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Marsha and Steve’s wedding day was absolutely beautiful! It was a day completely focused on celebrating with family and close friends, and it was wonderful to be a part of! We don’t get to spend as much time in the Niagara Falls area as you might think, so it was really nice to spend the day up there and shoot in a church and reception venue that were completely new to us. Marsha’s parents live right in Niagara Falls and I have to say, that if you want to know anything at all about Niagara Falls and its history, you should ask them – they know so much about it! I started out the day there, and it was such a nice way to start the day. Marsha’s dad has all sorts of cool vintage cameras (even 3D ones that I never knew existed), so that was a fun topic of conversation for me! Their house was so fun to photograph – it was full of “old house” charm and character.  I loved it.  :)

Marsha:  “When the limo showed up to pick up the girls (100% of the credit for that pick-up goes to my brother, Tom for realizing that the limo driver FORGOT that he had to pick up the bride and rest of the bridal party) there were numerous cards and notes throughout the seating area from Steve. One of the things was a card for our 0th anniversary, and the others were notes telling us to hurry up because they were all waiting on us to arrive!”
Marsha:  “When we were planning, we happened to come across (thanks to Steve’s parents) a CD of his sister, Dana’s harp music that had a recording of her playing the song that we picked for the bridal party entrance. We kept it a secret, but we wanted to use it for the girls entrance. We had been told beforehand that it wouldn’t be a problem, but never got confirmation that the CD worked in the sound system, etc. But, it worked perfectly and was a complete surprise. Seeing Dana’s face when she realized it was her was priceless, she was standing in the hall waiting to walk down the aisle and all she kept saying was “it’s me” over and over. It was also an added bonus to see that the videographer got Steve’s parents reaction as they realized it was Dana’s recording.”
Marsha:  “The ceremony in general was probably the best experience of the day. It seemed like regardless of how much planning or organizing had been done ahead of time, there were mishaps of some sort happening all day long, so having ONE non-stressful aspect to look back on is something we cherish. We had asked Reverend Conrad Link, (Steve’s pastor from when he was growing up and also a family friend) to officiate our wedding, and we appreciate everything he did to help us plan and execute that part of the day. He took our vision and made it a reality, and a great memory for us.”
Marsha:  “At the end of the ceremony we left the sanctuary and stepped into a little room off to the side while everyone was heading outside. That was the first moment of the day (thinking of it, maybe the only one…) where we were able to just be alone together without all the craziness and talk to each other. I think the first thing I said to Steve was ‘dude, we’re married!’ then we got a chance to chat before continuing on with the day. It was really nice to take that time and reflect on the union that we had just created, and not all of the other things that are involved in weddings.”
This was one of my favorite parts of the day.  It was the most incredible bubble blowing I have ever seen at a wedding…EVER.  Way to show ’em how it’s done, wedding guests of Marsha and Steve!!!  I also adore this shot of Marsha’s mom  – she was pretty excited!  ;)
After we left the church, we headed over to Niagara Falls for some quick shots with the wedding party!  The hats, canes, fans, and umbrella were a COMPLETE surprise to us.  We all had fun with this part of the day, for sure. 
Then, we headed over to Sheraton at the Falls for an incredibly fun and memorable reception!  ;)
Marsha:  “Our first dance went better than I could have ever imagined, even though the DJ didn’t have the song in it’s entirety… We had practiced at home and taken a few lessons to try to ease the nervousness of dancing in front of a crowd, and it totally paid off. We just had fun together and it was perfect!”
Marsha:  “My Dad’s toast was another highlight of the day. He talked about how “back when”, we used to be sitting at the kiddie table at family events, then we got older and joined the adult table, and how now it’s a different kind of event where we are now celebrating the coming together of two families. Of course, he made it sound better than that, but that was a special moment for me that I will remember forever.”
This shot is hilarious.  I have no idea what’s going on here, but I love it.
We had just a few minutes to grab some night shots outside the hotel before it started to pour, but I’m very happy that we did!  :)
Here’s some advice from our lovely bride, Marsha!

“As far as general wedding advice… elope! Ok, maybe not, but seriously THINK about what you want for yourselves, not what other people want you to do or what you think other people expect of you- and make your wedding what fits you. You are ultimately the ones who will have to deal with the choices you make in the long run, and they are your memories to keep, so make them truly yours.  Pick your vendors so, so carefully and don’t leave ANYTHING to chance. Details, details, details… even when you think it’s redundant or unnecessary. Because the weirdest things can and do happen, trust me… And if anything doesn’t go as you hoped or planned, at least know that you get to have some of the best wedding stories to share with each other and your family and friends years down the road, just like us!”

Marsha and Steve – we’re so glad you chose us to be your wedding photographers! Even if certain bits of your day didn’t go according to plan, it was a SUPER fun day, and we will always remember it with fondness and huge smiles. You two are fantastic people, and your families are awesome! We hope you will keep in touch!! Much love to you both, J + B :)