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I have been blogging about how much we love shooting at Becker Farms for years now, but it never gets old.  There’s just something about the rustic, laid back vibe of this place that makes it a perfect fit for our style.  There isn’t one negative comment I can make about weddings at Becker Farms – not one.  I must admit, though…when we heard that they were building a second venue right next to the original venue, we were skeptical.  We were afraid that it would take away the relaxed country vibe and turn one of our favorite places into a dreaded “wedding factory.”  Well, as soon as we arrived on the scene of Jill and Dennis’s wedding, our fears were immediately laid to rest.  The new venue was flawless, and perfectly integrated into the landscape.  We absolutely loved it, and look forward to photographing many more weddings at Becker Farms!

One of the most impressive things about Dennis and Jill’s wedding, is that they planned the entire thing in SIX MONTHS!!  Yes, people, it CAN be done.  Jill DIYed just about every detail you see here – from the adorable cupcake/cake stand to the super cute popcorn bags.  She’s a full time teacher, AND a small business owner, so in my book, that makes her a super-human-mega-hero.  We loved working with these two!  Being a part of their day, and capturing these memories for them was an absolute honor.  We knew they were the perfect fit for us the minute they walked through our door!  (Animal lovers, unite!!!)

Jill and Dennis were kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories, plus some excellent advice that all engaged couples should pay attention to!  They also took the time to explain why they decided that we were the perfect photographers for them, so I included that, too…because it was way too sweet.  Look for these throughout the post!!

Dennis:  “The moment I first saw Jill walk out, my heart was thumping and I felt something I have never felt before.”

Jill:  “I loved our outdoor ceremony at Becker Farms.  The walk down the aisle seemed so long, but seeing my soon-to–be hubby waiting at the end helped me make it down.  I just remember thinking how incredibly handsome he looked!”
Dennis:  “Our first dance felt like it was just Jill and I on a cloud; it didn’t feel like anyone else was there.”

Jill:  “Our first dance as husband and wife was probably my favorite moment.  Dennis picked out the song.  It was Stand By Me, the Sara Neimeitz version.  It was such a cool twist on an old school song.  I just remember feeling so happy and complete.  I loved being wrapped in his arms.  Every so often Dennis will play that song in our house and we stop what we are doing and we dance together.”

Jill:  “We had the most amazing weather.  The sun was shining, there was no humidity and we even got a full moon at the end of the night!”
Dennis:  “I am not a dancer and I actually danced throughout the night – including with the other wedding party that came over and crashed our wedding!”
Jill:  “The fireworks were amazing.  I am so glad Dennis made that happen.  I feel like our whole day from start to finish was exactly what I have always dreamed of since I was a little girl.”

“We  saw the Ayres’ blog on a friend’s Facebook page and fell in love.  Their photos were the style that we loved.  We met with Ben and Jenn at their home and we felt an immediate connection.  During our e-shoot, they made us feel very comfortable and they were so down to earth.  We really felt like they were our friends and had a blast!  In addition, Jenn’s love for animals sealed the deal….I love them so much, too!  The day of the wedding Dennis and I chose to be traditional and not see each other before the ceremony.  This made time a bit of an issue, but Ben and Jenn respected our wishes and were able to get plenty of amazing shots for us.  We will use them to document all of our lives’ most cherished moments!”

We’ll wrap up the post with some fantastic advice from Jill and Dennis.  If you’re still in the planning stages, definitely read these!!  They are spot on.  :)

1.  Be decisive.   When you find something you like, go with it.   We planned our wedding in 6 months and didn’t miss a detail.  We didn’t second guess anything.

2.  If you are creative, make your décor.  We saved a lot of money with DIY projects and it was really fun to get some family and friends together to help.  Seeing all of our visions come  together the day of the wedding was amazing!

3.  The day goes so fast; make sure to take in every moment.

4.  The day of the wedding, pass off duties; you should be relaxed and have no stress!