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Julie and Mike’s wedding was an absolute joy to be a part of! It was one of those weddings where the couple’s love for each other took center stage, and everything else about the day was secondary.  I spent a completely stress-free morning with Julie and her girls…it was awesome.  :)

I’ll start you off with some major dress detail…

…and Julie’s fab blue shoes!

The first real snowfall of the season happened on Julie and Mike’s wedding day, and boy was I excited.  This was back when snow was still a novelty, as opposed to now (the point in the season where you start to go a little crazy due to a lack of the sun’s warm rays and cabin fever), so I think we were all a little excited to dance around in the snowflakes.  Now, I would just like Spring to happen.  IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.


…and this is that previously mentioned “snowflake novelty.”  :)

Ben met up with the guys at The Hampton Inn to wait for Julie to arrive.  I absolutely LOVE this shot he grabbed of Julie’s expression when she was seeing Mike for the first time that day – how CUTE.  Unfortunately, it was PHOTO BOMBED by an oblivious tourist, but I still like it, and it’s an accurate representation of the moment.  ;)
Julie and Mike booked the Ellicott Square Building for their family and wedding party photos, which was AWESOME.   We are in love with this kind of foresight – “It’s going to be really cold on our wedding day, so instead of freezing our tails off during photo time, let’s take some action, and book an indoor space.”  THANK-YOU!!

(This building is actually one of our favorite spots to use as an alternate or indoor photo location.  To rent out the space, just give them a call at 716.854.0060 and ask to speak to the person in charge of rentals.)

The grand staircases are perfect for group shots! 

These shots of Julie with her flower girls are both perfect and hilarious at the same time.  :)

We left the Ellicott Square Building and made our way over to Pearl Street Grill & Brewery for the ceremony and reception.  While we’ve seen a ton of receptions at Pearl Street, this was the first time any of our couples have used it as a ceremony location, and it was actually quite lovely.  :)

I love this shot of Ben’s, taken when we first arrived at Pearl Street – f22, 2.5 seconds, ISO 1250, no editing necessary.

The ceremony begins!

The newly married couple!  :)

The details were gorgeous – rich, Fall colors, and simple elegance.

A fabulous first dance shot by Ben…I have no idea why I’m looking like a weirdo in the background, but the next two shots after this one are mine, so I must’ve been doing something.  :)

LOVE this!

A little dance floor action…

This was something new to us…it was thoroughly enjoyable.  :)

If you’re trying to decide whether or not you’d like to add the Sundae Bar to your Pearl Street wedding package, we say, “HECK to the YES you should!!”  YUM!
At the end of the evening, we borrowed Julie and Mike for a few more shots.

We only went outside for one, because the snow was a’ flyin, but it was totally worth the effort!

Julie and Mike – thank you SO much for choosing to document your wedding day!! You are such an awesome couple, and your love for each other is so apparent. We enjoyed every moment of working with you! CONGRATS!! We wish you all the best! :)

  • Julie Rabbitt SAYS...

    Beautiful shots of a beautiful wedding! Love the Ellicott Square shots, and those flower girls are adorable.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Becca! Pearl Street is such a fun place for ring shots – there’s cool stuff all over the place! ;)

  • becca SAYS...

    Oooh gorgeous! I love the ring shot! I agree with Wendy – her looking up at the snowflakes is killer!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Julie – we’re SOOOO glad you like them! It was totally our pleasure to be a part of your day! Thanks for sharing the name of your awesome tradition, too…I scoured the web trying to find out what it was called, but couldn’t find anything! The Czepina – now we know. :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, Katie! Ben will appreciate the shout out! And, yes, I too am a fan of the snow shot! ;)

  • Julie SAYS...

    And PS – I’m glad we were able to introduce you to the Czepina (chuh-PEEN-uh)… it’s a Polish tradition to wish the bride and groom well.

  • Julie SAYS...

    Jenn & Ben – We have been SO excited to see these photos, and you have outdone yourselves! I just love the way they turned out. Thank you thank you thank you :)

  • Katie SAYS...

    whew…girlfriend! That wedding was gorgeous with all those colors and you guys captured it perfectly! I love the shot Ben got of Pearl Street (WTG Ben!) An you know I love that snow shot:) B-E-A-utiful!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    YAY!! I love the snowflakes, too! Thanks, Wendy! ;)

  • Wendy SAYS...

    I love the ones of her looking up at the snowflakes, and the ones of them behind the door!