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Our 2013 was filled with amazing couples.  We got to work with some of the most wonderful people on the planet, and Ashley and Scott most definitely fall into that category.  We’ve done a few St. Bonaventure weddings over the years, and I have to say…these people LOVE their school.  I have never seen such intense alumni loyalty!  It’s totally impressive.  The campus is truly stunning with its old brick and stone buildings crawling with ivy, and the chapel is filled with such beautiful light!  We always have a great time shooting there, and this time, Ashley and Scott and their fun-loving crew made it an even better experience for us.  It was a perfect day all the way around!

Ashley and Scott took the time to share some of their favorite wedding day memories, as well as some excellent advice, with us so that we could share with all of you.  Look for those throughout the post!!

Ashley:  “I spent the morning of the wedding with my bridesmaids, my mom, and my future mother-in-law. We drank mimosas and ate breakfast in our suite at the Century Manor in Olean. I remember feeling so relaxed, but very excited for the day to begin. We had our hair and makeup done right next door. I absolutely loved my hair, but the nerves began when the veil went on!”
Scott:  “My groomsmen and I got ready at a bed and breakfast in Olean and then walked around the university. It felt great to be back at St. Bonaventure where it all started. St. Bonaventure means a lot to us and it will forever hold a special spot in our hearts.”
Ashley:  “I was so incredibly nervous in the moments leading up to the ceremony. I had been waiting for my big walk down the aisle ever since I was little, and I couldn’t believe that moment was finally here. I remember saying ‘You ready, Dad?’ and he replied, ‘Let’s go!'”
Scott:  “I’ll always remember the smile on Ashley’s face as she walked down the aisle. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful that day.”
Ashley:  “During the ceremony I kept thinking, ‘Wow, this is amazing. I can’t believe we’re really here.’ St. Bonaventure is where it all started for us. I kept thinking back to when Scott and I met and how far we have come since being 18 years old and freshmen in college. Having Fr. Weber join us in marriage was very special. We both personally knew him from our years at St. Bonas. I had always told Fr. Weber that he would marry us one day—and he did.  I especially loved that he said the final blessing in English and Spanish!”

Scott:  “I was a little nervous about the ceremony, but it ended up being perfect. It was a great honor to have Fr. Weber preside over our marriage.”

Scott:  “The Maginn family has a lot of St. Bonaventure graduates. I have often thought how nice it would be to have all of the family graduates together at the university at one time. I was honored to have that day be our wedding.”

Ashley:  “I actually couldn’t hear us being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Scott Maginn because there was so much cheering! It was amazing to walk into our reception and see (and hear) all our family and friends. Our DJ was incredible! He honestly cared about how we were doing throughout the night and really turned our reception into a party.”

Ashley:  “One of my favorite moments during the reception was dancing with my dad. We danced to “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole, which was also the same song we danced to during my first dance recital when I was five years old. I believe our wedding dance was a bit more on beat than our recital dance, even though my dad didn’t pick me up over his head like he did way back then!”

Scott:  “Our reception was an awesome time. It was great to drink and dance with friends and family. For a brief moment, it felt like I was back in college!”

“Our advice to couples is to simply enjoy the entire day and not worry about anything. Everything goes by so fast; you certainly don’t want to waste any time worrying. Bob Marley said it best: ‘Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be all right.’ Take a few moments to look at yourself in the mirror, look out at your guests during dinner, look at each other, and just take it all in. These are the moments that will stick with you forever.”

“We chose Ben and Jenn for a few reasons. First, we loved their attention to detail. Some wedding items you only wear or see that day. We knew they would capture every detail of our wedding so we could remember every little thing about that day. Second, we loved them as a duo. They are such a great team together—very professional, yet spunky and fun! We would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for professional photographers for any event.”