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I don’t know what was up with the weather this summer, but there were A LOT of weekends where the humidity was so killer, that we literally felt a lack of oxygen. But, there was this one Saturday, where the weather was so perfect, it was almost surreal – 76 degrees, bright blue sky, puffy clouds, no humidity, and a slight, comfortable breeze – it really just doesn’t get any better than that. I mean, we’ve basically learned to ignore any type of physical discomfort while shooting weddings, but lemme tell ya, it was nice to be able to breathe freely. The perfect weather wasn’t the only amazing thing about Kim and Sean’s wedding, though; it was just one of those fairytale-like, virtually-stress-free wedding days that was an absolute joy to be a part of. :)

I started out the day with Kim and her girls (do I even need to keep saying that? I think I say it in every post!! Yes, that’s where I always am…with the girls.) Kim paid tribute to her Chinese heritage with these awesome Chinese wedding bracelets.  They were so different from the typical wedding jewelry, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Chinese wedding bracelets for a Chinese American wedding
Her wedding shoes were pretty awesome, too!
jewel encrusted gold thongs worn by a New York bride as wedding shoes

the mother of the bride looks on as two bridesmaids fasten the brides dress

the mother of the bride fastens the brides wedding necklace

the bride smiles while her mother zips up her dress
Kim, you look absolutely STUNNING…crazy STUNNING…like a princess.  :)
close up portrait of a gorgeous Chinese American bride at her parents home in Williamsville NY
Ben started out his day with the guys at the church before the ceremony.  I love this shot of Sean and his groomsmen on the church steps – if  the groom was at all nervous, he hides it well!
a groom and his groomsmen pose for a photo right before the wedding ceremony at Christ the King Church in Williamsville NY
In case anyone was wondering which church has these amazing, rustic-looking rafters, it’s Christ the King Church in Amherst (technically, it’s in Snyder, I guess).  Pretty nice for a church ceiling, right?  Kim and her Dad take their stroll down the aisle…
the bride and her father walk down the aisle at Christ the King Church in Williamsville NY

black and white wide angle photo of a wedding ceremony taking place at Christ the King Church in Williamsville NY

the bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding ceremony at Christ the King Church in Williamsville NY
I adore laughter during ceremonies…
an eager bride smiles as she put a ring on the grooms finger during their wedding ceremony in Williamsville NY

a newly married couple make their grand exit out of Christ the King Church in Williamsville NY
Totally candid, but absolutely lovely.
a bride and groom stand on the steps of Christ the King Church after their wedding ceremony
A detail shot of the Chinese wedding bracelets and Sean’s sweet cuff links (the Chinese symbol for Double Happiness)!
close up of a newly married couple holding hands with Chinese wedding bracelets and Double Happiness cuff links
Then, we were off to UB North Campus to take some wedding party shots.  If you’re still in search of a location for wedding party photos, this place is bomb.  It’s PERFECT!
portrait of a bride and groom with their wedding party taken by the lake at UB North Campus
I love both perspectives on this shot, so I had to include both.  (The first one is me, and the second one is Ben.)  It’s so cool that we can be shooting the same exact thing, and get two totally different images!  I can’t even imagine ever shooting a wedding without him.  :)
cool shot of a bride and groom in front of the pillars at UB North Campus in Amherst NY

unique photo of a bride and groom taken at the pillars at University at Buffalo in Amherst NY
a bride and groom take a stroll in an open field near the lake at UB North Campus in Amherst NY
When we were done at UB, we headed over to the reception at the Westwood Country Club.  It’s an awesome place for a wedding reception, and I included a link to their website just in case anyone wants to check it out (but, their website kinda sucks, so I think you really have to see it in person to appreciate how nice it is).  The grounds are absolutely pristine, as exemplified in the following AMAZING shot of Kim and Sean.
a gorgeous portrait of a bride and groom kissing in a circle of pine trees at the Westwood Country Club in Williamsville NY
We had some time to tour the grounds in golf carts (which was extra special, as it was actually my first time in a golf cart EVER).  An adorable, easy going bride and groom + an awesome, super-into-photos wedding party + fantastic scenery everywhere you look = ALL KINDS OF AMAZING-NESS!
a bride stands with her bridesmaids for a wedding photo at the Westwood Country Club

portrait of a groom with his groomsmen taken on the golf course of the Westwood Country Club

bride and groom kiss for a wedding party photo taken on one of the golf course bridges at the Westwood Country Club in Williamsville NY

a wedding party jumps for joy while the bride and groom kiss on the golf course at the Westwood Country Club

a red and white wedding cake with the Chinese symbol for Double Happiness

close up shot of a set of wedding rings taken against a red background
First dance adorable-ness…
black and white wedding photo of a bride and groom dancing their first dance as husband and wife

a bride and groom kissing during their first dance at the Westwood Country Club

a bride dancing with her father during her wedding reception at the Westwood Country Club in Williamsville NY
…and then, people got their party on.
black and white action shot of a wedding guest dancing at a reception in Williamsville NY

cool wide angle shot of a wedding reception at the Westwood Country Club
I love everything about this one.
a bride tosses her bouquet with fervor at her wedding reception in Williamsville NY

the wedding guests form a circle on the dance floor and take turns dancing in it at a Westwood Country Club wedding reception
There’s so much to love about this one, too.  :)
candid photo of a wedding guest singing her heart out on the dance floor
And, of course, no post would be complete without a gorgeous night portrait, and this is exactly that!!
a bride and groom pose for a night portrait in front of some tall grasses outside of the Westwood Country Club

Kim and Sean – we honestly loved everything about your wedding day. Thank you SO MUCH for choosing us to be a part of it!! You two are such a fantastic couple, and we wish you all the happiness in the world! :)

  • Amanda Joyce SAYS...

    Your pics are amazing!!! congrats!!

  • Colleen SAYS...

    These pictures are amazing!!! I love every one of them. Can’t wait to see the rest :)

  • Kelli Brady SAYS...

    Wow, what AMAZING photos! I just re-lived the day viewing them, and had a smile on my face the entire time :) Kim, you look stunning, and Sean, handsome as ever…love you both!! Fabulous photographers, too!

  • Kim SAYS...

    Jenn and Ben, I absolutely LOVE the photos! I couldn’t wait to see them, but it was well worth the wait. Thanks so much!!! :-)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Wendy! I know, right? People who love pictures are my kind of peeps! :)

  • Wendy SAYS...

    My faves are the shot of his cufflink with her bracelets, and the wedding party jumping – it’s always fun when everyone’s into pictures!