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“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”When Harry Met Sally

When we first met with Bethany and Pete, and they told us that they had booked The Tuscarora Inn for their reception, we were so excited.  We had driven past the place a dozen times, and admired its awesomeness, but had never shot there before.  Every time we passed by it previously, I would always say, “I hope we get to shoot there someday!”  Luckily, someday came sooner than later, and on June 18th, we got to be a part of Bethany and Pete’s amazing wedding day.  :)

I met up with the girls at a very cool little hotel in Amherst called Hotel Indigo.  It’s a fabulous little place for getting ready shots – I love it!  Also, Bethany’s Kate Spade glitter heel shoes were to die for…pure gorgeousness.

I took a ton of getting ready shots of the girls, because there was just a ton of stuff to photograph.  Bethany had thought of everything – I was in detail heaven.  She also booked THE BEST hair and make-up artist in the area, Heather Adamczak of Glam on Location.  Heather really is the best, I promise.  If you’re looking for on-location hair and make-up, this is the girl to call!  (Better do it soon, though…she books up about a year in advance!)
Bethany’s wedding jewelry (or should I say wedding bling?) was pretty incredible; there are jewelers in Pete’ family, so she’s a lucky, lucky girl.  :)
One last shot in the hotel room before we headed outside to do some quick portraits!  How much do you love Bethany’s birdcage veil?!  HELLO, amazing!
You were a gorgeous, gorgeous bride, my dear…you truly were.  :)
A vintage Mercedes rolled up to the Hotel Indigo to bring Bethany and the girls to the ceremony.  I, of course, had to have some shots of our stunning bride with this stunning car.  
Meanwhile, Ben was with Pete and the guys, grabbing some quick shots of what was going on over there.  ;)
Then, we all headed over to The Kenan Center for the ceremony!  It was our first time shooting here, as well, and I just have to say…what an unbelievably beautiful spot for a ceremony!!  Holy crap!  It was sooooo pretty there.  :)  The programs were super cute, and kept to the whole black and pink theme, and there was a little bag of birdseed on every chair for guests to throw at the newly married couple!
Bethany and Pete incorporated this really cool ceremonious rope tying, which included both of their families.  It was a really meaningful, symbolic way to show the joining of two families together!
After they walked back up the aisle, everyone gathered around them in a circle to launch handfuls of birdseed at them…it was awesome.  I love this sequence of shots.  :)
From the Kenan Center, we drove out to Gasport to take some shots in front of this crumbly old mill.  If you’ve been following our work for a while, this is probably, like, the fourth time you’ve seen it; but, somehow, it just never gets old.  Isn’t it awesome?  :)
I don’t think I’ve mentioned the flowers yet, but, um….yeah…they just might be the most beautiful bouquets I’ve ever seen.  Bethany said that peonies were a must-have flower for her, so she chose a florist who could definitely get them.  Completely understandable…they are amazing.  
We had to do a few more shots with the car…can you blame us?  ;)
The last stop of the day was the fabulous Tuscarora Inn, and the first thing we saw when we walked in was this pink and black themed candy bar…mmmmmm, delish!!  I love seeing candy bars at weddings.  Mostly because I love candy, but also because they’re fun to take pictures of (duh).  I was loving the whole vibe with the apothecary jars, and the way Bethany tied her black and pink theme into the candy display – so awesome!
The tables looked amazing!  Everything was so perfect…we were super impressed with The Tuscarora Inn.
A little first dancin’ action…
…and then, the dance floor was officially open, and good times were had by all!
The Tuscarora Inn at night is lovely.  We had time for a couple of night shots…lots of cool shadow-making opportunities around there.  That last shot makes us laugh.  We were lugging all of our equipment back to our car at the end of the night, when we happened to spot this awesomely decorated car in the parking lot.  We couldn’t resist.  ;)

Bethany and Pete – thank you so much for choosing us to tell the story of your day with our cameras! Your wedding was absolutely stunning – all of the little details you thought of came together perfectly, and we had the most wonderful time working with you both!! We hope you love these images as much as we do…seriously…some of these shots are among our all time favorites. Much love to you both! – J + B :)

  • miquel SAYS...

    gorgeous wedding!! i loveee the car shots! awesome car & beautiful wedding party! … oh & i like the cat too! lol.

  • Kate SAYS...

    So many beautiful shots – I think I love the one of the couple holding hands on their way to the car the most. You just know they’re so excited about the journey ahead.

    PS: That orange tabby cracked me up!

  • Patricia M. Daly SAYS...

    Your work is beautiful, Jen and Ben. I love all the photos. And that photo of me with my multitudinous rings! Hmmmmm … maybe a few less rings would suffice?! Anyway, terrific work. I knew when you were shooting the wedding that your work would be gorgeous, and it truly is. I am so glad Bethany and Pete chose you to photograph their wedding day.

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    I have no words…seriously.

  • Bethany and Pete SAYS...

    Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous!! We knew they would be beautiful, but they definitely exceeded our expectations. :) Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day so beautifully! We can’t stop looking at them, and I don’t know how we will choose which ones to frame or use in an album because they are all so great! We especially love the ones in the car and at the Old Mill.

    By the way, for everyone who loves the flowers as much as we did, our florist was Flourish, They did a great job!!

    Thanks again Jenn and Ben for all of your hard work! We are so grateful to have so many beautiful pictures to remember this special day!!

  • Katie SAYS...

    Love this whole wedding…this is one for a submission for sure! I love their cat…he looks so grumpy! And her bouquet toss reaction is priceless! Great job as usual guys!

  • Mike SAYS...

    This post is amazing. This wedding is amazing. These photos are amazing! Wonderful job friends!!!