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“We are the boat, we are the sea, I sail in you, you sail in me.” – Lorre Wyatt

I’m so psyched to finally blog Katie and Kevin’s wedding!  I’ve been trying to get it posted for over a week now, but between e-sessions and weddings and traveling all over the place to shoot them, (and my cat running away for almost a week and scaring the buh-jesus out of me, that little jerk) I literally have not had enough time at my desk to work!!  This past week, I was either shooting, driving, meeting with awesome couples, or walking around the neighborhood yelling my cat’s name and shaking a box of cat food like a lunatic.  I don’t think I slept much, but I can’t remember.  Things have been just completely insane lately….have I mentioned that already?!  This is the point in our yearly wedding season where I start to lose it a little, so if my blog posts start to sound like the ramblings of a crazy person, please forgive me…I am actually quite normal, I swear. :)

Anyway, back to the awesome wedding of Katie and Kevin!!  These two were amazingly fun to work with.  We had an absolute blast!  I started out the day with Katie and the girls at Katie’s parents’ house in Eden, which was the perfect place for some getting ready photos.  :)

Love the curls!
Katie gave all of her bridesmaids and her mom a personalized handkerchief, embroidered with a poem.  Kevin’s mom made them all!!  What an amazing gift!  :) 
I love the shot of Katie and her mom!
Ben met up with Kevin and the guys at the Hyatt in downtown Buffalo to grab some getting ready shots, and then, (since the Hyatt is super close to St. Joseph’s Cathedral) they all walked over to the church together.
With all the weddings we’ve shot in the good old city of Buffalo, it’s hard to believe there are still churches we haven’t shot in yet, but this was our first time shooting at St. Joseph’s Cathedral!  It’s definitely one of the most beautiful churches in the city – there’s no denying it – and although his rules regarding photography were a bit much, the 80 year old ex-Marine priest was just adorable (despite his telling me that he still carries a 9 millimeter in an ankle holster, and that he would shoot me if I stood up during the ceremony.  I think he forgot entirely that we were there once he got started…hilarious.)  Love, love, LOVE the shot of Katie’s sister fluffing her veil!
Isn’t he a cute priest?  9 millimeter – shmillimeter…it was probably a squirt gun.  I was absolutely loving all the gorgeous white marble in this church!  Such an awesome backdrop for ceremony photos! 
So, after the ceremony, everyone headed out to the front of the church with their ribbons-on-a-stick to wave at the newlyweds as they made their exit!  The last shot in this set is one of my favorite shots from the whole day…it’s perfect.  :)
Right across the street from St. Joseph’s Cathedral, is a cute little park that we used to take a few wedding party shots.  We’ve used it a few times before..it’s a great little spot!  Both the guys and the girls had their own ideas for photos, as you can see…and yes, the girls are shooting dice, just in case you were wondering.  ;)  The brick wall you see below is our favorite brick wall in the whole city.
Then, I hopped in the limo with Katie and Kevin and the wedding party, to head over to the marina where the bride and groom would be picked up and brought to the reception by boat!  (Ben went on ahead to the reception to take some detail shots.)  So, I sat across from Katie and Kevin on the boat, and snapped away while they talked and laughed and practiced their dance, and were just as cute as could be the entire way there!  When the boat pulled up to the Buffalo Launch Club, all of the wedding guests were outside waiting for their arrival!!
Love the UCF mascot groom’s cake for Kevin!
Personalized, nautical themed beer coozies made pretty awesome favors!
How great is that first dance shot from the flower girl’s perspective?  I LOVE it!  Ben blows me away sometimes…seriously, I would never have thought of that.
We were super lucky, and got to take Katie and Kevin out after their first dance for some sunset shots down by the docks, and by “super lucky,” I mean “that sunset was off the chain,” and “it’s not every day that we get to photograph a gorgeous couple next to a gorgeous boat named Summertime.”  For real.
You guys rocked this…I couldn’t possibly love these anymore than I already do.  :)
The super talented band, Flipside, kept the party rockin’ all night long!  If you’re looking for a band for your wedding, this one gets our stamp of approval – they’re super talented, and highly entertaining.  Seeing someone play an electric guitar behind their head was a first…color me impressed.
At the very end of the night, we got to grab K+K for a few quick night shots before we left!  :)

Katie and Kevin – thanks so much for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day! We had an amazing time! Thank you a million times over for all of your trust and patience – it means the world to us! We wish you both all the happiness in the world. – J + B :)

  • Miquel SAYS...

    i LOVEEE that they arrived by boat to their reception!! we just went to the BLC a few weeks ago for a wedding & its a beautiful venue! Gorgeous sunset shots!!

  • Jennifer @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Love the colors and the boats! Great Work you two!

  • Melissa SAYS...

    Beautiful pictures! Captures a great day!

  • Jackie SAYS...

    The shot of the first dance with the flower girl watching is magical, what a special momemt, just beautiful!

  • Mike SAYS...

    Great post! The boat pics are so much fun :)

  • Jacquelyn SAYS...

    What beautiful pictures! Brings back wonderful memories of such a wonderful day! Don and I even made it in the pictures! :)

  • Meghan SAYS...

    I love all these pictures, especially cause katie is the prettiest bride ever along with the most handsome groom! All of the pictures capture the happiness and are very well done.

  • Kevin SAYS...

    I hope you all think the pictures show just how much my wife and I love each other. The best day of my life! Thanks Ayres for a great job.

  • Kate SAYS...

    I keep awww’ing over each and every photo… what a beautiful day!

    Also, crazy cat lady kinship: How did the kitty recovery go down???

  • Sandra Bonkosky SAYS...

    We were at the wedding,yet your photos showed us even more- so much happening, one could not see everything. Behind the scenes, and totally “IN” the entire day. It is evident this is not just a j. o. b. ritual snapping of pictures. Your inspired creativity combined with sensitivity, positively and totally captures the joy, wistfulness and magic one reads about in the fairy tale love stories and shows that it really does happen!

    Best wedding album I’ve ever seen. (aside from being a prejudiced Aunt!) Thank you.

  • Kathleen SAYS...

    Amazing!! :) Jenn & Ben these are so awesome.

  • Katie SAYS...

    Wow!!!! I am speechless. I knew you two would be great at taking some pictures for our wedding but in reality you shot the essence of the day–in a truly artful way. You are truly artists. I am beyond grateful for the images that Jenn and Ben caught of us on our wedding day. I could not ask for more. Beautiful!!!! You two were a pleasure to work with… I love these…:)