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Another gorgeous Fall wedding for your viewing pleasure!! :)

Ben started out the day with Joe and the guys! I always wish there was more to share from the “guys getting ready” segment of the day, but since there’s no need for them to get up-do’s, have their make-up done, or strap themselves into an intricate dress, there just isn’t as much to cover. But, I do love these two pre-ceremony shots that Ben grabbed while hanging out with the guys.

I, on the other hand, took 1,001 shots of Courtney getting her hair and make up done at Salon in the Tower, on Main St. in Clarence.
For some reason, I was really into mirrors and reflections that day, so prepare yourselves – there’s quite a few of those.   :)

bride getting ready at Salon in the Tower Main St Clarence NY

getting ready for a wedding at Salon in the Tower Clarence NY
I think this one might be my favorite reflection shot…I love everything about it!

Then, we headed on over to the Millennium Hotel to complete the “getting ready” process.  Part of what made this particular wedding day even more awesome than wedding days usually are for me, was getting to work with Frank and Frankie of 17 Video Production.  I was with Frank all morning, and it was so cool to hang out with him.  If you are thinking about a videographer for your wedding, these are the guys you want.  Period.  There is no one better in all of Western New York.  Not only are they amazing artists, but they are amazing people, too.

Gorgeous dress…

gorgeous shoes…
…gorgeous bride!!

wedding at the Millennium Hotel in Cheektowaga NY
I love this shot so much…Courtney cries a few tears of joy, while her sister (being the awesome bridesmaid that she is) gets ready to hand her another tissue.  What a great moment!  :)
The ceremony was at St. Pius Church in Getzville, NY.  It was our first time shooting there, and we were loving all the gorgeous natural light!

St. Pius Church wedding ceremony Getzville NY

wedding ceremony at St. Pius Church in Getzville NY
Oh, nevermind, I think this one might be my favorite reflection shot of the day…I grabbed this frame of Courtney and Joe sharing a moment during the receiving line, and I am totally in love with the joy in her expression.  :)
After the church, it was over to Eveningside Vineyards for some wedding party shots and a portrait session with our newlyweds!  It was super-windy that day, and pretty cold, too, if I remember correctly; but compared to the current weather, it was quite balmy.  ;)

Beautiful golden grapevines!

Eveningside Vineyards in Cambria NY wedding photos
I love this shot SO MUCH.  Sometimes things get tricky when a wedding party is like, “we wanna do fun shots!!”  We’ve all seen the traditional, cheesy “fun” shots of wedding parties with, like, all of the girls showing a little leg, etc…but that type of thing is soooooooooo not us, and we’re pretty sure that the awesome couples who hire us know that.  So, we have to really rack our brains to come up with “fun” shots that are more quirky than cheesy, because quirky is excusable whereas cheesy is just never okay.  Having said all that, I had been in the middle of a Glee obsession in the weeks leading up to Courtney and Joe’s wedding, so all of a sudden, it hit me that this was the “fun shot” we were going to pull off.  This absolutely genious bit of photography was my inspiration.  Thank-you, Sue Sylvester.  ;)

wedding day portraits taken at Eveningside Vineyards in Cambria NY

After we wrapped things up at Eveningside, we were off to the Millennium Hotel for one unforgettable reception!!
Adirondack themed wedding details

wedding reception photos at the Millennium Hotel in Cheektowaga NY

bride and groom first dance photo at the Millennium Hotel Buffalo NY
This book was in the lobby of the hotel.  Both Frank and I thought it would be appropriate for a nice ring shot.  :)

These next two shots of “action” on the dance floor made us both smile…they had to be included.  ;)

The Ayres Photo Booth was in full effect that night, and IT WAS AWESOME.  Go take a peek at the rest of Courtney and Joe’s Photo Booth shots…every wedding should be as much fun as this one was!
costume photo booth rental in Western New York

As always, we’ll leave you with a couple of our famous night portraits!  It was waaaaay too cold to go outside on October 30th, but luckily the Millennium has an amazing pool area that worked out great for our purposes…palm fronds and all!

bride and groom portraits taken in the pool area of the Millennium Hotel in Buffalo NY

Courtney and Joe – Thank-you so, so very much for choosing us to be your wedding photographers!! It really was such an awesome day, and you guys are a truly amazing couple! We wish you all the very best! :)

  • Jill SAYS...

    SO Beautiful Courtney!! You looked amazing and these photos are perfect, just like you. LOVE LOVE LOVE! xoxo
    ~jill & charlie

  • shannon SAYS...

    I am OBSESSED with the GLEE shot…it’s my FAVORITE! Simply beautiful.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    YAY!! So glad you love them!! You two are pretty amazing yourselves, you know! More to come soon! ;)

  • Courtney Smith SAYS...

    LOVE them!! thank you soooo much! I’ll say it again and again – you two are amazing! can’t wait to see the rest :)