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I learned something very important at Kim and Angelo’s wedding.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say that it was life changing.  Here it is:  PEANUT BUTTER ON S’MORES.  Where has this concept been all my life?!  :)

This wedding was full of joy, beauty, and love.  From the “first look” to the wonderful vineyard ceremony to the late night s’more bar, Kim and Angelo planned their day around basking in the love of their family and friends, and making sure that good times were had by all.  Becker Farms was the perfect backdrop for these two high school sweethearts to become husband and wife.  The laid back, rustic atmosphere and beautiful, relaxing scenery was a perfect match for their personalities.  They kept things simple, and made love and laughter the focus of their day.  It was an honor for us to document all of the smiles, tears, laughter, and hugs that made up their wedding day!

We have to, of course, give a great big shout out to Tammy of Heavenlee Weddings for doing such an amazing job of coordinating the day, to YellowBird Wedding for doing such a beautiful job with the ceremony, and to Amanda and the incredible staff at Becker Farms for being consistently amazing at what they do.

***Kim and Angelo were kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories and a bit of advice for brides and grooms to be, so be sure to check those out!

Kim:  “I wanted to make sure I started the day off stress free.  My best friend since kindergarten, and Maid of Honor, spent the night at the hotel suite with me.  My mom and all the girls came there in the morning to get hair and make-up done.  We lounged around and had breakfast and mimosas without feeling rushed.  It was the perfect way to start the day.”

Kim:  “I was so glad we decided to do a first look with just the two of us.  It made the moment so much more intimate not having to share it will 150 people. It also allowed us to capture our group photos before the ceremony, giving us more time to spend with our friends and family at cocktail hour! One of my favorite pictures is me sneaking up behind Angelo, thinking how handsome he looked.  I’m so grateful to have a picture that reminds me exactly how I felt in that moment.”
Angelo:  “I have been in some weddings, and it is not always fun doing the picture sessions before and/or after the wedding; but, we had a lot of fun during our pictures.  Everyone kept laughing and it made smiling pretty easy.” 
Kim:  “Every time I thought about the day I would be walking down the aisle with my Dad, I would tear up immediately.  There was something so special knowing that my Dad was walking me straight into the arms of my future with Angelo. I was thankful that on our wedding day, Dad was able to lighten the mood with a few jokes right before we made our entrance, keeping us both from turning on the water works right away.”
Kim:  “I loved that we incorporated the wine box ceremony into our wedding day.  Angelo used to write me love letters in high school, so knowing that there is a love letter waiting to be opened on our first anniversary is very exciting!  We had the wine box custom made by an artisan, so not only is it gorgeous, it’s sure to last forever.  The box sits on our mantel where we see it every day.   It’s a beautiful reminder of our perfect day, and all that we have to look forward to.”

Kim:  “I think my favorite moment of the whole day was when Angelo was saying his vows.  I did a pretty good job of keeping it together until then, but when I saw him start to tear up, I couldn’t help but get emotional.  When he flubbed one of the longer lines and our amazing officiant jumped in to help him, I thought it was the sweetest moment ever.”

Angelo:  “My best memory of the wedding was when Kim and I were saying our vows during the ceremony.  It was very hard for me to keep it together when it was my turn, but it meant a lot to me to express my joy and love for her during that time.”

Angelo:  “Another great memory was spending the day with my closest family and friends. We kept it to a smaller wedding and I don’t regret it for a minute. It gave us a chance to see everyone and have a meaningful conversation during the reception. I have seen weddings where the bride and groom are meeting people for the first time and just get to stop at each table and thank everyone for coming before they have to move on to the next table to make sure they hit every table.”

Kim:  “There was a moment during the middle of the reception, when the two of us slipped out the back to just have a quiet moment to ourselves.  We were able to look into the party and see all our family and friends that were there sharing our day with us.  It was nice to have 5 minutes just the two of us laughing and smiling and kissing without a glass being rung!”

“Angelo and I were both born and raised in Lockport NY, but had since moved to Houston TX.  Planning a wedding from so far away could have been really stressful.  My advice to anyone that is starting the planning process is to work with professionals.  When you are working with experienced wedding vendors, there is a lot less you have to do or worry about.  Our wedding planner, Tammy, was a life saver.  The day of the rehearsal she gave a little talk to everyone about how Angelo and I were in a bubble.  If anything doesn’t go according to the plan, we didn’t need to know about it, that is what she was there for.  I kind of laughed about the bubble, but sure enough, being in the bubble was a magical place.  Our limo bus showed up with broken glass all over the seat, there was a shortage of parking, and silverware hadn’t been polished.  The day of our wedding, we didn’t know about any of it.  Our amazing wedding party and wedding planner kept us in our bubble and fixed anything that needed to be fixed.”
“Working with Jenn and Ben was like having two more friends at the wedding.  Everything about taking photos was stress free and natural.  They were prepared and had a game plan of how to get all the photos we wanted.  It really eased us to know that both of them were shooting our ceremony, we never had to worry about a moment being missed.  We are looking forward to them being able to take pictures of all our family milestones in the future.”

Wedding Vendors Include

Ceremony and Reception: Becker Farms
Wedding Dress: Mori Lee
Bridemaid Dresses: Alfred Sung
Wedding Coordinator: Heavenlee Weddings
Officiate: YellowBird Wedding
Florist: Gould’s Flowers, Inc
Music: DJ Pat Duggan


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