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Kathy and Kerby’s wedding day was one of those days that made us remember why we love our job as much as we do.  There was no stress whatsoever – just an overwhelming amount of love, and it was an amazing day to be a part of.  It was one of those perfect summer days, where the sky was a brilliant shade of blue, and it was HOT, but because we were right on the water there was a lovely breeze.  It was our first time shooting a wedding in the Keuka College chapel, and all I can say is WOW.  It is stunning in there!  It was also our first time shooting at the Harbor Hotel in Watkins Glen, and we certainly hope it will not be our last!  Incredible scenery!  But, of course, what really made this day unforgettable was the wonderful couple we got to spend it with.  :)

Kathy and Kerby were kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories with us so that we can share them with all of you! Look for those throughout the post!

I love this image of Kathy’s mom helping her get ready – she looks so proud of her daughter, and so happy!  I also love that Kathy had her wedding date stitched into her dress – how cute is that?!
Before the ceremony, we were hanging out in this room in the basement of the chapel.  It wasn’t too exciting (cinder block walls and all), but there was a giant chalkboard on one of the walls that was begging to be a backdrop.  I love these so much!!  (Almost as much as I love the one of Kathy taking a shot of Bailey’s!!!)
Ben spent a little bit of time with Kerby and the guys before heading over to the church.  Kerby looks like he might be rehearsing his vows in his head, here, but I’m just guessing.  ;)
Hello, gorgeous chapel!
And, we’ll kick off the favorite wedding day memories with this one from Kerby!

Kerby:  “Standing at the front of the church, surrounded by friends and family, waiting for Kathy to enter.”

Kathy:  “Right before I walked down the aisle when I was standing outside of the chapel with just my dad, it was so quiet and peaceful.  I was so nervous and excited, but those moments holding my dad’s arm are very special to me.”
Kathy:  “We each wrote our own vows and didn’t share them with each other until the ceremony, and Kerby’s were so amazing.  For our ring exchange, the nerves had finally subsided a bit, and I really took the time to take a deep breath and soak it all in.  There was so much love in the chapel it was overwhelming.”

Kerby:  “We had written our own vows and I was excited to both hear and say them for the first time.”

Kerby:  “Our ring exchange – the nerves began to dissipate by then and I could absorb what was happening.”
Kathy:  “I loved the limo ride to the reception with our wedding party – it was so much fun!  I was so excited and we were MARRIED!!  It was the pre-party to the reception, and all the nerves were completely gone.”
Kathy:  “Walking into the cocktail hour and seeing all our loved ones and getting to talk to them was so much fun.  I wish I could have stretched that hour out to spend more time chatting with people!  Kerby and I also walked into the ballroom alone to see it for the first time, and I was so overwhelmed I cried.  It was beautiful and perfect for us!”

*Side note:  having a signature drink is SUCH a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day at pretty much zero additional cost.  This sign is off the charts adorable!

Ahhhhhh, the shoe game…always a crowd pleaser!  Definitely makes me smile every time!!  ;)
Kathy:  “The whole entire day was just amazing with our family and friends who traveled and made time to celebrate with us.  We’re so blessed!  The very best part was marrying Kerby.”

Kerby:  “The five hour celebration with our closest friends and family members there to support us!  And, at the end of the day, I was married to Kathy.”

This photo will forever remind me of the fact that someone snatched one of our lights while Ben was setting up this shot, and he couldn’t chase after them because he would have had to walk away from all of the other lights to do so.  So, he just waited until we came outside to take this shot, and when he told us what had happened, Kerby was instantly ready to go with Ben, find the light thief, and take care of business.  Kerby is definitely someone that you want to have in your corner in case one of your lights gets taken…TRUST me on that one.  I am literally grinning from ear to ear right now as I remember this night, and think about how much I adore Kathy and Kerby.  :)
Oh, oh, oh….this was so fun!  It was a “dollar dance” of sorts, but not at all the version where you have dollar bills taped to you and stuffed into your cleavage.  It was a classy dollar dance, where friends and family lined up and put a dollar in a basket to dance with either the bride or the groom.  It was SUPER cute, and they got to spent a tiny bit of one on one time with the majority of their guests – I loooooooved it!

A little bit of advice from Kathy and Kerby:

“Give yourselves as much time as possible. We had 18 months, and that really gave us time to pick the vendors and locations we wanted. Pick great vendors!! We chose people who were professional, who answered our questions and were willing to work with us, and the most important thing – we picked people we liked. We consider many of our vendors to now be our friends and we are fortunate that we were able to work with such a talented group of people who went above and beyond to make our day wonderful. Remember the most important thing – at the end of the day, if you are married to your best friend, the person you love, then the day was a success. That thought got us through some of the crazy days! Enjoy it, all of it! It’s such an amazing experience!!”


Kathy and Kerby – thank you so very much for choosing us to photograph your amazing wedding day. We are so grateful that you found us, and we feel honored to now be able to call you our friends! You are such incredible people, and together you make one phenomenal couple. Hope to see you soon! Much love, J + B :)

  • Ani SAYS...

    I am a childhood friend of Kathleen’s…these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! My fiance, Lynda, and I are getting married Memorial day 2014 in Bath, NY at my parents house. Kathleen recommended you. I tear up every time I look through your pictures and comments. I look forward to looking through more pictures!

  • Mike SAYS...

    really nice work…I can always get a good feel for how the wedding day went from your blog posts, and this day seemed to be a great one!

  • Ginn SAYS...

    What a great walk down memory lane Ben and Jen :) You guys did such a beautiful job capturing the day and how genuine and beautiful Kath and Kerby are as individuals and a couple! Love the pictures!!!

  • Kathleen & Kerby SAYS...

    We LOVE them. Thank you so much Jenn & Ben! They are so amazing. We’re so fortunate to have found you guys! :)