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We love out-of-town weddings. Sure, traveling can be a gi-normous pain in the ass, but it’s SO MUCH FUN to be able to photograph places that are completely new and different to us. Honestly? I think we do our best work when we’re in a place we’ve never shot before. So, needless to say, when Melissa and Mike told us that they would be getting married in Oneonta, NY, we were THRILLED!! College campuses always have awesome stuff to work with, and Oneonta is really such a cute, cute town. In the summer, it’s almost like a little resort town – perfect for a wedding – and it was a perfect wedding.

I started out the day with Melissa and her girls at the Clarion Hotel in Oneonta.  Wedding  jewelry and the hem of the dress, super close-up…(I chose a different-than-usual dress shot for this post, because I loved the close-up lace details so, so much!)

the wedding details were classic and beautiful
Peep-toe wedding shoes are the best!
classic, peep toe white wedding shoes

a gorgeous wedding bouquet of white roses, pink roses, and dasies
Melissa checks our her bouquet for the first time!  (Looks like they got it right!)
the bride sees her bouquet for the first time, and is thrilled that it is exactly what she wanted
The woman from the bridal shop where Melissa bought her gown, actually came to the hotel to make sure her dress was laced up properly!!  I wish I knew the name of her shop, because I’ve never heard of such amazing customer service before!!!
a woman from the bridal shop comes to the hotel where the bride is getting ready to make sure her dress is put on properly
Melissa turns to show her bridesmaids the finished product, and I grabbed the side view of it in the mirror…NICE!
the reflection of the bride in the mirror as she finishes getting dressed for the ceremony

after she is dressed, the bride looks in the mirror to put on her pearls
We don’t usually ride in the limo with our couples because we have so much shh-tuff to haul around in our cars, but in this case, the church was within walking distance, so I got to ride up front.  I love this shot so much!  It reminds me why some couples have a crap-load of people in their bridal party.  Getting married is a big deal.  It’s totally normal to be a little nervous about it, and being able to reach out and grab the hand of one of your closest friends is an absolutely essential part of the day.
in the limo on the way to the ceremony, the bride has a brief jittery moment
Melissa’s brother helps her out of the limo when she arrives at the church…
the bride's brother helps her out of the limo at the church
…and walks her down the aisle.
the bride and her brother getting ready to walk down the aisle to get married

a very wide angle view of the ceremony in progress
“You may kiss the bride!!”
I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride!
Aaaaand, the newly married couple walk back up the aisle!!  I love how excited Melissa looks here (Mike was excited too, but he must have been too hot to show it)!
the newly married couple take their walk back up the aisle looking happy and excited
How cute are these two??  I just love them!
a fun and carefree exit out of the church after the cermony
After the ceremony, we got to stop by Hartwick College for some portraits.  It’s one of those gorgeous, ivy-covered-building, perfect for wedding portraits kind of places.
the newly married couple poses for a portrait on a bench at Hartwick College

the bridal party portraits were unique and different with many backgrounds to choose from at Hartwick College
My favorite portraits of these two ended up being the ones we took in between their “posed” shots (this next one is totally not posed)…they just looked so happy to be with each other…it was awesome to see!
the bride and groom stop in front of a gorgeous patch of wall ivy for a wedding day portrait

the classic kiss behind the veil shot

a more modern wedding portrait without the bride and grooms faces visible

a black and white close up of the newly married couple on their wedding day
What could be better than having an amazing looking wedding cake, covered in brightly colored fresh flowers, and white chocolate shavings?  Having THREE of them!!!  Heck YEAH!!
what could be better than having a beautiful flower covered white chocolate wedding cake?  Having three wedding cakes!
Mike is concentrating very hard on making the perfect cut…
the groom concentrates very hard as the newly married couple cuts their wedding cake
No cake smashing here!!  Just delicate cake feeding, and a really cool silhouette of it on the wall…
the groom feeds the bride her bite of cake very delicately, and a very cool shadow of their heads is created in the background
I love this shot of Ben’s…great first dance capture!
the bride looks lovingly at her groom during their first dance
Of course, they were completely adorable throughout their whole dance; and, I’ll say it once again, they just seemed so happy to be with each other. It was ridiculously sweet!  :)
the bride and groom share a tender moment during their first dance

a fine art photo of the wedding rings on black and white piano keys
The dance floor opened up with a nice slow dance…
the wedding couple poses for a picture in a sea of people on the dance floor
…but then, things got real funky, real quick.  It turns out that Melissa is a bit of a dancing machine!!
the bride gets funky with her girlfriends on the dance floor
The Cha-Cha Slide…
wedding guests share a hilarious moment during the Cupid Shuffle at the wedding reception in Morris Hall
Apparently, Cotton Eye Joe is making a comeback as a real crowd-pleaser.  I had no idea that there was an actual dance to accompany this lovely song, but evidently there is, because this little girl rocked it like there was no tomorrow.  I think I may have to learn this dance…
this little girl could really cut a rug at the fun wedding reception on the SUNY Oneonta campus
Melissa takes center stage in the “dance circle!”
the bride gets in the middle of a dance circle at her reception at SUNY Oneonta
I love this shot!  I happened to notice that Melissa kicked off her wedding shoes over by the DJ booth, so she could rock even harder, naturally.
the bride kicks off her wedding shoes in front of the DJ booth to do some serious dancing

the bride's friend stikes a pose on the dance floor at her wedding reception in SUNY Oneonta's Morris Hall

the bride looks lovingly at her mother as they share a dance at the wedding reception

beautiful well lit picture of a mother daughter dance at a wedding reception at Morris Hall on the SUNY Oneonta campus
Before it got too dark, we popped outside for a few more quick bride and groom portraits, and I’m SO glad we did, because these really sum up the general atmosphere of the whole day – fun, happy, and tension-free – the best kind of wedding day anyone could hope for.
super fun happy bride and groom portraits in front of a brick wall using a yellow backlight

a more serious wedding portrait in front of a brick wall, back lit with yellow light

Melissa and Mike – we’re not sure whether or not you know what an awesome couple you are, but just in case you don’t, let us be the ones to tell you, “YOU GUYS ROCK!!” You are so perfect together, and we thank you so very much for choosing us to be a part of your day! :)

To view more images from Melissa and Mike’s wedding, and to purchase prints, click here! (Shoot us a quick email if you need the password!)

  • chris SAYS...

    All of the weddings you do are treasures and a pleasure to share, even without knowing the couples. I enjoyed seeing these; Melissa has such a warm, gracious and elegant face that, combined with your excellent work, I felt like I was there. I wish I had been!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    We’re so glad that we got to be a part of your day!! It was truly our pleasure. We wish you both all the happiness in the world!! :)

  • Melissa SAYS...

    Jenn and Ben – the pictures look absolutely fantastic! There are some incredibly sweet ones, some hilarious ones, and some truly moving ones. Thank you both so very much for capturing every moment of a day that went by way too quickly…you guys are wonderful :)