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If I could describe Janine and Aaron’s wedding in one word, it would be glamorous.  This wedding was absolutely stunning, and all of the well-planned details came together seamlessly to create a vibe of old-world glamour that really makes our fair city shine like the sparkling, historical gem that it is!  They chose some fabulous classic Buffalo locations for photos, which really tied their theme together!  From the Mansion on Delaware, to St. Louis Cathedral, to The Statler (Statler City) – all of their locations reflect both the beauty of a by-gone era, and the beauty that is available to all of us who live here today.  What a gorgeous city we have!

Under the surface of the obvious aesthetic beauty of Janine and Aaron’s wedding day, are two people who are truly, deeply in love.  They were just so happy to be getting married, and we feel so lucky to have been there to document this chapter of their love story!  :)

Janine was kind enough to share some of her favorite memories of the day with us, so that we can share them with all of you!  Look for those throughout the post!

Janine:  “Spending time with my mom and sis before the big day started and driving around town with my dad in my favorite of his classic cars was such a special experience I will remember forever!”
Janine:  “I loved hearing Aaron’s footsteps walk behind me as I waited in anticipation to see my soon to be husband in his wedding day attire for the first time.”
Janine:  “Walking down the aisle “assuring my dad ” everything will be okay and to “slow it down” so we could savor each step brought a smile to my face.  Having my dad hand me over to Aaron was a surreal moment. I just kept thinking that I was the luckiest girl in whole world to be marrying my best friend!”
Janine:  “One of my favorite moments from the night was when Aaron and I got into the 49 Dodge and Aaron drove us over to the Statler.  He was a bit nervous since my dad was driving right behind us and this was the first time he was driving the car but he did a fantastic job. So many bystanders were congratulating us as we drove by I felt like were were in an old motion picture. Aaron was dressed to impress and I felt like a beautiful classy bride.”
These gorgeous details were planned and styled by Carla Measer of Costamagna Design.  She’s fabulous!!  Look her up!!!  ;)
Janine:  “Our first dance took the cake! We took a couple of dance lessons and learned enough steps so we did not look too lame on the dance floor.  Having all those eyes on us added some apprehension but having Aaron take the lead and just enjoying the moment made it fun and memorable.  I couldn’t believe how fast that time in the spotlight flew by!”
We were so lucky to have time for a few quick night shots!  It’s amazing what we can create in less than 10 minutes.  I love these!  :)

And, to wrap things up, here is a fantastic little piece of wedding planning advice from our lovely bride, Janine:

“Some advice I would give soon to be married couples is to not waste precious time on small details that people may not appreciate or notice and to focus on the big picture!  Thank people who helped throughout the process often and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.  Take time out of the wedding prep to spend with each other doing other meaningful things so you don’t lose focus on  why you are even doing all this, because you love one another and want to be together forever! It’s easy to get irritated with one another at this time and spending time away from all the work will help take the stress off! And lastly, have fun as this will only happen once in a lifetime!”