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A few weeks ago, we had the absolute honor of being a part of Rachel and Jesse’s wedding at Artisan Works in Rochester! It was our first time shooting there, and from the minute we stepped foot in the place, our minds were blown. What an incredible place for a wedding!! If you’ve never been there, you should definitely go check it out. Basically, it’s an old factory building that’s jam packed with amazing art…literally. Every square inch of the place has something awesome occupying it’s space! We had such a blast, and took full advantage of the many, many photo opportunities this place had to offer.

I started out the day at the home of Rachel’s parents to capture some of the pre-ceremony fun. :)

The girls were all ready in record time, so we headed out into the beautiful backyard to grab some portrait-y stuff.  Rachel, you were a STUNNING bride!!  
The boys were ready in record time, too.  Ben grabbed this quick shot before we all headed over to Artisan Works for Rachel and Jesse’s first look!
R and J decided that it made the most sense for them to do all of their wedding party and family photos before the ceremony, which we were fully on board with, so we arranged this “first look” for them.  They were so happy to see each other, and just super heart-meltingly adorable.  I love these!!  :)
Artisan Works has so many different rooms to choose from, all with different themes, which made our job even more fun than usual.  We started out in the “fire truck room,” and a bunch of different shots with our fabulous couple and their party.  I especially love the stuffed Dalmatian hanging out the window of the truck – it’s a great touch.  ;) 
Then, we stopped off in another room that was set up like a dining room/living room with a pool table – that was a ton of fun.  And of course, there was the group shot with the classic car, which just might be the silliest thing we’ve ever done, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  ;)
After we finished wedding party photos, it was time for the ceremony!  Check out the ceremony space…incredible, isn’t it?  Rachel and Jesse had an interfaith ceremony, with both a pastor and a rabbi present, and it was so beautifully done.
The cupcake display looked great, and we actually got to try one (such a rare thing!!!) – they were soooo good!
This was the first time that we’ve ever seen a “mint bar,” and it was so cute!  Great idea, you guys!  I definitely helped myself to a few tic tacs…having yuck breath at a wedding is so uncool.
So, this entire day was a day of “firsts” for us.  First time at Artisan Works, first time seeing a mint bar, and the first time we’ve ever had a couple do an EPIC choreographed dance to Heart’s “Crazy on You.”  If you were there, you know how much this rocked.  If you weren’t there, well, it was really something.  ;)
After all of the important/scheduled events of the evening had taken place, we were able to steal Rachel and Jesse for some night shots, and there was no shortage of awesome spots to take them for those.  :)

Rachel and Jesse – thank you SO MUCH for choosing us to document the story of your wedding day with our cameras!! We had such an amazing time with you guys and your friends and families, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    We’re so glad you love them, guys! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! You two are so cute! :)

  • Rachel and Jesse Rosen SAYS...

    We love all our pictures so much! You two did an amazing job capturing the day and we had so much fun taking pictures!

  • regina bonacci SAYS...

    what a cute couple – the venue is terrific

  • Mike SAYS...

    love this shoot guys! It’s so unique…so much texture!

  • Katie SAYS...

    Love Love Love the whole thing! What a fantastic location!!! I want to go just to check it out.