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You may remember Jessie and Evan from their engagement session last summer, and if you do, then you also remember that Evan is Ben’s brother.  Naturally, Ben was in the wedding party, so I was shooting this one solo, which was a much different experience than what I’m used to.  We work together so closely on a wedding day, and we never shoot separately, so not having him by my side felt a little weird.  The fact that I knew almost every guest at this wedding neutralized any weirdness I was feeling, however, and while it may only be apparent to me, these images have a certain kind of depth that can only be reached when you photograph people you love with your whole heart.  Because I was shooting alone, I was super focused on getting the shots I needed.  Capturing emotion is like second nature to me now, so I just did my job to the best of my ability as I always do; but, it wasn’t until I started editing them, that I realized just exactly how much in love these two were on their wedding day.  You can really see it…in every frame.  I’m so happy and grateful that I was able to capture the essence of this amazing day for two people (well, three, if you count their beautiful daughter, Jayden) that I love so very much.

This is Emilio, my nephew.  I call him “Mee-yo.”  He was peeping into where the ladies were getting ready.  I adore him.  ;)
The ceremony was wonderfully heartfelt, and so full of emotion.
The wedding party!  Doesn’t Ben look dashing in a tux?!  ;)
After we took a few group photos, we headed down the road to South Creek – the same spot where we shot Ev and Jessie’s engagement session.  It’s so beautiful there, and in late September, the colors were just stunning.
Then, we headed back to the barn for an absolutely awesome reception.  I suppose I could be biased, because this was a party filled with so many people I know and love, but it really was a good time.  ;)

The Ayres Photo Booth was in full effect at Jessie and Ev’s wedding, and I do mean full effect. Even Ben and I hopped in there for a few shots! Good times. ;)

Jessie and Evan – we love the two of you with all of our hearts, and we’re so very glad we got to be a part of this absolutely amazing day!! Much love always, J + B :)

  • Evan Po-Chedley SAYS...

    These are amazing. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. We will cherish, and share these memories forever. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Love you guys.

  • Shelley Lang SAYS...

    I love every single one of them. Jessie and Evan are just so perfect for each other and every picture is stunning! Once again you guys did an amazing job!

  • Meagan Elliott SAYS...

    I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! Everyone looks so beautiful. You guys did an amazing job