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When Tom and Nancy first contacted us to set up an appointment, we couldn’t help but assume that they were planning a very small, intimate wedding (they are both over 65 years old, you see). We couldn’t have been more wrong, however, as we soon discovered that they were going “all out” with their plans to have a full blown traditional wedding!

We arrived at the church about an hour before the ceremony. Nancy was getting “prettied up” in the bridal suite, while Tom was hanging around with his best man and his grandson. While we were waiting for the “action” to begin, we walked around and took some detail shots of the church. We had never been to this particular church before (Our Lady of Perpetual Help), but it is just gorgeous.

church photo

courtyard photo

inside the church

to be married in the church

wedding ritual


When it was time for the ceremony to begin, Tom walked down the aisle to the altar where he would meet his bride. The light coming in through the stained glass windows was absolute perfection!

the groom

Nancy had two fabulous bridesmaids (one of them was Tom’s daughter), and was walked down the aisle by both her sister and Tom’s mother.
the bride

moment of truth

It was a fairly long ceremony, so we were able to take full advantage of the amazing light that was blazing through the stained-glass on all four sides of the sanctuary (kudos to whoever drew up the blueprints for this church). These are some of our fave ceremony shots…
ceremony shot

wedding dress

wedding ceremony

in front of altar

another angle photo

After the ceremony, everyone headed over to Wanakah Country Club for the reception. Before dinner started, we took a few shots of the bridal party.
Wanakah Country Club


after the wedding

Their cake was probably the most intricate cake I’ve seen (and we see a lot of cakes); it was simply stunning.
the most intricate cake

cake cutting

Dinner, dancing, and guest silliness…




And we’ll end with one of our favorite shots of the whole evening…
marry couple

Congratulations, Tom and Nancy, and thanks so much!