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It will be almost impossible for you to look through these images and NOT fall in love with this couple and their wedding day. They are that cute.  Jolyne and Greg were high school sweethearts, which may sound cliche, but if you spend any amount of time with them at all, it’s easy to see that they have that very special “I’ve-known-you-forever-and-I-love-you-anyway” kind of relationship, and it’s awesome to observe.  They’ve been together for a very long time at this point, but they are still so in love and so absolutely perfect for each other.  If you can’t tell already, we’re completely smitten with them as a couple.  :)  One of the things I loved most about this wedding day, was the incredible sense of “family” that these two have.  It’s pretty rare these days to see families get along the way they did.  I am the type of person who has always been very close to my parents and siblings – they are literally my best friends – and I suspect (based on spending the day with the two families) that Jolyne and Greg share that same type of closeness with their families.  Their wedding day was everything you’d hope a wedding day would be, and we feel honored to have been a part of it.

I started out the day with the girls at Jolyne and Greg’s adorable and cozy little house (which happens to be right next door to her parents’ house)!

Between the dogs and the darling little ring bearer, I was in cuteness OVERLOAD. 
Such a stunning bride. :)
I am in love with this set.  How adorable are these shots of Jolyne’s dad seeing her all dressed and ready to go?  I love the shots of Jolyne and her mom, too.  Can’t you just feel the love in these images?  (I know that sounds sort of cheesy, but honestly, can’t you??)  
Then, we hopped on the limo bus, and headed around the block (literally) to St. Francis of Assisi Church.
Meanwhile, Ben was with the boys, grabbing a few shots of Greg getting ready…
Due to the ridiculously short amount of time it takes men to get ready for a wedding, Ben almost always beats me to the church, and shoots what goes on in the moments before the bride arrives.  Definitely loving the “behind the scenes” shot of the cute little flower girls and ring bearer!
Whenever we shoot a ceremony, I take the front, and Ben takes the back and sides.  If there’s a balcony, it’s all him and his precious 200mm lens.  Also, he gets to take super sweet, creative shots of the bride and groom in the organ mirror (say whaaaaat??).  Yup, I dig that shot…it’s awesome.
So, this was pretty hysterical…can everyone see the bottoms of Greg’s shoes?  The response from the crowd the first time he kneeled down during the ceremony was priceless.  :)
After the ceremony, our next stop was The Carousel Museum for some seriously unique wedding party photos…shooting a large group of people on a swiftly moving carousel was interesting to say the least, but we had a ton of fun.  Doesn’t Jolyne look super classy riding “side saddle” on her pony?  LOVE.  ;)
Then, we headed over to the canal area to do a quick couple’s session with J + G, and as you can see, they were amazing to shoot.  :)  So much love, so much joy, such a wonderful couple.

Our next and final destination for the day was the fabulous Tonawanda Castle.  This was our first time shooting at the Castle, and OMG were we impressed!!  First of all, it is HUGE inside.  Second, it has so much character and detail everywhere you look.  And, third, we were allowed to explore all three floors and find awesome little nooks and crannies for photos (YESSSSSSS!!!).  Oh, and fourth, we got our own little “chill out” room to store our gear, which was such a bonus.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  :)
Jolyne and Greg’s castle cake was incredible.  It was the biggest wedding cake we’ve ever seen, hands down.  The flavors of the different layers (above) blew me away, too!  Uh…YUM!!  Unfortunately, neither one of us got to try any, as we were too busy running around like crazy people/headless chickens, but it sure looked good.

The “cake smash” happened so quickly and was so intense, that Greg jumped back about three feet when it happened, and was then blocked from my view by the towering castle cake!!  The images still tell the story of what’s going on, but I thought including one that really shows the extent of the cake on his face would be a better choice for our blog readers.  You had to be there…it was really something.  ;)

Typically,  I will choose one or two – maybe three – first dance shots for blogging purposes; but, these two were so ridiculously cute that I had to include more than three.  That last one = maybe my favorite first dance shot ever.  ;)
Then, the dance floor opened up and the feeling of excitement that J + G’s first dance created lasted all evening!
I love this shot of Jolyne’s mom and her sisters SO much.  It was funny…I was just standing there, shooting the dance floor, when I heard the ever familiar (to me) sound of “Sisters” start playing.  I was like, “what? No…it can’t be!”  My sister and I grew up watching old movies, and one of our favorites was “White Christmas,” where we first heard the “Sisters” song.  We would go around singing it, and trying to copy their routine exactly…and to this day, we still get excited and immediately think of each other whenever it comes on.  If my sister had been in the room when this song came on, we would have done the same thing these sisters did – get all excited, look around the room, find each other, and head out to the dance floor to perform our “Sisters” number.
The dance floor was packed all night, and everyone had a great time!  Nothing but good vibes…a perfect end to a perfect day.  :)

Jolyne and Greg – thank you, thank you, thank you, for choosing us to document your amazing wedding day! We loved every minute of it! You two are truly perfect for each other, and we hope that every time you look at these images through your many, many years together, you’ll remember just how happy and in love you were that day. We wish you both all the happiness in the world!!  – J + B  :)

  • Jonelle SAYS...

    What a handsome guy my cousin Greg grew up to be!! LOVE the wedding photos!! LOVE them. Jolene you look BEAUTIFUL. Wish I could have been there.

  • Karen Setter Reynolds SAYS...

    I heard it was a great time & the pictures show just how much fun y’all had! Everything looks amazing and best wishes!

  • Joan Weber SAYS...

    I am so proud of you two, Jolyne & Greg. That was truly a fantastic wedding, You did a great job, and the Photographers were wxceptional. Thank you all. Love Grandma Weber.

  • Melissa SAYS...

    LOVE L-O-V-E the castle shots! Can’t wait to shoot there in exactly 27 days [but who’s counting]. You guys ROCK!

  • Jackie Kwiatkowski SAYS...

    Thanks for sharing Great Pictures!!! What a beautiful wedding!!May you both live Happily ever after. God Bless<3 <3

  • Jolyne Ryan SAYS...

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! They took my breath away! We seriously could not have ASKED for any better shots!!!! Don’t think this is the end of us just yet… we’re just way too big of fans of you!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can’t wait to see all of them and order all our prints. AMAZING! I teared up a little looking through them… exactly what we wanted for our pictures — to look through and just FEEL the emotion and relive the memories. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • candice brooke SAYS...

    thanks for the blog love! I love this wedding that you did! Killed it!

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Love the canal shots and the Mary Poppins-esque carousal photos! Who designed the cake?

  • Mike SAYS...

    these are amazing! Nice job on the time lapse shot of the castle Ben! Great to see our neighborhood looking so great!

  • Jessica SAYS...

    So far the pics are amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest! What a great way to capture the special day. You guys did an awesome job!

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    Holy amazing! You guys rock! I love that shot of her mom and dad in the limo-so sweet. Looks like a beautiful day with beautiful people. :)