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Heather and Jim and their ridiculously cute son, Benjamin, are one of the most adorable little families we’ve ever met.  Looking through these images really took me back to these moments that I was lucky enough to be a part of, and I have to say…this was a REALLY awesome wedding day, and it has everything to do with this sweet, sweet couple.  I have nothing but smiles when I think about how much fun we had, and how lucky we are to meet such incredible people!  Heather and Jim chose to have their wedding on a Sunday afternoon, which was a super great idea. It was elegant, yet relaxed and laid back – the PERFECT combination for a wedding in my opinion (and I’ve been to a lot of weddings!!). It was our first time shooting a wedding at the Avanti Mansion’s new building. We have shot there many times before, but never in the new part, so I got to check out their new bridal suite – it’s pretty fancy!

As usual, keep your eyes peeled throughout the post for the wonderful wedding day memories that Heather and Jim were kind enough to share with us (and you)!!

Heather:  “The night before the wedding I stayed at my parents house (notice I didn’t say “SLEEP”).  I was awake by 5am and rolled around until about 7am.  It still had not really hit me yet that in about nine hours I would be married to the best man I know, my best friend.  Having all the girls at the salon made me laugh more than cry, which was a plus!!  Seeing all the girls with their hair all done up made it a little more real for sure!  The wedding party was absolutely stunning, the moms were gorgeous, and the flower girl looked so beautiful!  Thank the lord we were able to enjoy a few bottles of champagne before the ceremony…as soon as I put my dress on it hit me and it hit me hard.”
Ben spent a little time with Jim and the guys before the ceremony…that shot of Benjamin is a winner!!  He is SOOOOO cute!  I just wanna smoosh those cheeks!  :)
Heather:  “Before the ceremony, my godmother came up to me bawling her eyes out, which caused my first tears of the day!  I will always cherish the prayer ring she handed down to us that day!”
Heather:  “The first walk with my dad was down the stairs to the patio, which would lead us to the second set of stairs that I was absolutely terrified of slipping on!!  Meeting everyone (our wedding party) at the French doors with my dad, and seeing our son for the first time that day was so overwhelming.  The next thing I knew the wedding party was gone and it was time.  I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t even smile.  All I could do was cry and try so hard to stop.”
Jim:  “Looking into the most beautiful woman’s eyes, and knowing that in moments she will be my wife and I can look into her eyes forever.”
Heather:  “The ceremony flew by.  Honestly, I don’t recall who I saw out there supporting us.  I focused on Jim and I and forgot about everyone else.”
Jim:  “Walking down the stairs with my wife in hand, and getting introduced to our loving family and friends put the biggest smile on my face.”
Jim:  “Seeing Heather smiling from the moment we said I do and continuing to smile all night long.”
Jim:  “Dancing with my beautiful wife, knowing that all eyes were on us, but feeling like we were the only two in the room.”
Heather and Jim gave us a little bit of time around sunset to take some shots of the two of them as a couple, and I am so, so, so happy we got to do these!!  The whole set only took about 10 minutes, but we had a ton of fun and got some really awesome shots that capture how CUTE this couple is.  I love them.  :)
Jim:  “I loved having our family and friends there to celebrate the love that Heather and I share for one another.”
Heather and Jim went WAY above and beyond sharing memories and advice, and provided us with this amazing testimonial that blew us away!!! Thank you SO MUCH for these kind words, guys!!

“Ben and Jenn are the most professional, compassionate, kind people you could ever have capture THE BIGGEST DAY of your life. Don’t think of them just for your wedding – but to announce the birth of your new baby or just to spend a day with your family and capture you in the most unique ways! They are seriously blessed with wonderful talent!!”

Heather and Jim – thank you so very much for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day! Working with the two of you (and Benjamin, of course!) has been a wonderful experience. We’re so glad that we got to know you, and that we can now call you our friends. We wish you many, many, many years of love and happiness!! J + B :)