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Lara and Moray are one of those couples that you can spend five minutes with, but feel like you’ve known them for the last five years.  Case in point – this blog post.  After you read the memories they’ve shared of their wedding day and experience these images, you’ll feel like you’ve known them forever, too.  They are both such warm, open, kind, generous people – the kind of people that we always want to spend our time with.  Also, Lara loves cats just as much as I do, so that made me instantly adore her.  :)

L and M decided to forego many of the typical wedding traditions, and just focus on spending actual time with their friends and families, which we LOVED.  That’s what it’s really all about, folks!  Their ceremony at the Burchfield Penney Art Center was beautiful and heartfelt (shout out to YellowBird Wedding for being awesome!!), and their reception at The Lenox Hotel was all about just having a few cocktails with great friends and catching up.  The Lenox was transformed into an elegant and intimate space that was perfect for an upscale, city chic cocktail party.  It was a seriously amazing party, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!  Many thanks to the Distinctive Occasions team for doing such an amazing job with the coordination and decor!

Lara and Moray, thank you for your kindness.  You welcomed us in as friends on your special day, and made us feel like honored guests.  We are so grateful.  Much love to you both!!!

Lara:  “My first waking moment of my wedding day is one my favorite memories.  Realizing that today I get to marry this man I love so much, I literally jumped out of bed with excitement, then realized I didn’t have any coffee in my house so things slowed down a bit. Which actually brings me to another wedding day highlight, going to SPoT with my MOH the morning of the wedding.  It was a fun last minute thing that was really relaxing for both of us…until I told her that the wedding speeches were incredibly important in the UK (my hubby is British), and things suddenly things seemed to be less relaxing for her.”

Lara:  “So everyone says this, but its true: getting ready with my friends and family. Women from all parts of my life were with me that afternoon to prepare to celebrate – my mom, my soon to be step-daughter, friends from childhood, grad school, and more recently. It was wonderful to be in the same room with all these people I love, watching them talking, laughing, toasting, having fun.  I felt so incredibly lucky to have that time.”
Moray:  “It was great to get ready and meet up with the groomsmen, and of course have the first of the photographs taken, but one of the earliest and most profound moments of the day was getting to the wedding venue and seeing all our friends and family.  Given all the planning that went in, and the effort that all our friends and family had gone to, to be with us, it was truly a magical moment.”  
Lara:  “Moray and I chose not to see each other before the wedding.  It worked for us and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing, BUT we did get to hold hands and ‘say hi’, just without seeing each other. The moment I touched his hand I felt relaxed and even more excited at the same time (yes that is possible to feel that way!). In those two minutes he made me laugh (and cry) and just feel ready to be married!”
Lara:  “And everyone mentions this moment too…seeing him at the end of the aisle, I just wanted to sprint down and throw my arms around him (given my heels, that definitely was not happening. I was grateful to make it without face planting).”
Moray:  “Ceremony of whatever type, is the punctuation to our lives and on that afternoon, in front of all those people who are so special to us, it was clearly the start of our new chapter together. Very profound, and utterly timeless.  Our ceremony was not elaborate, but was very personal to us, and I felt that added to being able to enjoy it and participate in it, without being overwhelmed by the order of ceremonies, or the duties to be performed. That said, we had lots of people helping us from the wedding planner, to obviously Jenn and Ben, to our friends. I know we both felt we participated completely in our ceremony and that is a very special memory!”
Lara:  “There were so many memorable moments to our ceremony, but in between hanging on every word our officiant said, and  squeezing my (almost) husband’s hand (quite hard as he told me later!), I made a point of looking out in the audience to see all the people that traveled (many of them thousands of miles) to share our day.  Seeing them smiling back filled me with so much happiness.  Take a minute, look out at your guests.  Everyone there on your day is there to help you celebrate your love, enjoy it!”
Moray:  “Perhaps because of the intensity of the ceremony, or the champagne, but of course after the ceremony the day picks up pace like a roller coaster, and my memory of the next 8 hours is defined by one word; JOY.”

And, to wrap up our post, here are a few words of wedding wisdom from the lovely, Lara and Moray:

“If you are reading this you probably have received more advice than you know what to do with, for example, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, which is true but we’ll make this practical.  First get a wedding planner.  Really, do it; even if it’s ‘day of services.’  It is absolutely worth every single penny.  Our wedding planners made everything happen smoothly and all the guests saw was a lovely ceremony and reception (versus the craziness that made it happen).  We didn’t worry about a thing and our friends and family didn’t have to worry about a thing.  Don’t put the weight of ‘pulling it all together’ on your loved ones, who, while kind enough to volunteer their time, have never ‘pulled it all together’ before.  Second, steal time away with your new spouse (maybe even without cameras… sorry Jenn and Ben!).  Really, take 5 minutes to step away to breathe, kiss, have a cocktail alone…you can even have the wedding planners build this in to your itinerary and they’ll remind you.  We heard so many wonderful stories of the day afterwards that we both felt it was the sort of wedding we would love to have gone to!”

“We wanted to write a few words about our experience with Jenn and Ben.  Simply put, they are talented and creative professionals…who are super fun.  From our engagement through our wedding, they gently (and patiently..thanks!) helped us think about how we wanted to capture these moments, and then beautifully photographed them.  Not surprisingly, the result of their planning, experience and creativity are amazing wedding photos that are an unstaged documentary of these moments, plus all the tiny ones that happen in flash.  Thank you, Jenn and Ben, for understanding what we wanted (despite the fact that we maybe couldn’t always articulate it perfectly!) and making it a million times better!”

Wedding Vendors Include

Ceremony: Burchfield Penney Art Center
Reception: The Lenox Grill
Makeup: Beauty by Yaz
Hair: DEMi Salon
Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller
Bridal Jewelry: Dannijo
Groom’s Look: Men’s Wearhouse
Wedding Coordinator: Distinctive Occasions
Officiant: YellowBird Wedding
Florist: The Floristry
Ceremony and Cocktail Music: Buffalo Strings
Reception Music: Saxman Slim