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Cassandra and Steve are self-confirmed “non-traditionalists,” and therefore, wanted their wedding to be, well…anything but traditional! They opted for a very small, intimate elopement on Three Sisters Island in Niagara Falls, surrounded by their immediate families. They live in Mississippi, so for them (and there families) it was very much a “destination wedding!” We were excited and honored to spend the day with them!

We started out the day by meeting them at their hotel, where they were getting ready for the ceremony together. Typically, the bride and groom get ready separately, so it was a nice treat for Ben and I to be hanging out and shooting together. :) After they were ready, we all walked over to the Falls, where our favorite officiant, Michelle Snyder, married this beautiful couple!

Here is a little bit from Cassandra and Steve’s perspective:  “First of all, Steven and I have never really been traditional, in any sense of the word. We don’t generally like big parties, and we try to keep things low key. When it came time to plan our wedding, both of us dreaded the idea of a big stuffy ceremony that would just mimic every other wedding we’d ever been to. Once we decided what we didn’t want, the process became so much open and adventurous. We could do almost anything! Both of us love to travel, so we decided to do a destination wedding. Niagara Falls offered everything we wanted in a location : beautiful backdrops, and a chance to do something fun and different. We invited only our closest family, and we aimed to make it a family vacation everyone would enjoy!”

After the ceremony, we all headed over to the Red Coach Inn for lunch, and then we crossed the border on foot and spent the afternoon taking photos of the newly married couple in Canada.  It was a lovely, relaxing day!  Here are Cassandra and Steve’s Top Five Wedding Day Memories!!

1.  “Even though the ceremony was only 10 minutes long, it was beautiful and perfectly suited for us. I spent the whole time telling myself  ‘if Steve cries, I’m gonna cry.’  Luckily, neither of us broke down to tears, but it was close.”

2.  “Our wedding turned into a tourist attraction!  I had always heard that strangers in the park would stop and take photos of random weddings, but I never expected quite so many paparazzi.”

3.  “Our family is full of great people.  When we asked them to walk to Canada after the ceremony, all they asked for was directions!  We’re so lucky to have such adventurous and accepting people in our lives.”

4.  “The scenery was phenomenal!  I spent the weeks building up to the wedding terrified that there would be bad weather.  All that worrying was a complete waste of energy.  Everything was beautiful! We even saw a few rainbows!”

5.  “Dinosaur adventure golf was the best reception ever!  Everyone played a round, and due to some discrepencies in score keeping, everyone was declared a winner.  Taking photos with the giant concrete dinosaurs was easily the most fun and most photogenic we felt all day!”

And we’ll conclude this post with a bit of advice from Cassandra about planning a non-traditional wedding!

“My best advice is to go with your gut. Your friends and family will surprise you with how accepting and enthusiastic they can be. No idea is too ridiculous. Plan something that stays true to you, and everything else will fall into place. Also, don’t get hung up on the details. Something will go wrong, but its not the end of the world. I ended up buying my wedding dress less than a week before the wedding! But it fit like a dream, and it suited the occasion perfectly! Go with the flow, and don’t waste your energy on worrying.”

Cassandra and Steve – thank you so much for bringing us along on this most excellent adventure!! We had a wonderful time with you guys, and we wish you all the happiness in the world! Much love, J + B :)