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Mary and Rob are the “cool, outdoors-y couple” that everyone wishes they could be. They go mountain climbing, camping, hiking…they do it all, and make it look easy. In fact, I think they might be on their way to climb Mt. Rainier as I’m writing this. You may remember them from their way cool engagement session that we did back in January. Just the few hours that we spent with them those many months ago, made us so excited to be a part of their wedding day, and when the day finally came, it turned out to be even more awesome than we had anticipated. They are both so laid back – no stress, just fun, laughter, and more fun. We honestly loved every minute of it.

I started out with Mary at the Holiday Inn in Hamburg. GORGEOUS DRESS!

Wedding Dress hung in Hamburg Ny, Holiday Inn, dresses intricate pattern is nicely accented by the sunshine.
The wedding shoes, complete with both “something old” and “something blue.”  The coin was actually a “sixpence,” which is considered to be good luck for a bride on her wedding day!  I didn’t know this before I just looked it up, but originally, the saying went like this:  “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe.”  Who knew?
Blue Ribbon and Six Pence tied to brides shoe at Hamburg NY Holiday Inn in June of 2010, in the tradition of something old, something new and something blue...

Black and white reflection shot of bride getting ready in Hamburg NY Holiday Inn.

Color reflection photograph of bride applying lipstick, blush and eyeliner before she puts on her beautiful wedding gown in Hamburg NY, at the Holiday Inn.
Mary’s sister putting on her veil…
Reflection of Bride and Maid of Honor getting the veil "just so" before leaving the Holiday Inn in Hamburg NY, and then heading over to St. Peter and Paul's Catholic Church for the ceremony.
Ben started out the day at Rob’s parents’ house for some “groom getting ready” action!
Groom getting ready shots in the Town of Hamburg at his parents house where he had just reunited with his brother who had been serving in the US Air Force.
Rob’s parents and two groomsmen…
Groom, Best Man, Brother on leave from Air Force, and parents posing for a quick photograph before heading to St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in the lovely Village of Hamburg in Western New York.
I loved this shot of Mary in the church right before the ceremony…no nervousness, just pure happiness!
Bride greeting some last minute guests to the ceremony at St. Peter and Paul's Church in the Village of Hamburg, while the bridesmaids gossip about the latest styles in the background.
The ceremony was at S.S. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, which is about two minutes from where we live.  It’s a gorgeous church with a ton of natural light – perfect, perfect, perfect for a wedding!  Both of Mary’s parents walked her down the aisle.  We’ve been seeing both parents walk the bride down at a lot of weddings lately, and it’s a tradition that I’m totally in favor of – so cute!
Bride being escorted down the isle by her mother and father at St. Peter and Paul's Catholic Church in the Village of Hamburg, Western New York.
This shot made me smile…look at the way he’s looking at his bride!  Pure love!  :)
Bride and Groom eagerly awaiting there vows as the Best Man and Maid of Honor patiently wait with the lucky couple!

Ayres Photography uses a 16mm FX Nikkor lens with a D700 camera followed by adjustments provided by Colorati and our own in house Adobe Photoshop CS5 work to create this stunning scenery shot.

Father Joe at St. Peter and Paul's Catholic Church in the Village of Hamburg reads a prayer before taking the "I DO's" from our lucky couple now living in New Mexico.

Bride and Groom kneeling at the alter during their ceremony at St. Peter & Paul's Catholic Cathedral in the Village of Hamburg in the summer of 2010.

A global perspective of the catholic church located in the Village of Hamburg in Western New York.
A grand exit with bubbles, aaaaannnd another photographer in my shot…Ben was grabbing the low angle.  :)
Exit Photograph of summer 2010 wedding in the Hamburg New York with bubbles!
We’re totally used to working with HUGE wedding parties, so getting to work with a smaller, more intimate party is pretty cool.  These awesome gardens in the Village of Hamburg were right across the street from the church, so we popped over there for a few shots.

Wedding party pics in Village Park across fro mthe new Staub Square Plaza in the Hamburg NY.

Bride and Groom getting cuddly in a Hamburg Village Park after their ceremony in Peter and Paul's in the summer of 2010.
How cute are these two??  SERIOUSLY!!
A park bench kiss in full wedding attire in this quaint Village of Hamburg Park in the summer of 2010.

Cute couple take a private moment together after their ceremony in Hamburg NY.

B/W of this wedding party was taken with a Nikon D300 and a Nikkor 10.5mm DX fisheye lens in the summer of 2010.
Mary and her two fabulous sisters…
WOW! Such a stunning bride and bridesmaids giving us their rendition of Charlie's Angels the hit TV show and then movie!
What’s incredibly awesome about this couple?  How about the fact that they couldn’t wait to stop and have a beer together at our local watering hole, Buffalo Street Grill!  This is so cute, I can’t even stand it!
Bride and Groom pose outside of Buffalo St. Bar & Grill in the village of Hamburg, we used this Monet-ish wall as a background for our lovely couple in the summer of 2010.

Stop the press this lovely couple is posing for FREE outside of the Buffalo St. Bar & Grill in the Village of Hamburg before heading over to Romanello's for their reception party.
The cake represented Mary and Rob’s love of mountain climbing, and their centerpieces were camping lanterns – two very unique ideas and totally perfect for them!
Detail wedding photos of the Mountain Cake adorned with bride and groom climbers on top and camping lanterns wrapped in well wishes from the families of the lucky couple.
A cool ring shot using their ridiculously amazing wedding favors…
Ring shots over a quote provided by the late great John Muir who helped to provide us with the many wonderful National Parks here in the United States of America.
Best cake cutting moment ever?  When your family surprises you with an actual machete to cut your cake!
Cutting the cake before they cut the rug for the first time as a married couple, this mountain climber cake was designed by the brides family, also notice the machete used for the cake cutting, a relic of the Vietnam War.
I always love hearing the speeches!!  This was a particularly good one.  :)
Our very own Clark Kent provides warm details that both delight and amuse the many guests at Romanello's Banquet Hall in Hamburg NY, yes Superman has returned to dance the night away with his gal Lois.
The first dance…don’t they just look so completely in love?
What a happy fucking couple this is stepping on each others toes for the very first god blessed time in this oh so typical wedding pic.

Lights, Camera, Action and Kiss in Black and White Vintage featuring true love, romance, mystery and hot sex behind closed doors, yes folks this is a limited time offer from yours truly, Ayres Photography!
Then, the dance floor opened up, and everyone let loose and had a blast!! I loved this kid…”Saranac, anyone?” Cracked me right up!
This youngster is trying to steal a Sierra Nevada brew in his cute argyle sweater he might just get away with it!
This portly fellow seems to be quite taken by the maid of honor during a slow dance at a wedding in Hamburg NY.

"ALL THE SINGLE LADIES" letting the guys know that they should have put a ring on it at a wedding reception in the Town of Hamburg in Western NY, meanwhile it had started to rain outside, so we would check the weather before taking the bride and groom outside for more photos.

Shake it a baby now, shake it a baby, twist and shout to the line dancers paradise at this wedding reception in Hamburg.

You would think that these party goers had been trained for Dancing With The Stars with their many wonderful dance moves in the Town of Hamburg.
We’ll leave you with two images that will quite possibly join the ranks of our favorite bride and groom portraits of all time.  It was pouring rain that night, but we managed to convince our couple to venture out to the parking lot behind Romanello’s, where we captured these STUNNING shots!  I cannot even describe how much I love these!!
Night Photography with this weeks newly weds and rain and an umbrella in the town of hamburg.

A wet kiss on a wet and hot wedding night to start off the fireworks for these newly weds in June 2010 at Romanello's South in the Town of Hamburg, NY.

Mary and Rob – Thanks for being such an amazing couple to work with!! We adore you guys, and wish you all the happiness in the world (and the best of luck with climbing Rainier)! Thank-you SO much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!! :)

  • Mary SAYS...

    We cannot thank you enough for capturing “us”! The pictures are more than we could have asked for; thank you! The climb was a success! Best Honeymoon ever was summiting Mt. Rainier with my best friend :)

  • shannon SAYS...

    I am obsessed with the umbrella in the rain, lantern by the side shot. It’s exquisite! Fabulous job as always!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, Stephanie! We really appreciate you taking the time to comment! (I love the getting ready pictures, too!) :)

  • Stephanie SAYS...

    Once again great pictures guys!! I love the getting ready pictures.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Miquel, you are awesome!! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! The best part about these shots is that they really are amazingly in love. ;)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks for stopping by, Steve! The black and whites are definitely my favorites, too. :)

  • Miquel SAYS...

    the last two shots are breathtaking!!! i love how you both capture the emotion behind the whole day. this couple looked amazingly in love :)

  • Stephen Po-Chedley SAYS...

    The black and white photos are great. Photojournalistic-like – it sort of makes you feel like you’re there.