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We had a spectacular time at Arielle and Reid’s wedding!  It was our first time working at the Hotel at the Lafayette, and we loved it!  It’s pretty exciting that downtown Buffalo is home to this fabulous new wedding location.  Things just keep getting better and better here in this beautiful rusty old city, and we’re so lucky to be a part of it all!  :)

Be sure to read Arielle and Reid’s favorite wedding day memories throughout the post!  It was so kind of them to share!!!

Arielle:  “I had needed a little convincing to do a “first look” before the ceremony.  In the end that was the right choice.  Reid and I were able to have a quiet moment together before the craziness of the ceremony and reception began.”
Reid:  “One of the funniest moments was when we did the photos on the bridge.  The bridge was a live bridge so we had to keep running to the side of the road and then going back to the middle of the road after the cars passed.  As soon as the first car came up, all of my groomsmen started cracking Wayne’s World jokes, ‘GAME ON!'”
(*The black and white photo on the right was taken by our associate photographer, Lindsey Robinson.  She’s amazing!!  We LOVE that she is part of team Ayres!!!)
Reid:  “One of my favorite memories was going to the local off-track betting parlor before the wedding.  I’ve always been a big fan of the Kentucky Derby and I figured if I was ever going to pick a winner it would be on my wedding day.  We had about 15 minutes to kill between our wedding party photos and photos with our families.  There was an OTB about three blocks from the ceremony location so the wedding party stopped to make a bet.  When Arielle walked in in her wedding dress the whole place stopped and stared and people took out their phones to take pictures.  I splurged on my bet and put down about three times as much money as I’d ever bet on a sporting event.  And I won! Go Orb!”

Arielle:  “Regarding our visit to the OTB, Reid had been talking about going all week.  He picked his horse on the plane ride from Virginia to Buffalo.  As he is an avid horse racing fan, I knew I could not say no.  And I got major points for that stop!

Arielle:  “We were very fortunate to have one of Reid’s friends, Shawn Lacy, play our ceremony music.  Reid and Shawn worked together to create the perfect set of music.  One of my favorite moments was hearing the first strains of “Sparkle and Shine” then turning the corner and seeing Reid at the end of the aisle.  The music fit us and the moment perfectly.”
Reid:  “Arielle refused to try on the wedding ring when we got it because she didn’t want to wear it before we were married. (I tried mine on because I wanted to be sure that it fit.)  When it came time to put the ring on her finger, I couldn’t get it over her knuckle and started to panic.  I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get the ring on her finger and we’d have to stop the ceremony.  When I finally got the ring onto her finger, I raised my arms in celebration.”
Reid:  “We picked a reading that was really important to us.  It was an excerpt from a Massachusetts Supreme Court decision about the legal importance of marriage and the importance about being able to choose who you want to marry.  Because we’re both lawyers we thought that it was a fun and important way to incorporate our career into our wedding ceremony.”

Arielle:  “Before our wedding I kept hearing what a blur the day will be.  So during our ceremony, I took a couple of moments to look out over the crowd of family and friends. In taking that time to appreciate what was going on, I have this amazing image in my mind of all our family and friends together in one place.”

Reid:  “It was really great seeing so many people from different parts of my life all in the same place: from family who live on the West Coast to friends of mine from high school to college friends that I don’t get to see often to close family friends to my friends that I see all the time in DC.  I realized during the reception that it was the only time that all of those people would be in the same place.  It was just amazing having so many people that have been important in my life all there at the same time celebrating with us.”

Reid:  “We had a pretty large wedding so we did a lot of events.  We invited a lot of family and people who traveled from far away to our rehearsal dinner and then hosted a late night happy hour with a lot of our friends the night before our wedding.  On the day of the wedding, I had an early lunch with my groomsmen, father, brother-in-law, and some other friends.  Then the day after the wedding both of our parents hosted brunches.  Because we were able to have so many different events, it gave us many more opportunities to get to talk to people.  Even though we didn’t get to talk to everyone as much as we wanted to, all of the events gave us a great chance to catch up with people.”

Arielle:  “As we planned our wedding from a distance, we did not have as much time to meet with vendors and concentrate on the details.  We were lucky to have very supportive family members who were willing to help us with the planning.  To make the wedding more personal, we focused on adding elements to our ceremony and reception that reflected us as a couple:  from our reading to the personalized coasters with music lyrics to the desserts from both our hometowns.”