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Jill and Bob are one in a million.  You don’t come across people like them everyday, and when you do, it’s like hitting the jackpot.  They are the kind of people who are contagiously happy.  You can’t help but smile when you’re in their presence!  Their wedding day was full of smiles, laughter, and love, and it was incredible to be a part of it!  It was our first time shooting at Acqua, which proved to be a great venue.  It’s right on the water, and the view is spectacular.  The gorgeous light that leaks in through the glass walls as the sun is setting over the lake is truly something to see.  Everything about this day was perfect, and it’s one that I will never forget.  :)

Jillian:  “Spending the morning with my best girls was so much fun.  Seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces as we all met up at the salon to get dolled up together just made me even more excited about what was going to happen that day.  And finally getting to put my dress on was the absolute greatest – I felt like a princess.”

Jill, I love this shot of you so much.  You have a unique and rare ability to spread sunshine wherever you go, and I hope you stay that way forever.  :)
Bob:  “The trolley ride over to the wedding ceremony was full of laughs and nerves.  It was great to be with some of the most important buddies I have in my life on my way to the next chapter of my life.”
wedding ceremony at Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Love this shot SO MUCH.  
Jillian:  “Hearing Jami pronounce us as husband and wife was the coolest moment ever.  We both knew from pretty early on that we would be together forever, but hearing it become official, and being able to call him my ‘husband’ was the greatest.  To this day, I still giggle when I say it.”
I don’t usually blog any of the family “formals,” but I couldn’t resist this one!
Bob:  “Knowing that the day was everything that Jill wanted.  I could tell by her smile and laugh that it was a perfect day/night.”
It was insanely windy on this particular day – like, major gusts of wind.  You can see the white caps on the lake in these photos!  We have learned over the years that you can’t control what nature throws at you, so we work with whatever conditions we are given.  In this case, we used the wind to our advantage to create a romantic, wind-swept look that is gorgeous and timeless.  :)
Bob:  “The trolley ride with everyone after the ceremony and before the reception was a blast.  It was a hot, sunny, Buffalo day full of good friends, good tunes and ice cold beers.”
I loved the orange-y cake!!!  I love how the orange/peach color was integrated into all of the details – everything looked so beautiful!
Jillian:  “Walking down the aisle and dancing with my mom at the reception is something I’ll never forget.  She is truly the greatest woman ever, and has done so much for my siblings and I during our lives.  I have always tried to do everything to make her as proud as humanly possible, and I know she feels that pride when looking at Bob and I, and what we have built together.  She and I danced to a song that Taylor Swift wrote about her mom, and I know it’s a song that now holds really special meaning for both of us.”
Jillian:  “Sitting at our sweetheart table, just Bob and I, and looking out at the crowd of people who were there to celebrate with us.  Someone had told us to stop for a moment and just ‘take it all in,’ and so as dinner was being served, we literally did.  It was one of the best pieces of advice I had ever been given – looking out at everyone who had contributed to our lives in such positive ways and had all gathered to celebrate our love was just overwhelming, but in the best possible way.”

Bob:  “The best part of the day was sitting down at dinner and looking out, across all of the tables.   We were able to share a moment together, taking the entire day in and realizing how fortunate we were to have these people in our lives sharing our wedding with us.”

Jillian:  “THE BILLS DANCE WAS THE GREATEST!!!  Bob and I are HUGE Bills fans and season ticket holders.  We played the Isley Brothers ‘Shout!’ song leading into the BILLS shout song, and every member of our wedding party had a different Bills jersey on.  Our wedding party also gave us personalized jerseys for the occasion, complete with our nicknames and wedding date.  The dance floor was jam packed, and Bob and I got lifted up above the rest of the crowd.  I don’t think I have ever smiled that big or laughed that hard.  It was seriously one of the greatest moments of my entire life.  I will never, ever, EVER forget it as long as I live.”

Bob:  “We made Buffalo proud by paying tribute to the Bills by getting down to the ‘Shout’ song decked out in Bills jerseys and all.  The dance floor was slammed.”

And, we’ll wrap up the post with some excellent advice from the amazing and fantabulous, Jill and Bob!  Thank you so much for sharing this, guys – you are THE BEST!!!  :)

“You only get one wedding day – do it the way you want. Everyone has their own opinions, but yours and your future spouse’s are truly the ones that matter in the end. If you want something, it can be done – no matter what. Maybe not in the exact way that you saw in that super fancy magazine, but wonderful (and creative!) friends and family can help to make it all come together so that your day is perfect, original, and just what you had envisioned when you began planning. Never let the planning of the day overshadow the purpose of the day. In the end, people remember a great love story between two people, not a great floral arrangement in the middle of a table at a reception.

We totally found our perfect match in Jenn and Ben as our photographers. They definitely “got us” and what we were looking for in photos. Our wedding day was extremely windy (understatement of the century!) and so some of our original ideas for photos were going to be a little difficult. So, Jenn and Ben decided to take us to this spot that they knew, and we had no clue what we were in for. It was this hidden gem; walking through an open, rundown field I didn’t know what we were heading towards, and then boom – we are on the lake, right on the rocks, and some of my favorite pictures were taken there. It just summed up our experience with them in a nutshell: they are amazing at what they do, in every single aspect of what they do, and our photos are going to be one of the greatest gifts we will ever receive. For that, we can’t thank them enough.”

Jill and Bob – you are two truly incredible people. We are so very grateful that you found us, and chose us to capture these memories for you!! Your wedding day was perfect in every way, and we feel so honored to have been a part of it! Thank you for your kind words. We are only able to be amazing at what we do because we have such amazing clients. Much love, J + B :)