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“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.” – Mark Twain

This was such a fun wedding to be a part of! Melissa and Jon are two of the most laid back, awesome people we know, and we had an amazing time capturing these memories for them!  Even though the weather was less than perfect, neither one of them cared.  Even though we got caught in the most insane torrential downpour ever, they were still super happy and excited to be there – together – and be married.  Their day was about their love for each other, and their love for their families and friends, and you could see that in every moment of every part of the day.  :)

I started out the day with Melissa and the girls, (and her two gorgeous wedding gowns)…

…and Ben started out the day with Jon and the guys at the home of Jon’s parents.  I love Jon’s mirror face…I love that boutonniere shot, too!
Then, we all headed on over to the Delaware Park Rose Garden to witness a beautiful ceremony.  :)  All of the white chairs had these cute little ribbon-stick thingys on them for guests to wave at the newly married couple!
The ring bearers were way too cute!  Going through this set of shots from the ceremony made me realize (again) just how important it is to have two photographers cover your wedding day.  I stayed up front, close to Melissa and Jon, while Ben hung out in the back, and took all of those beautiful wide angle shots that really showcase the gorgeous location and scenery.  I love how all of our shots combined tell the whole story of this absolutely wonderful and heartwarming ceremony.

The wonderful Susie Trice officiated the ceremony.  (If you’re looking for a good officiant, you should definitely look up Susie.)  ;) 

The sun came out for about ten minutes right after the ceremony, so we grabbed this shot of the wedding party, then we headed down to Hoyt Lake to do a few more.  We were all excited about the surprise sunshine, and having a grand old time taking shots under the beautiful lake side trees, when, as if out of nowhere, the skies opened up, and dumped buckets of water on us.  I shoved all of the gear I possibly could up under my shirt and skirt, while Ben ran like a maniac to grab umbrellas for the wedding party.  It was NOT funny at the time, but now, the vision of Ben and I soaking wet with camera gear stuffed inside our shirts, trying to shout to each other over the roar of the rain, and a frightened looking wedding party huddled with umbrellas under a clump of trees, is pretty HILARIOUS indeed.
Once we drove from Delaware Park to Tonawanda, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the weather was perfect.  So, we tried again on this awesome bridge that we love.  Wedding party shots – round 2.  (As you can see, even after the traumatizing rain incident, Melissa and Jon are still all smiles and happiness, which is why we love them as much as we do.)
I love these…all of them…just love, love, LOVE them.
After we took some awesome shots on the bridge, we headed on over to The Tonawanda Castle for a super fun wedding reception!  I adore this shot of the ring bearer laying on floor…way too cute for words.
Pink and black were the colors of the day, and everything looked amazing – from the yummy candy bar, to the place cards, to the custom printed napkins – and the staff at The Tonawanda Castle always does an outstanding job with bringing it all together.
When you book The Tonawanda Castle, yours is the only wedding they have going on, so you get access to all four amazing floors.  We talked Melissa and Jon into going up to the fourth floor for a few quick shots (it was 500 degrees up there), and I’m so glad they agreed.  I love these.  ;)
Melissa changed into her second gown, and they made their grand entrance, followed by toasts, dinner, and some adorable dances.
Then, the dance floor opened, and things got wild.  ;)
And, we’ll leave you with some gorgeous night shots.  These are my kind of colors.  ;)

Melissa and Jon – THANK YOU SO MUCH for being such awesome people! We have enjoyed working with you more than we can even say. We’re so grateful for your trust, your support, your patience, and most of all, we’re so thankful that you found us. Much love to you both! – J + B :)

  • Pat Zurzuski SAYS...

    What beautiful pictures….the bride the groom the father of the bride the mother of the groom the whole wedding party and the guests. What beautiful shots! What a shame Melissa’s mom could not be a part of it.

  • Dana SAYS...

    Great job on capturing the amazingness of the day! Love the series of b&w dancing pics.

  • Melissa SAYS...

    Oh Jenn and Ben,
    *sigh* We love you and we THANK you!
    Love love love!
    …and more LOVE!

  • Frank Giardina SAYS...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ~ The back-lit shots with lens flare are awesome. The long shadows are amazing. Those night shots are killer and Ben’s fish-eye shots are AWESOME! My favorite capture is the opening gown shot. The shot of the girls from behind on the bridge is great too.

  • Katie SAYS...

    Love the shots on the bridge…they look super cool and the shot of her dancing with her dad is just beautiful!

  • Michelle SAYS...

    Fantastic photos! Beautiful couple!

  • Jackie SAYS...

    Wow, I love the black and white shot on the bridge with the shadows of the bride and groom!