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After spending some time with Katie and John in DC for their e-shoot, we knew that their wedding day was going to be an awesome one. They are both so warm, welcoming, and fun to be around! We enjoyed every minute of their wedding day, and feel extremely honored to have been a part of it! :)

I started out the day with Katie and the girls (and Katie’s dad, of course) at the Embassy Suites in downtown Buffalo. I absolutely LOVE it when we get to shoot in the rooms there…the floor to ceiling windows provide an amazing view of the city and fabulous light.  Amazing views and fabulous light are my favorite. ;)

Katie was an absolutely STUNNING bride!  
Katie and John opted for a trolley from Buffalo Trolleys instead of a limo.  I always get so excited when I see a trolley pull up instead of a limo!  They just have so much character.  :)
Ben started out the day with John and the guys at the Mansion on Delaware.  They couldn’t have chosen better places to get ready!  I love the Mansion just as much as I love the rooms at Embassy Suites.
One of the coolest parts of the day for us (photographically speaking, that is), was walking into this incredible church.  It was our first time shooting there, and we were just blown away by its beauty.  It’s in kind of a weird neighborhood for a super fancy, ornate, cathedral-like church, but that’s kind of what makes it even more special.  If you happen to be looking for a church to get married in, you should definitely check out Blessed Trinity Church
I love this shot Ben took of Katie and her dad walking down the aisle.  It’s such a unique perspective of this part of the procession!
The ceremony was so beautiful!  Katie and John’s love for each other and for their families and friends was so obvious.  :)
This is another fantastic shot of Ben’s….love it!
The entrance to this church is just unbelievable.  What an awesome backdrop for an exit shot!
Ben insisted that we take a few shots inside the church because it was so ornate and lovely.  I argued (as per usual), but he was clearly right (which only happens every once in a while).  ;)
Then, we were off to Delaware Park for a few wedding party shots, and some shots of our fabulous bride and groom!
I love these two so much.  They just had us cracking up all day!  I hope you guys aren’t mad, Katie and John, but that shot of you two cracking us up was too awesome to not share.  It is totally one of the best wedding photos of all time.
I absolutely love this shot!  Katie looks so radiant and happy!
And then, they boarded the trolley and headed on over to Asbury Hall/Babeville to get the party started!  I got to steal them away for a few more minutes before they made their way into the cocktail hour, and Ben went ahead and started shooting all of the amazing details.
All of the tables were named after famous Buffalo streets!  How cool is that?!
I was also really loving the table of multiple cakes instead of just one big wedding cake.  It makes such a cool display!
There were many speeches given, and they were all fantastic.  It’s never easy to get up there and pour your heart out, but all of these speakers made it look effortless.  Great job, guys!
Katie and John’s first dance was super cute.  It’s so easy to take awesome shots of a bride and groom’s first dance when they are so genuinely in love.  After the first dance, the dance floor filled up and was packed all night!  This was a dancing group for sure – including the insanely talented Irish dancers!!
We were able to grab just a few quick night shots outside of Asbury at the end of the evening, and as always, I’m so very glad we did.  :)

Katie and John – thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! We had a wonderful time! A great big thank you to the two of you, and your wonderful families for making us feel so welcome throughout every part of the day. That was so awesome, and we are so grateful for your kindness. We wish you both all the happiness in the world!! Love, J + B :)

  • Melissa SAYS...

    These are a great set of photos! Great Job! I Love Love Love the one Ben took of them in the church after the ceremony! Beautiful :)

  • John SAYS...

    Great pictures!

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    Awesome work guys! I love that shot when they are walking out of the church from behind when she has her dress pulled up a bit-it looks so timeless. Beautiful :)

  • Sheila SAYS...

    Great pictures really takes us back to that very special day! Loved it!

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Love these!!!

  • Jill SAYS...

    Stunning photos! It couldn’t possibly get any better!

  • Heather SAYS...

    I love the brides dress! So simple, yet amazing!!! My favorite shot is the little baby boy in church looking at the camera smiling. It is so precious! Once again, great job guys!

  • Nora McGuire SAYS...

    Ben and Jen,
    Great job on the photos. we have anxiously been awaiting the pictures and they were worth wating for. As the mother and father of this beautiful bride and the proud mother and father in law of our handsome son in law, you truly captured the day in a fabulous way. As I looked through the pictures, I felt as if I was there again living the day. Made me so happy and brought tears to my eyes. It was such a fabulous day for us and these pictures will help to keep the memories alive.
    Bob and Nora McGuire

  • Katie McGuire SAYS...

    Ben, Jenn – You guys are amazing. I love all of these. And it makes it even more special to have your commentary of the day!! Thank you for doing such an excellent job of capturing the moments. – Katie