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Oh, Michelle and Greg…you two are part of the reason that I love my job as much as I do.  What an amazingly fun day this was for us!  So relaxed, so laid back, and 100% about their love for each other and the awesome relationships they have with their families and friends.  Super great times…we loved everything about this day.  From the cute little church in Orchard Park, to the pit-stop at their apartment, to the gorgeousness of the Brierwood Country Club – this wedding was perfect.  :)  (Look for Michelle and Greg’s favorite wedding day memories throughout the post!!!)

I started out the day at Michelle’s mom’s house to capture some getting ready action!  I love this first shot so much.  The dress on the cover of this issue of Brides is actually Michelle’s dress!!!!!  How cool is that?!

Michelle:  “My salon could only accommodate two people the morning of the wedding. It was really special to have some time with just my mom to relax, be pampered and laugh! I really believe this set my day perfectly! I would highly recommend doing this!”

Michelle:  “The girls all got ready at my moms.  I really loved just hanging out getting ready.  It was low key and relaxing!  My mom had a great spread, friends and family stopped by throughout the day – it was a lot of fun!”
GORGEOUS bride!!!!!
Ben started out the day with Greg and the guys at Michelle and Greg’s apartment.  I love this shot of the cute little note that Michelle left!!
Then, we all made our way over to the cutest little chapel in Orchard Park, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.  :)
Michelle:  “Those who know me know that I am really emotional.  I was worried I was going to cry during our entire ceremony!  We got to the church a little early, and I could see Greg greeting our friends and family.  He looked so handsome and happy that it totally relaxed me!  From that moment on I couldn’t wait to get in the church!”

I love this shot that Ben grabbed of Michelle only minutes away from her walk down the aisle.  It really captures the excitement she was feeling in that moment!!  Those last few minutes before you walk down the aisle are always super emotional, and it’s so great to have a photo to remember them by.  :)

Greg gave us his favorite wedding day memories in list format, so that’s how we’re going to share them – all at once!

“Watching Michelle walk down the aisle, saying my vows, leaving the church and seeing my family’s faces, hearing my brother’s speech, and walking into the reception.”  

The funniest part about this list is that it might make you think that Greg is a man of few words, the silent type; but, that’s not even close to true.  ;)  Don’t be fooled – he’s chatty….and hilarious.

So, Michelle and Greg met in the very apartment they are standing in for this photo.  Michelle was looking at apartments, and Greg was in charge of showing apartments to prospective tenants – love can hit you when you least expect it.  They felt it would be only fitting to have us take a few shots in the place where they met.  We couldn’t agree more!  You guys are super cute!!!
Michelle:  “A big moment that stands out to me is walking into our reception.  It was really surreal to see all those people there just for you, and how happy they are for you.”
Michelle:  “I loved taking some night pictures! Especially because the day can be so crazy, it gave us a chance to talk, laugh and just be us. :)”
And, we’ll wrap up another fabulous wedding post with some great advice from Michelle and Greg:

“Enjoy the time leading up to the wedding. In all the craziness, find time to have a date night and just enjoy each other’s company. We had a night out – just the two of us – a couple days before the big day (wedding talk free) and it was so nice to just be us! Make sure you let people help you, because they really want to and it means a lot to them!”

Michelle and Greg – thank you both so much for choosing us to be your wedding photographers!! We really had an awesome time working with you guys, and we sincerely hope you keep in touch!!! You are the best of the best, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!

Much love, J + B :)