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While every bride is excited on their wedding day, I think Bridget took the prize for “most excited bride of 2012.”  From the moment I showed up at the salon until the moment the limo rolled up to the front doors of the church, her mantra was, “I’M SO EXCITED!!!!”  Her excitement about the day was contagious.  I couldn’t wait for these two to meet at the altar and get married!  They are so perfect for each other, and so very much in love (as you will clearly see), and it was awesome to be a part of such a special day for one of the sweetest couples ever.  :)

Bridget:  “Waking up at 4AM on my wedding was one of my favorite times! Being with my mom and sisters all so excited and giddy!! It was the best feeling and I couldn’t wait to see Wally. All I could do is keep replaying the last time I saw him at the rehearsal! With all our family flying in from California to Florida, it was an overwhelming feeling to see everyone together with all their love and support on such a big day in our lives.”
Wally:  “I had a great time early on, doing the photo shoot with my groomsmen. We had a lot of laughs doing a bunch of mobster-style poses. It was nice seeing the guys all dressed up, and it was really cool how a couple of them made the trip to Buffalo just to be part of our big day.”

Bridget:  “When it came time to go to the church I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear!! I think I told everyone how excited I was a million times that morning! It wasn’t until I actually walked out of the limo, saw all the cars, and went in the side door that I just became so over joyed to know that this was a moment in my life where I felt like I was in the most perfect place at the perfect time in my life. The feeling of knowing I wanted to be in it forever.”
Wally:  “The moment when my brother Mike and my buddy Mark ran the runner down the aisle and I saw Bridget in her wedding dress for the first time. She looked like an angel at the end of the aisle — felt like she was a mile away. I couldn’t believe it was really happening – it felt surreal! I just remember her and I up on the altar, so excited, smiling uncontrollably at each other.”
Bridget:  “The very moment I walked out and saw Wally I couldn’t believe this moment was finally here!! I dreamed of this day for so long and couldn’t wait for my wedding day since I was a little girl. Now here I was with my mom who brought me into this world as her little girl, was now bringing me to meet the man of my dreams at the end of the aisle. And standing just a few feet in front of Wally, knowing he is going to love me forever, was my papa who loved me first, who always loved me, and who will continue to love me. I went from one good man to the next. By far best moment in my life let alone on my wedding day!”
Bridget:  “Our wedding wouldn’t have been complete without my favorite comedian cracking a joke. When the priest said “Repeat after me” and Wally without any hesitation said “Repeat after me” still makes me laugh. His humor and the way he makes me laugh was defiantly one of the many reasons I knew he was the one for me and that was just another moment in the day were I knew this day in my life was the best so far!!!”

Wally:  “Another one of my favorite moments was when the priest said “Repeat after me” and without any hesitation, I said “Repeat after me.” Everyone laughed (including the priest).”

After the ceremony, we made a quick pit stop at Como Lake Park for some photo time!  This was a super fun group to work with.  :)
This photo is hysterical…makes me smile every time I look at it.  ;)
Then, we cruised on over to Salvatore’s to get the party started!
Bridget:  “Ohhhhh the first dance!! Wally and I can’t help but to try and make everything our own. We put so much of ourselves into his wedding so it was to no one’s surprise that our first dance could not be a traditional slow song. We picked a classic so that when we are in our old age and driving in the car listening to the radio it can bring us back to this very moment for years to come! As Etta James’ At Last played, I could feel everyone around us watching, enjoying, and taking it all in. Then it happened!!  Tequila blasted out of the speakers right in the middle and watching Wally do the Pee Wee Herman dance was everyone’s favorite part!!! Then as we went right back into Etta James and he dipped me, I could have stayed there in that moment with him forever.”

Wally:  “The dinner, the cutting of the wedding cake (which Bridget and I helped design), and dancing our first dance was also one of the highlights of the night. Our DJ’s were awesome! They did a special mash-up of Etta James’ “At Last” with “Tequila,” for us, which I did the “Pee-wee Herman dance” to, and Bridget joined along.”

Wally:  “Finally, dancing the night away was a lasting memory I’ll never forget. Great music! Great families! So much fun!”
I am aware that using the word “epic” has kind of gone out of style, but…….can I use it here?  Please?!

And, to wrap up this post, here is some excellent wedding advice from our lovely couple!  :)

“Your wedding day is yours, make it your own. Don’t stress or worry over the little things. Things might go wrong or get a little crazy but on that day it’s all you have ever wanted. Enjoy all the work you put into it. As you see everyone who loves and supports you both will be enough to make the whole day perfect!!The top two things we would highly recommend to any couple getting married would be 1. Get amazing photographers’ like Jen and Ben because at the end of that amazing day what they capture is all you have to look back at besides the memories you have. They captured ever moment with such care that it was like a family member was our photographer. Secondly SMILE, LAUGH, LOVE because you are about to have the most amazing day of your entire life! It only has just begun!!!”

Bridget and Wally – thank you both so much for choosing us to capture these wonderful memories for you! We’re so glad you found us!! You two are ridiculously cute together (and totally perfect for each other), and we wish you a life time full of love and happiness! Your pals, J + B :)

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    OMG we love them!! JEN and BEN you both are sooo amazing!!!! i laughed and cried while scrolling down!! you captured everything!! love love love them!!