of the grooms parents home in Cheektowaga Ny, in the summer of 2010.
I started out the day with Annette, who was quite literally, the most relaxed bride I’ve ever seen!  Not even a hint of a jitter!
Classic bride getting ready photograph with bride applying makeup shot from behind to give the viewer the rear and frontal exposure of our lovely bride.

The brides shoes hung on a shelf showing both their elegance and beauty.
The dress had such a gorgeous, intricate pattern…it was simply stunning.
The brides dress showing from a distant perspective and also up close with all the intricate detail.
Strapping on the wedding shoes…
The bride trying on her shoes before she finally slips into her beautiful gown in Cheektowaga Ny, at the Sleep Inn.
…and Annette’s bridesmaids trying to figure out how to get her all fastened up!
B & W of bride getting her wedding gown arranged by her Maid of Honor.
An absolutely STUNNING bride!
Close up of the bride and her stunning eyes prior to her wonderful ceremony at the Chestnut Ridge Casino, in Orchard Park Ny.

The bride posing for a few snapshots before she heads out to meet her lucky guy at the Chestnut Ridge Casino.
Putting on the veil!  This is seriously one of the cutest veils I’ve seen so far – I just LOVE it!
Bride putting on the final touches before the limo arrives to carry her off to her destiny.
Then, we all headed on over to Chestnut Ridge for the ceremony.  ADORABLE flower girl!
Flower girl at wedding in the Chestnut Ridge Casino in Orchard Park Ny, looking adorable while she drops red rose petals for the brides walk down the isle.

Bride being escorted down the isle by her father at he Chestnut Ridge Casino in Chestnut Ridge State Park in the summer of 2010.
There were A LOT of smiles during this ceremony!  I’ve never seen a bride and groom smile at each other that much!
Bride and Groom face to face at the alter in front of the minister.
The kiss…
Bride and Groom sharing in their first kiss at the Chestnut Ridge Casino at Chestnut Ridge Park by the Eternal Flame.
…and the fist-pump immediately following the kiss!!
The Groom sheds a tear after completing his vows at his wedding as the bride looks on happily at her new husband.
They had a very classic rice-throwing exit!
Bride and Groom exit shot from the Chestnut Ridge Casino in  Orchard Park Ny.
We stayed at Chestnut Ridge for a while to do some bridal party shots there before the reception.  It was SUCH a gorgeous day, and there’s definitely no shortage of amazing places for pictures in that park!
Bridal Party photograph at the Chestnut Ridge Casino in Orchard Park Ny in the sweltering June heat.

Bridal Party shot in the woods at Chestnut Ridge Recreational Area in Orchard Park Ny, a suburb of Buffalo.
I love this shot of all the wedding kiddos on the swing behind the Casino…so cute!
The bridal party kids swinging on the bench swing while they wait for the photo session to be over.
We did a few bride and groom portraits before heading over to the reception.  Aren’t they a gorgeous couple?  L-O-V-E
Bride and Groom on one of the many beautiful bridges built by WPA workers during the Great Depression.

Bride and Groom at Yates Park overlooking Green Lake in Orchard Park Ny off of Rt. 240.
Then, we all scurried over to the McKinley Inn for the reception!  Annette was looking too cool for school during her grand entrance into the reception…
Bride in sexy pilot sunglasses marching into the reception with her Groom at the Mckinley Inn in Hamburg Ny.

The red rose adorned wedding cake at the McKinley Inn in Hamburg Ny.
This was the strangest cake placement I’ve ever encountered at a reception.  It was literally backed into a corner, so I had to make myself very tiny and squeeze between two tables to get this shot.  Even so, this is still the happiest cake-cutting face EVER!  Annette has such a pretty smile.  :)
Bride and Groom cutting the cake together at the McKinley Inn in Hamburg Ny, in the summer of 2010.

The bridal guest book with a feather pen and the bride greeting her guests in the background.

The wedding rings as arranged by the wonderful photogtraphers at Ayres Photography, wedding photographers out of Buffalo Ny.
Their first dance was adorable…Annette was literally beaming through the whole thing!
Bride and groom having an intimate moment during their first dance at the McKinley Inn in Hamburg Ny.

Black and white of the bride and groom during their first dance at the McKinley Inn.
Then, they opened up the dance floor, and this fly groomsman got the party started with some badass breakdancing!
B & W of kids dancing at groomsmen break dancing behind them.

A fall bride and bridesmaid on this day getting jiggy with it on the dance floor with her man in Hamburg Ny.

Black and White of some break dancing at wedding reception in McKinley Inn.
The little flower girls were tearing up the dance floor all night long!
Bridesmaids and flower girls getting down at wedding reception in town of Hamburg, at the McKinley Inn.

Wedding party square dancing in the Town of Hamburg in the summer of 2010.

Young ladies getting freaky with it at summer 2010 wedding reception in the McKinley Inn.
We didn’t get a lot of time for bride and groom portraits before the reception, so luckily Annette and Chris let us borrow them for a few more at the end of the night.  We walked around outside the perimeter of the McKinley Inn until we found this field of weeds, and Ben got very excited.  He was like, “I can do SO much with this!”  He truly is the master of lighting, so I knew they would look fantastic; but, these turned out even better than I had imagined!  :)
Dual shots of bride and groom with Ayres Photography getting some personal time at dusk.

Bride and Groom in the tall grasses at dusk behind the McKinley Inn in the Town of Hamburg Ny.

Annette and Chris – thank you so much for choosing us to tell the story of your wedding day with our cameras! We had so much fun! You guys are a great couple, and we wish you both all the happiness in the world! :)

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To view all images and purchase prints from Annette and Chris’s wedding, click here. (Shoot us a quick email if you need the password!)

  • ashley SAYS...

    Hello, I was browsing through the internet looking at Chesnut Ridge to have my wedding ceremony and came across the photos of the couple “Annette and Chris”. I was hoping you could tell me the location of the park (the shelter name) that they got married in because it looks absolutely beautiful. I would appreciate it. Thank you

  • arlene rizzo SAYS...

    I am the mom of the groom and all I can say is that I have to look through the album everyday and it still stirs my emotions..
    The pics are fab:)

  • Miquel SAYS...

    I’ve never seen a couple have so much fun at their reception! You guys did an awesome job of capturing their love!! :) awesome pics!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    She is beautiful, isn’t she? ;) Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Stephanie! You ROCK!

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    OMG the bride is beautiful!! You captured her so well. Good job guys…

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    You are SO welcome! It was completely our pleasure to be a part of your day. :) So glad you love them!

  • Annette SAYS...

    Jen & Ben, Amazing! We L-O-V-E them!!! : ) Thank you soo much! You guys did a great job of capturing our special day!