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When we first met with Katie and Eric to talk about their wedding day, we knew right away that they were a great match for us.  They are both easy going, relaxed, fun people, who radiate love and happiness – what more could you ask for?!  If you spend any amount of time with these two, you can tell how much in love they are, and for that reason (well, for many reasons, but that is a major one) it was an honor for us to be a part of their wedding day, and capture that love with our cameras.  :)

I started out the day at Katie’s parents’ house, where the atmosphere was one of pure relaxation, and absolutely zero stress!  It was fabulous!  (Yes, I took a picture of the “New York State” cookie cutter that was on the windowsill because I’ve never seen a more awesome cookie cutter in my life.  I want one, tooooooooo!!)

One thing about Katie that is instantly lovable, is her sense of practicality.  No uncomfortable five inch heels for this bride – no sir!!  She started out the day in comfort and style with a snazzy pair of flip flops!  ;)

Katie gave all of her bridesmaids a cute little white clutch to hold their wedding day necessities – what a great gift!  Oh, and I thought it was so cool that she got ready in her old room so I could photograph the zillion trophies she had won during her days as a softball star.  Judging by the number of trophies lining her shelves, she was apparently quite good!
Love that shot of Katie hugging her mom…such a beautiful moment!
Ben started out his day at with Eric and his family and friends at the Millennium Hotel, which is a great place to get ready for a wedding.  The shot that Ben grabbed of Eric’s dad looking at his son with love and pride, is one of my favorite “groom getting ready” moments EVER – what a great shot, Ben!
The ceremony took place at the beautiful St. Aloysius Gonzaga Church in Cheektowaga.  Katie looked stunning walking down the aisle, and Eric was literally beaming as he saw her approach!
Katie and Eric brought in a wonderful priest to perform their ceremony.  He had been their priest all throughout college, so he knew them fairly well as people, and it made the ceremony that much more personal and meaningful.  He presented them with an ornament for their Christmas tree, and explained the meaning behind it, which I thought was a very nice addition to an already beautiful wedding ceremony.  :)
We don’t always get to catch them, because they happen SO fast, but these cute little moments between the bride and groom when they make that walk back up the aisle as newlyweds, are among my favorite moments of the day.  I love this shot so much!
After the receiving line, there was a good old fashioned church exit with flying candy!  I love the joy in these images, so I had to include all of my favorites!
After the family photos at the church, we headed over to the Japanese Gardens in Delaware Park to grab a few wedding party shots, and a few of our fabulous couple!
The lake was just absolutely perfect that day….perfect, perfect, perfect.
This next shot was actually taken in a side hallway of the church before we left.  We were packing up all of our gear to leave, and Ben was like, “you should take them in that side hallway for a few quick shots…trust me, it’s worth it.”  I won’t lie and say I wasn’t grumbling the whole way in there – I was ready to move on to the next location for cripe sake!!  But, I have learned through the years that Ben has an exceptional eye for scoping out locations that look amazing in photos, so I asked Katie and Eric if they would mind a few more shots in the church, and schlepped all of my stuff back into this hallway.  Of course, he was right (damn it all), and these shots turned out beautifully – the lines and angles of the ceiling, the brick walls, and the gorgeous couple all just worked together perfectly.  Ben and I are very similar in that we are both people who work better ALONE than with a partner, so running a business together, shooting together, and spending every moment (waking and sleeping) together, has been the greatest challenge of our lives.  Neither of us has perfected the whole working well with a partner thing BY ANY STRETCH, but with every passing shoot, wedding, month, and year, we get better at listening to each other and recognizing each others’ strengths.  Yes, I’ve learned a lot and grown as a photographer and an artist over the years, but more importantly, I’ve learned things about life, love, and trust, that I never would have learned otherwise, and I am grateful for that every day.

After the Japanese Gardens, we were off to Samuel’s Grande Manor to party it up!!  Katie and Eric gave all of their guests a pizza cutter for a wedding favor!  How cute is that?!!
Some awesome speeches and amazing dances happened…
Then, a super cute cake-cutting…
Eric’s dad tore up the dance floor with some sweet moves…
We’ll wrap up this post with a fab set of night shots, that we had a great time shooting.  :)

Katie and Eric – thank you so much for everything!! You guys were wonderful to work with, your friends and families are equally wonderful, and we had an amazing time. :) We wish you both all the happiness in the world! – J + B

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