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Three cheers for Cait and Joe who planned a backyard country wedding that was elegant, sophisticated, relaxed, and super fun all at the same time! Who knew that Batavia could look this awesome?! We were so impressed. Both the ceremony and the reception took place at Caitlin’s parents’ home – a gorgeous country estate that has been in her family for generations. From Cait’s beautiful handmade brooch bouquet to the wedding venue itself and everything in between, it was all a celebration of Caitlin and Joe’s families and friends.  There was so much love surrounding them that day, and we feel so honored to have been there to capture it all.  :)

Cait and Joe shared a bunch of their favorite wedding day memories with us, so we could share them with all of you!  Look for those throughout the post!

Caitlin:  “Wearing Joe’s moms necklace that belonged to her mother and having part of her with me, and wearing my Nana’s ring that she got as a confirmation gift as my something blue.  My engagement ring being Joe’s grandmother’s and my wedding band being my grandmother’s really meant a lot.  It made it feel even more special.”
Caitlin:  “Getting to share the planning of the wedding with my family (mom, sister, aunt, cousin). I felt like it brought us closer.”
I got to spend a few minutes with all of these lovely ladies just before the ceremony.  We found a great little spot right next to the house to grab a few fun shots!  Caitlin is absolutely STUNNING, isn’t she?!  Just WOW.
Caitlin:  “Collecting all the brooches from estate sales, family and friends for my brooch bouquet and have to finally come together. To always have it as a memory and keepsake. I used every single one given to me.”
Meanwhile, just down the road a piece, Ben was busy grabbing some shots of Joe and the guys before they headed on over to the ceremony site!
Caitlin:  “Seeing Joe’s face for the first time as I walked down the aisle. It made my heart melt.”
Joe:  “Seeing Cait for first time in her wedding dress as her dad walked her down the aisle.”
Caitlin:  “Being the 6th person to be married at my parents house ( my 3 aunts, 1 cousin and my sister).”
The reception tent was beautifully decorated, and all of the table settings were a little bit different.  I loved it!
After the marriage license was signed and there were hugs all around, we made our way over to a gorgeous open field across the street for a few shots with Cait and Joe and their wedding party.  Some of the ladies got to ride the “wedding utility vehicle!”
High fives all around!!
Caitlin:  “Sharing our wedding day with all of our family and friends that mean so much to us. It wouldn’t have been complete without them.  And, being able to bring happiness and celebration to a year that had a lot of heartache.”

Joe:  “Having all of my friends and family near and far celebrating with us.  And…spraying Jenn with champagne.”

Ah yes…spraying Jenn with champagne…that was a funny moment, huh Joe?  Yeah.  I saw Joe getting ready to pop open a bottle of bubbly, so I walked over to capture the scene.  I thought, “this’ll be great!  I’ll capture the spray flying everywhere, and it’ll be awesome!”  Well, I captured the flying spray alright…straight into my eyeballs.  The last photo in this set is one of my favorites…Joe’s pre-bottle-popping excitedly evil grin.  LOVE.

Cait requested a mini shoot with her horse, Danny, so I happily obliged.  These photos are so sweet!!  You can see the love between a girl and her horse, and it is just beautiful.
Joe:  “Seeing Cait in her wedding dress with Danny the horse.”
Joe:  “Marrying Cait and knowing that this is the beginning of so much.”
I love that they decided at the last minute to have a “first dance.”  It wasn’t part of their original plan for the day, but then they did it anyway, and it made me sooooo happy.  ;)
Then the “dance floor” opened up and people started gettin’ down!!

The Ayres Photo Booth was there in full effect!!  Good times are always had.  ;)

Joe:  “The Photo Booth!!”

As the night went on there was much dancing and celebrating, and then, out of nowhere, people started just jumping in the pool with their clothes on and bottles of champagne.  The mark of a good party if ever there was one.

Caitlin:  “Having a sudden pool party with our guests (some in their clothes) and having bottles of champagne being passed around!”

Joe:  “Impromptu pool party!!”

Caitlin and Joe’s advice to all of you engaged couples out there is simple and perfect.  :)

“The advice that I would give to anyone planning a wedding:  Let your creativity out!  Have fun with it and think outside of the box.  Don’t let anyone say you can’t create something.  Don’t stress about the little things…in the end you’re marrying the person of your dreams.”

Cait and Joe – thank you both so much for choosing us to document your amazing wedding day!! You pulled off a gorgeous and amazing backyard wedding – seriously, SUPER impressive – and we’re so glad we could be a part of it! We loved every minute of working with you two, and wish you a bazillion years of love and happiness!! J + B :)

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    Wow, now THAT looked like a fun wedding!

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    These photos are simply BEAUTIFUL; you’re both such amazing talents. Fantastic work, once again.