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Well, we’re finally ready to share some photos from Diana and Nuno’s epic Toronto wedding. This fabulous couple loves photography almost as much as we do. Their engagement session was spectacular; they are both so photogenic! So, of course, we were looking forward to capturing even more spectacular images at the wedding, and we were not disappointed. When a couple is excited about their wedding photography, the resulting photos reflect that excitement, and remind us why we love what we do. This wedding will definitely go down in history as one of our all-time favorites. We had a blast in Toronto! It’s such an awesome city; and, Diana and Nuno, and their families made us feel so welcome.

The wedding-day-morning plan was for me to head over to Diana’s house, and for Ben to head over to Nuno’s to take some pre-ceremony shots. Luckily for us, their families live on the same street, so they were getting ready just a few houses away from each other. Our GPS crapped out when we got to Toronto (weird), so we had to use an old-fashioned paper map to find our way from our hotel to their street…in a blizzard. Can you believe that I just typed “old-fashioned paper map?” Seriously though, who uses those things anymore? Anyway, we both had a ton of fun documenting the pre-ceremony action!

preparing the dress
wedding jewelry

helping out
the bride
Diana’s “something blue” was this amazingly chic pair of blue patent heels. I was LOVING them!!
blue shoes
Last minute details…
wedding preparations
The bride’s bouquet was awesome…diamonds and feathers are so glam – LOVE
bride's bouquet
Diana and her maid of honor…
bride and her maid of honor
'we love you' photo
Diana was totally calm and collected all morning, but right before the limo bus came to take her to the church, she had this one fluttery moment – adorable. :)

on the balcony
Heading out to the limo bus…
Meanwhile, over at Nuno’s, Ben was busy capturing these adorable ring bearers/videographers, and…
young camerman
the handsome groom getting ready for the big day!
groom getting ready
groom toast
i am ready
Nuno and his mom heading down to the limo bus! The snow was beyond gorgeous that day…
winter snow
Diana’s walk down the aisle with her parents…
bride walks down the aisle with parents
i do
A beautiful church, a beautiful ceremony, aaaaaannnd…
beautiful church
beautiful ceremony
church photo
exit shot
Right after the ceremony, Ben and I hopped in our car and followed the limo bus over to Knox College for pictures. We knew this was part of the day’s events, so we had been researching the place for weeks leading up to the wedding, but there were no photos online that could do it justice. You really have to see this building in person to appreciate it’s regal-ness (is that a word?). You just don’t see vaulted ceilings like these everyday. We thought we had died and gone to photography heaven! These are just a few from Diana and Nuno’s couple’s session…believe me when I say that choosing which ones to post was a difficult task.
Knox college photos
the kiss
just married
romantic photo
husband kisses
romantic look
We haven’t been doing a lot of selective coloring lately, but we were really digging this one of the blue shoe, and thought we’d share…
black, white, and blue
A fun groom and groomsmen shot, and…
groomsmen shot
…something a bit out of the ordinary for a bridal party shot, but we thought it was pretty neat-o. ;)
bridal party shot
After we wrapped up the Knox College session, we journeyed to the Royal Ambassador for one of the most EPIC receptions we’ve seen to date. Diana and Nuno hired two fantastic wedding planners who made sure that everything was perfect, down to the last detail.
wedding details
more wedding details
What made this reception so epic, you might ask? Well, how about having a machine swirl magical fog around you, while a big screen plays a photo slideshow of your relationship leading up to your wedding, all during your first dance as a married couple? Can you say “fairy tale wedding?” Freaking amazing…I wanted to start jumping up and down and clapping when I saw the fog…I was giddy with excitement.
the first dance
Diana’s dance with her dad…
Diana's dance with her dad
…and, Nuno’s with his mom! The yellow spotlight was sweet…
Nuno's dance with his mom
Let’s get this party started!!! The bartenders were kind enough to let Ben jump behind the bar for this shot…totally worth it!
get this party started!
I grabbed this shot of the reception while outside getting some fresh air…pretty sweet lighting, eh?
fairy tale wedding
everybody dance now
black and white dance photo
the dance
wedding evening
Toward the end of the evening, Diana and Nuno joined us outside for a fresh air break, and we grabbed these shots out on the terrace. Seems like a good set of photos to end the post with. :)

a beautiful couple
Diana and Nuno, thank-you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day. It was a ridiculously fun weekend for us, and we are incredibly grateful to you for making us feel so welcome. You are a beautiful couple, and we wish you all the happiness in the world! Hope you had the best time ever on your honeymoon! :)

  • Jessica SAYS...

    beautiful winter shots!

  • Miquel SAYS...

    This has to be one of my favorite wedding albums ever!! jenn & ben, u guys did a great job of capturing how magical and awesome their wedding was! what a gorgeous couple too! the feathers were a great touch! loveee it :)

  • Karim SAYS...

    Love you guys… D&N congrats pics look awesome… great photos lets do it again!

  • Shannon C. Roberts SAYS...

    WOW! I have no words…these pictures are incredible. Absolutely stunning.

  • Laine SAYS...

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day ~ congrats Nuno and Diana on an amazing wedding and best wishes for your future

  • Patti Murphy SAYS...

    totally amazing photography Jenn & Ben! I <3 it!

  • Jennifer SAYS...

    The photos look beautiful, and it really captures the days events. Congratulations Diana and Nuno!