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The hardest part of having a photography blog is deciding what to write about each and every couple. Sometimes it takes me forever to find exactly the right words to describe how amazing the day was, and how awesome the people are. Sometimes I get terrible writer’s block, and stare at a blinking cursor for hours, knowing what I want to say, but unable to find the words. I just stare and stare, and bite my nails, and stare some more. (I hate it when that happens, but I think even the best writers out there probably experience it from time to time, so I try to not let it get to me.) Then, there are those times when I know months in advance exactly what I want to say about a particular couple. Before their wedding even happens, I have ideas, and I scribble them down in my sketchbook, to be revisited when the time is right. (I use a sketchbook for scribbling down notes because I am way too cool for paper with lines. I can’t draw to save my life, but I like the way words look on the blank pages for some weird reason. I think it might be a left-handed thing…I can write sideways or upside down, and on blank paper, it just works.) Anyway, I have had a pretty good idea what I wanted to say about Miquel and Paul for months now, so I sat down to write this with zero fear of writer’s block. :)

From the first time we met them, we knew they were an awesome couple, and we were totally psyched that they wanted us to be a part of their wedding day! A few months went by, and Miquel quickly became one of our most faithful blog commenters. It means the world to me when people comment on our blog posts…seriously, it does. The fact that people actually take time out of their day to write something about our photos or about one of our couples is so amazing, and Miquel does it regularly! Then, we got to hang with them again for their Niagara on the Lake e-session, and we loved them even more…then, more months fly by, and Miquel is still commenting away on everything I post, and I continue to be blown away by how awesome she is. Then, Miquel and Paul’s wedding day finally arrives, and it was just as incredible as we knew it would be.  They are both such kind, generous, incredible people with huge hearts, and their families and friends are all very much the same.  We had a fantastic time celebrating with them!

So, having said all that, let’s get into some photos!  Ben started out the day with Paul and his guys.  :)

I started out the day with Miquel and the girls at the Holiday Inn on Grand Island.  I love it when I get to shoot the hair and make-up part of the day…it’s such an important part of the story!
Miquel chose pink as her main wedding color, and it was very cool to see how it was incorporated throughout the day in so many different ways.  I am also a huge fan of the color pink.  ;)
Once the girl’s were ready, we headed over the The Potter’s House in Niagara Falls for the ceremony!  It’s such a cute little church with absolutely stunning stained glass – loved it!
I think this might be the first time I’ve EVER posted a shot of a receiving line, but there’s just something that I really love about this one…there’s so much joy in it.  :)
Then, we were off to Beaver Island to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery.  It was our first time there, too!  Can’t believe we had never been there before this, but now that we know how amazing it is, we’ll definitely be back!
Love this shot of Miquel and her besties.  ;)
After Beaver Island, we headed over to the reception to get the party started!  The cake was soooooooo pretty!
The speeches were phenomenal.  This moment in particular was my favorite…what an awesome story!
After dinner, we snuck outside for a few more bride and groom portraits in front of the Grand Lady…love these!!
And, we were lucky enough to get a few more minutes with them after it got dark!  One of Miquel’s guests had a Tesla (which is a drool-worthy, fully electric sports car, for those of you who may not know), and she and her best friend, Ang, wanted a few hot car pics, so we took a few minutes to grab those.  I have been obsessed with this car since the beginning.  I am obsessed with having an electric car in general, but this one utilizes the most advanced technology available, and performs flawlessly, hence its $100K price tag.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the prices will come down a smidge as the technology becomes more widespread, but I think it’ll be a while.  Anyways, it was, like, the highlight of my life to see one in person.  Ok, back to wedding talk!  How about that amazing shot Ben took of the view of the lake from the reception?  Gorgeous.
The dance floor was hoppin’ and good times were had by all!  :)

Miquel and Paul – we can’t thank you guys enough for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day. We are lucky to have met you…seriously…you two are amazing people. Miquel, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the wonderful blog comments you have written over the past year. We would be nothing without the support of wonderful clients and friends like you!! Much love to you both!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Jen – hahaha!! Nope, they arrived by limo, but the Grand Lady just happened to be docked there at the time, so we took full advantage of that for picture purposes. ;)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Kristen – Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! We really appreciate it!! Miquel and Paul were an awesome couple to work with, and their obvious love for each other made our job super easy! ;)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Miquel – We’re so happy that you love them!! More to come very soon! It was truly an awesome, amazing day! And, yes, you definitely have to wear that dress again! ;)

  • @QueenCityBride SAYS...

    Did the bride and groom arrive by boat?? SWOON!

  • Kristen SAYS...

    These pictures are all amazing. Miquel looks stunning in every one and Paul looks incredibly handsome. I have never seen two people more in love. They bring true meaning to “Happily every after”. I couldn’t pick a favorite picture if I tried. What amazing memories they will have every time they look at these spectacular pictures!

  • miquel SAYS...

    Simply amazing!! Jenn & Ben – you both truely captured the essence of the day, love & laughter <3. I loveee sooo many pics, but i think my fav is the one of me & paul coming back down the aisle! the look on my face shows how happy i am!!! i can not waittt to see all of the pics & look at them over & over. lol. we loveeee you guys & can't wait for a "anniversary" shoot. c'mon, i haveee to wear that dress again ;)