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We’re pretty lucky.  We have somehow managed to attract the most amazing people in the world to be our clients, so every wedding we photograph turns out to be another “BEST DAY EVER” for the Jenn and Ben show.  Chrissy and Brian’s wedding was no exception.  What made it the “BEST DAY EVER?”  Well, for starters, we laughed our faces off for a large portion of the day.  C + B are HILARIOUS.  Their awesome group of friends and family are equally hilarious.  If you know these people even a little bit, you know exactly what I mean.  I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire day.  I would love to keep rambling on, and tell a million tales about why this day was so amazing, but I think Chrissy and Brian do a much better job of telling the story in their own words.  Make sure you read their quotes throughout the post; they definitely give you a good sense of the overall vibe of the day!  :)

Chrissy:  “When the bridesmaids were finally all dressed and assembled in one room, we realized some had only the skirt of the dress hemmed, while others had the skirt and the mesh detail on the front hemmed. It wasn’t a huge deal, but no one wanted to look different and there also was some concern of tripping. My mom grabbed some scissors (very prepared!) and just cut through the mesh so it would be closer to the length of the dress. Talk about last minute alterations!”
Brian: “So, I’m not proud of this, but my groomsmen and I got in the wrong limo (the driver said “Brian wedding?” we said “yes!” . . . not thinking that “Brian” was probably a last name, and we’d be the “Matthews” wedding).  My groomsmen and I were having so much fun singing Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” (it was raiiiin-ing on my wedding day) that I didn’t bother asking the limo driver if he was going to the right church until we were about 15 blocks past where we needed to be.”
Brian:  “I didn’t realize how nervous I was until we actually got to the church and we were waiting for Chrissy and the rest of the bridal party to arrive. When I get nervous I tend to lose control of the volume of my voice, so I must have been screaming in the church.  My brother-in-law Tim totally took charge and made sure my groomsmen ushered people to their seats.”

Chrissy:  “I was so nervous when I realized I had to walk up that long aisle. Fortunately my dad keep up a steady stream of conversation to take my mind off the whole thing while we walked. I could not tell you one thing we talked about, I was just trying not to cry or have a panic attack.”
Chrissy:  “I was not the most prepared bride and I had no idea where we could take pictures except city hall. When we realized it was literally crawling with bridal parties, we needed a last minute idea. Thankfully, Jenn and Ben are the best; when I put them on the spot, we ended up taking some amazing photos at great locations (despite the rain!).”
Brian:  “Chrissy’s friend is an entomologist (and Chrissy and I both really like insects … well, me mostly).  He managed to keep about 50 butterflies in a hibernation-like state until we got to Templeton Landing (by the way, he traveled from Maryland with the butterflies in tow).  It was really fun opening the box and watching all of the butterflies fly out. There were envelopes with butterflies in them for guests to release too!”
Brian:  “About a week before the wedding one of my friends suggested having a “basketball team” entrance to the reception for the guys and leave the girls to make up their own entrance.  Chrissy (rightly) reminded my friends that it was a wedding, “not a basketball game,” and they had to escort their partners.  At the reception, my friends presented us with a basketball signed by all of them – it’s in my office on my bookshelf to this day.”
Chrissy:  “The MOH (my best friend since third grade), best man (Brian’s brother) and father of the bride (a Fanning family tradition) speeches were AMAZING. We laughed so hard, and I was bright red from embarrassment the whole time (the speeches included notes I passed to the MOH about boys from 5th grade, and my father’s home videos). Our guests said they had never been to a wedding where both the groom AND the bride were roasted so thoroughly!”
Chrissy and Brian:  “Jenn and Ben were absolutely amazing. They are fun, professional, and made us feel relaxed through the whole process. We LOVE the photos they took and the memories they captured. Don’t get married without them!”

Brian’s advice:  “Make sure you know (for a fact) which limo you’re taking – also make sure to have a repair kit around, sometimes when you dance hard . . . you rip your tux.”

Chrissy’s advice:  “Things are going to go wrong. Your mom will tell you that only you will notice if things go wrong. This is not true (I think everyone noticed that the priest stopped the music in the middle of the bridesmaid procession to explain to the congregation how to walk up for communion); so just make sure to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.”

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    Brian does not have the basketball in his office still.

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    met these guys on their honeymoon, amazing couple—
    they told us they had had a good day, and had such fun.