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Erin and Matt’s wedding was about as close to perfect as a wedding day can get.  They decided to do a “first look,” so we would have ample time for photos (which was awesome), their wedding party was so much fun, and super easy to work with (much like Erin and Matt), and the entire day was just oozing with love, joy, and happiness – it really could not have been any better than it was.  We started out the day at Erin’s sister’s house, where Erin and Matt’s “first look” was to happen.  It was such a sweet moment to capture!  They were so genuinely happy to see each other.  Those are the moments that make me love this job more than anything – I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.

After the flowers were all distributed, we headed over to Wanakah Country Club to do some pre-ceremony photos!  Erin and Matt were kind enough to share their Top Five Favorite Wedding Day Memories with us, so we can share them with you!  I love it when our couples are willing to share – it really brings the post to life!!

We’ll start things off with this memory from Erin:  “Seeing our flowers. I was really impressed with our flowers; they were just the colors I’d hoped and they looked lovely. When we picked them up, the colors of the bridesmaid gowns, the groomsmen’s suits, and all the things we’d been planning really clicked together. It was a feeling that all the little details came together to be what we’d wanted. Plus, the flowers were at the house just before I started getting ready and it was a nice reminder that even though I felt like time was going so slowly, the wedding day was rolling into action.”

Yes, we used a golf cart for a few shots…it was Ben’s idea.  So cute, though, aren’t they?  ;)
And then, we headed over to the church to get Erin and Matt married!  Saints Peter and Paul Church is right in our little village of Hamburg, and we absolutely love shooting there.  It’s a gorgeous church.  
Here’s one from Matt!!  “When Erin first came down the aisle with her father. I had seen her beforehand for photos, but there was something so breathtaking about that first time I saw her in the aisle.”
Erin:  “Hearing our priest read from our essays to each other.  Before the wedding, the priest at our church asked us to write up a few pages about why we loved each other, why we wanted to spend our lives together, and what funny things had happened in our time together.  They were a little tricky to write, but we both wrote something from the heart, and it really made the homily very personal.  So many people told us that they really liked that touch, even though we were a little mortified that the priest read both of our essays in their entirety; we feared it would take forever!”

Matt:  “During the actual ceremony, it became shockingly clear that the priest was reading the entire letter he asked Erin and I to each write for him, about why we each loved the other.  It was a deeply personal moment and while initially terrifying, made our ceremony much more special.”

Matt:  “Exchanging the rings, and the blessing with them. That was essentially THE big moment we officially became married.  It was such a huge moment!”
Erin:  “The walk back down the aisle with Matt.  The walk up the aisle was a big moment of passing all my friends and family and going up to meet Matt, but on the walk down, we knew we’d done it.  We planned a wedding, we drove in with all the bits and bobs we’d need, our guests had all made it into town, and we were now married.  It’s the moment we’d waited for, and now we were really husband and wife.  It felt really good to know that no matter how the rest of the day went, we were married and so happy.”  

(Oh Erin, how I LOVE the fact that you said “bits and bobs!!”  I will be stealing that awesome terminology.)  This is literally one of my favorite aisle shots of all time.  The joy of the moment just jumps out at you, and you can’t help but smile!!

From the church, we made our way back over to Wanakah Country Club.  Everyone (myself included) was super impressed with the statue of Gonzo and Camilla that Erin sculpted HERSELF out of clay!!  Such talent!  I am obsessed with all things Muppet, so I was especially enamored with it, and thought it would make an excellent ring shot.  ;)
Matt:  “I was really intent on not missing out on the food at the wedding — especially the bacon-wrapped scallops, which are definitely something I don’t usually get to enjoy.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of my awesome groomsmen snagged me a whole plate of them and left them at my place setting while we were out doing photos.”
Matt:  “Cutting the cake — we at first tried to cut into the plastic “plate” between two of the layers, and there was a bit of confusion as to why the cake wouldn’t cut. We got a good laugh out of it.”
Erin:  “My dance with my dad. As my mother always says, my father and I are very much alike; we have similar senses of humor and tend to be pretty goofy.  I was afraid that I would cry during my father-daughter dance, since it’s such an emotional moment of an emotional day.  My dad and I danced to “My Girl” by the Temptations and it ended up being a really lively, goofy dance that kept me laughing the whole time, but that was also such a good representation of my relationship with my dad.”
Erin:  “The Timbits and coffee station!  At the end of the night, we had Tim Hortons Timbits in our favorite flavors and a coffee station with Bailey’s, chocolate flakes, and whipped cream. Our tradition is that whenever we come home to Buffalo, we always stop for Timbits and an ice capp, so we thought it would be fitting to do it at our wedding. It was nice to kick back later in the evening and sit with a cherry donut and just chat with people.”

And they definitely did have LOTS of people to chat with!  They were busy all evening!!  We did manage to pull them aside for just a couple of quick night shots, and as always, we’re so glad we did.  :)

 A piece of wedding planning advice from Erin and Matt:  “From the beginning, we kept one thought in mind. We do want to have a lovely day and a big party, but getting married is the most important part.  Even if your cake gets knocked over and your flowers wilt and it rains cats and dogs, at the end of the day, you will be married and that is a wonderful feeling.  Plan the wedding how you want it, do what you can with the details, and just keep in mind what’s actually essential and have fun.  Also, we found it was key to prioritize what you want. Weddings can get pricey fast, so spend money where it’s important; we wanted good photos, so we looked for a good photographer. We wanted good food, so we found a place we knew would please our guests. We still had little personal touches, and since we did some things DIY to save some money, we never felt ridiculously overwhelmed. Bridal magazines make you think that a lot of fancy frills are necessary, but just plan what you think will make your day a series of good memories for you.”  

Erin and Matt – thank you both so very much for allowing us to be a part of such an awesome day! We have enjoyed every minute of working with you guys, and we’re so happy that you found us!! Much love, J + B :)

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    They’re beautiful! We’re so excited to look through them. Thank you so much, and we really appreciate all your hard work! :)