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This was a hot one, folks. Whew!!! 90 degrees in the shade!  I can remember what a sweaty mess I was like it was yesterday, but HOLY WOW, did we ever have a good time.  Meg, CW, and their families and friends made us feel so welcome!  It feels wonderful to walk into a place where you’re practically a stranger, and be treated like an old friend.  That seems to be par for the course with Meg and CW, though…they are both kind, sweet, generous people, who can light up a room with their smiles and their warm personalities.  We’re so grateful that we get to work with such amazing people.  :)

This lovely couple was kind enough to share some of their favorite memories of their wedding day, along with a little bit of wedding related advice, so look for those throughout the post!!

Margaret:  “Putting on my dress was so surreal. It was a great quiet moment with my Mom and Sister that I will never forget.”
OMG…so beautiful, Meg!!
The ceremony was at Westminster Presbyterian church in Buffalo.  Meg and CW both attended preschool at Westminster, and they were in the SAME CLASS.  How cute is that?!  Ironically enough, Ben also went to preschool at Westminster.  What are the odds??  This church is absolutely stunning.
Margaret:  “The moment I had with my Dad before walking down the isle was so special. Nothing in particular was said, we were just trying to keep each other calm…and cool!”
CW:  “I was expecting the ceremony to be a blur and the focus was so much on the reception that at first I wasn’t sure what my emotions were going to be like up on the altar.  But, when I saw Meg walk down the aisle I had this incredible calm that I’ll never forget. “
Margaret:  “The entire ceremony was so amazing. I just kept thinking how excited I was to be marrying such an incredible man. I tried to listen to every word and soak in the moment. That is the one part of the day I want to re-live because it was everything I had hoped for and more.”
CW:  “Walking down the aisle with my wife for the first time and seeing the faces of all our friends (it’s strange having your back to them all that time) was one of the proudest moments of my life.”
We took a spin around the church grounds to grab a few portraits of our gorgeous couple.  A shot of them standing in front of the entrance to the preschool was an absolute MUST!!  ;)
Then, we headed on up to Cherry Hill Club for an absolutely AWESOME party.  Meg and CW did something really cool to welcome their guests into the reception space.  They stood by the door and handed each guest a glass of champagne and chatted with them for a minute or so.  It was such a nice take on the typical receiving line, and who doesn’t like champagne?!!
CW:  “Passing out the glasses of champagne to all the guests and having a one on one with all of them, if even for just a few moments, was a major highlight.”
Margaret:  “Walking into the reception for our dance was awesome! I was so excited to have everyone that I love in one room and I just wanted to GET THE PARTY STARTED!”
CW:  “My best man’s speech. Just like everyone says they have the best realtor, Jace really did an outstanding job. He summarized our friendship and talked about both Meg and I in an eloquent and thoughtful way.”
Margaret:  “So, it was HOT, really HOT, and looking around on the dance floor and seeing all of my siblings and cousins dancing on such a hot day and having a great time despite it all really meant so much. We loved our band, and all we wanted to do was dance the night away and we got what we wanted! “

CW:  “The band. The Sound Parade brought the house down, and our friends really brought the party to the dance floor.”

Here’s some great advice from the bride and groom!! :)

Margaret: “If I had any advice I would say just go with it and enjoy! It’s a crazy day, but you’ve done everything you can to make it go according to plan, so just go with it. You might feel as if you are being pulled in 100 different directions, but just let the night take you away. Sure, there might be something you didn’t do, or someone you forgot to say “thank you” to, but remember what the day is about, just let all the little stuff go, and enjoy the ride.”

CW: “As far as advice goes, I’m not suggesting to be pessimistic, but have it in your head to expect that a few things will go wrong. Our ‘signature drink’ didn’t turn our right, we forgot to bring a check for the band, and the A/C didn’t hold up against the hottest day of the year. But people still had cocktails, we worked it out with the band, and it got a little sweaty but we all had fun. Oh, and don’t forget to go to city hall and get a marriage license!”

Meg and CW – thank you so much for choosing us to capture these amazing memories for you! We are so happy that we were able to be a part of your day! We had a blast spending the day with the two of you and your awesome families and friends – they are all so fabulous! Wishing you both all the very best, and hoping that you keep in touch!! Much love, J + B :)

  • Diane Lee SAYS...

    It was sooo fun to see the lovely photos. And I must say I stayed pretty cool while watching the grand time that everyone was having while I watched on my computer. How could you not have fun with the two beautiful people creating the ambiance of the place. It wasn’t as good as being there , I am sure but enjoyed the photos just the same.