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I am so excited to share Lani and Seth’s wedding today! Not only was this our last wedding of 2012, it was also one of our favorite weddings to be a part of. We loved working with this wonderful couple from start to finish! They showed us a fabulous time in Chicago when we drove down for their e-shoot, treated us like family at their rehearsal dinner, and were a dream to work with on their wedding day. This post has 97 photos. I always do my best to try and keep it around 80, but there was no way that was happening with this one. There were way too many favorites to share!! I loved everything about this day!!! Lani and Seth – can we do it again this October, too? ;) We love you guys!!!!

Elana and Seth took the time to share some of their favorite wedding day memories, so be sure to read them throughout the post!!

Elana:  “Getting ready at the Embassy Suites was a ton of fun! It was such a relaxing morning (surprisingly!) with some of my favorite ladies, joking around, and eating candy corn.  Getting our hair and makeup done made everything very ‘real’ but having so much support and love around me made it feel totally calm.”
Seth:  “I am not ashamed to admit, that I got teared up during the first look.  I’m even getting a little teary eyed thinking about it now.  Elana was just so beautiful and it really brought everything into a singular focus for me, even with everything else swirling around.”
Seth:  “Watching all my groomsmen work on setting up the chuppah (wedding canopy) was kind of amusing!”
Elana:  “Incorporating traditional Jewish Elements was very important to us.  One of these traditions is signing the Ketubah (marriage contract).  The Ketubah was just beautiful- It had the same colors and themes as the Marc Chagal stained glass windows in Temple Beth Zion’s Sanctuary, and it also included both Hebrew and English texts that resonated with our relationship.  The ceremony where the Ketubah was signed was so special.  Our Rabbis read the text of the Ketubah and said a few words about the meaning,  several of my friends from college sang a beautiful song to us, and our parents got a chance to give us some words of wisdom prior to the ceremony.”
Elana:  “When I got up to the bima (stage or alter), I circled Seth seven times, as is the tradition.  In that moment, standing under our chuppah (wedding canopy) I felt so connected to my family- past and present- as well as to Seth and his family.”
Elana:  “The Rabbis who performed the ceremony are both friends of our families, and they did such a perfect job setting the tone of the ceremony- it was all about love with a sizable dose of laughter thrown in!  I loved how they were able to beautifully perform the traditional pieces of the ceremony while peppering in stories about Seth and me that were representative our relationship!”

Seth:  “Having Rabbis that were close to both of our families and being able to share our day with them was wonderful.  Their speeches to us were so memorable!”

Elana:  “I am so glad we went with a Gelato Cart instead of a traditional cake!  The people from Sweet Melody’s were just that- so sweet! We got to choose a bunch of unique gelato and sorbetto flavors, and they even gave us a few pints to eat on our first anniversary!”
Elana:  “Dancing the horah (Jewish Dance Traditional for Weddings) was incredible.  This dance is a not-so-choreographed free-for-all in which friends and family join hands and dance in series of ever evolving (and devolving) concentric circles.  Everyone’s joy and energy on the dance floor was so palpable at that moment.  I’ll definitely always remember being hoisted up on a chair- mostly because I was terrified, but also because Seth was also hoisted up on a chair, and we were able to have a moment above the cheering crowd.  I’d like to say that I was able to look down and observe my friends and family from that vantage point- but I was DEFINITELY too scared to look down!”

Seth:  “Having attended many a wedding, Jewish and otherwise, it was awesome to be in the center of the Hora and have everyone dancing around us.”

Elana:  “I have a lot of great memories from the dance floor! My first dance with my dad was so special- Our awesome band, Twilight, played one of our favorite songs: Take Me Out to The Ballgame- which was much totally our taste! Dancing with my 94-year-old grndmothee (and her decorated walker) was also a blast.  I think she had the most fun of anyone there! And I also loved getting to dance a few songs with my groom! We both lack some of the required skills for dancing (such as a basic sense of rhythm) but it didn’t matter- we had such a great time!”
Seth:  “The night shot with Jenn & Ben, while fantastic in its own right, was also a great opportunity to get to spend a few minutes to ourselves and reflect on the whole day.”
And, we’ll wrap up the post with some great advice from our lovely bride!

Elana: “My advice to other couples is to always keep in mind that your wedding is a celebration- a celebration of the love you have for each other, of families coming together, and of lasting commitment. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the “wedding planning” stuff out there- Martha Stewart, Pinterest, Bridal Magazines, etc., but try to remember to plan a wedding that YOU would want to attend, not just one that will impress Martha. Be creative, yes, but also be true to your own vibe and make sure that you and your new “permanent plus one” have a ton of fun at your celebration!”

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    Stunning! Every photo-I know why you couldn’t pick just 80! Love the night shot with the lighting, but also the other ways-you can just feel the joy and fun.